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1. How to get ready for new EMV credit cards

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jun 30, 2015

The payments industry is embracing EMV technology, and businesses will need to follow suit or be held liable when fraud occurs, writes Teddy Nykiel. Nykiel outlines five steps small businesses should take to ensure that they can handle these new EMV cards, beginning with evaluating their current point-of-sale systems. NerdWallet (06/29)

2. Understand basic loan types before approaching a lender

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jul 02, 2015

It's helpful to be aware of the basic kinds of loans available before seeking financing for your business. This excerpt from the book "Start Your Own Business" covers seven types, including line-of-credit loans, installment loans and interim loans. Entrepreneur online (06/30)

3. Tips for connecting your TV to your computer monitor

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jun 30, 2015

Connecting your TV to your computer can be helpful if you need a bigger screen to make a presentation to employees. This article reviews the ports you can use to make the connection, explains how to pick the right resolution and provides pointers for controlling your computer from a distance. (06/13)

4. What is your competitive advantage?

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jun 29, 2015

Your business will be more attractive to buyers if it has a unique competitive advantage in the form of long-term contracts, a talented workforce or patented intellectual property, writes Marvin Carolina Jr. of JE Dunn Construction. "Prospective buyers or investors want to know one thing: How much can they make from your business?" he notes. The Kansas City Star (Mo.) (06/28)

5. Empower employees with careful coaching

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jun 29, 2015

Effective coaching is all about empowering and supporting employees rather than simply telling them what they are doing wrong, writes Trilogy Development CEO Renee Robertson. She lays out five steps to create a culture of coaching, starting with educating your managers and identifying people who can act as internal coaches. Entrepreneur online (06/26)

6. When is authoritative leadership a good fit?

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jul 01, 2015

Practicing authoritative leadership can be especially valuable if a company lacks direction or if decisions need to be made quickly. James Richman reviews three types of authoritative leadership and cautions that the style may not be a good fit in situations where team members know more than their managers. Fast Company online (06/24)

7. Obama moves to widen eligibility for overtime pay

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jun 30, 2015

President Barack Obama has proposed a rule to make overtime pay available to millions of workers. Congressional action is not required. Supporters and critics expect the rule to be challenged in court and possibly in Congress. The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (06/29)

8. Using LinkedIn, Medium to expand your audience

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jun 29, 2015

Publishing your business' content on LinkedIn and Medium can be a valuable way to attract a new audience. Tom Treanor offers suggestions for getting started on these platforms and provides time-saving tips for generating more content. Content Marketing Institute (06/24)

9. When people want to network, ask for something in return

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jun 30, 2015

Meeting people you barely know for coffee can seem like a hassle, but don't turn them down. Instead, say yes, but with a request to have them also help you in some way, writes Jason Goldlist, chief marketing officer at Wealthsimple. "It might not scale. It might not ever show up as its own marketing channel in your reporting dashboard. But it's a simple and reliable stream of quick wins," he argues. (06/25)

10. What do employees expect in a paycheck?

SmartBrief on Small Business | Jul 02, 2015

Payroll can eat up as much as 60% of your business' revenue, so you should carefully consider your compensation strategy, writes CMC Compensation Group founder Chuck Csizmar. It's important to understand employees' expectations, which include a competitive pay package, regular performance reviews and the chance to earn more in the future. Compensation Cafe blog (07/01)

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