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Start your journey toward blended learning

Rosetta Stone SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

Blended language learning allows students to learn and practice anytime, anywhere—and enables teachers to increase their focus on personalized learning. Visit our blended-learning resource page to learn how school districts around the world implement Rosetta Stone® programs in their language-learning classrooms.

Why Your Business Needs a Language Strategy

Rosetta Stone SmartBrief | May 07, 2015

Could language be a blind spot in your current business strategy? Harvard Business School's Robert Kaplan says it probably is. Watch this on-demand webcast where he discusses why companies need a language strategy to be successful:

The First Steps in Blended Language Learning

Rosetta Stone SmartBrief | May 07, 2015

The First Steps in Blended Language Learning: Blended language learning helps teachers mix classroom instruction with online learning to achieve the best student outcomes. Resources can play a key role in how you chart the course for blended learning. Read these valuable tips on creating a model that works best for your language curriculum.

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