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1. New poll: Will the current talks produce a nuclear-arms deal with Iran?

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 23, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced over the weekend that the latest round of negotiations has produced "genuine progress." The U.S. is seeking guarantees that Iran will not produce nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting international trade sanctions against the country. Iran says it does not want to give up its prerogative to develop a peaceful nuclear capability. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his recent speech in Washington that any deal with Iran will threaten his country, and 47 Senate Republicans sent a letter to the Iranian government saying that a deal with the Obama administration may be overturned by Congress or the next president. This week's question: Will the current negotiations between the U.S. and Iran produce a nuclear-weapons agreement? Cast your vote below. You can also send us your comments, questions and suggestions at We will post the results Friday.

2. Supreme Court refuses to hear case on Wis. voter ID law

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 23, 2015

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (tiered subscription model) (03/23)

3. Why Democrats like the idea of Cruz's candidacy

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 24, 2015

Hill, The (03/23)

4. Could Ben Carson become the Sarah Palin of 2016?

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 25, 2015

GQ (04/2015)

5. Vote in this week's poll

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 24, 2015

There is still time to vote in this week's Business & Politics Poll: Will the current talks produce a nuclear-arms deal with Iran? View the poll and cast your vote. You can also see the voting breakdown so far. We will post the results on Friday.

6. Senate Democrats see budget vote as chance to embarrass GOP incumbents

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 25, 2015

Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (03/24)

7. Romney interviews Romney

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 26, 2015

Mitt Romney appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night and warmed up with a dressing-room interview with his own reflection, played by Jimmy Fallon. YouTube (03/25)

8. If Obama follows you on Twitter, be careful who you tell

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 27, 2015

A New York woman was institutionalized and sedated recently after doctors refused to believe her truthful assertion that President Barack Obama had followed her on Twitter. The woman was only released eight days later after doctors pressured her into saying, incorrectly, that she'd made up the story. Daily News (New York) (03/23)

9. Clinton maps out 2016 strategy in think-tank speech

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 24, 2015

Hillary Clinton tested out two themes -- the need for teamwork and the need to tackle income inequality -- during a speech at the Center for American Progress on Monday, apparently mapping out a strategy for her presidential campaign. Clinton appeared determined to create distance between herself and both the White House and the congressional GOP, accusing them of "having arguments instead of trying to reach across those divides and have some solutions." Bloomberg (03/23) Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (03/23)

10. I'm running for president, says Sen. Ted Cruz

SmartBrief on Business & Politics | Mar 23, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, took to Twitter on Sunday to announce his intention to run for president in 2016, positioning himself as the far-right candidate in what promises to be a crowded GOP primary field. "I believe God is not done with America yet," Cruz said in his official announcement this morning at Liberty University in Virginia. "I believe in you and the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of America." Yahoo (03/22) National Journal (03/23) (03/23)

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