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1. Retirement housing 101

Financial Planning Digest | May 28, 2015

Do your clients know their retirement housing options? CPAs can help clients understand the financial implications of retirement housing contracts and can provide advice on the type of facility that would best suit their needs. Register for a free webcast from the AICPA PFP Section on practical planning for aging and elder issues on June 3 from 1-2:15 p.m. ET. AICPA Insights (05/21)

2. Striking a balance on retirement vs. college savings

Financial Planning Digest | Jun 01, 2015

Your clients' decisions about saving for retirement and their children's education are getting more complex because of rising costs, possible entitlement reform, tax hikes and low market returns. It's important for clients to start saving in their early 20s if possible and for families to increase their retirement savings rate to 15% or more. Help your clients minimize their taxes, and discourage them from paying for college with retirement funds. Resources from the AICPA PFP Section can help with retirement planning. InvestmentNews (free registration) (05/28)

3. Helping baby boomers understand their housing options

Financial Planning Digest | May 28, 2015 (U.S.) (05/26)

4. Making the choice between FLPs and LLCs

Financial Planning Digest | May 28, 2015

Family limited partnerships have long been popular among high-net-worth clients, but family limited liability companies have become more common in recent years. The differences between the two arrangements may depend on specific state laws. One difference is that LLCs provide creditor protection for everyone involved. (05/22)

5. A guide to the initial enrollment period for Medicare

Financial Planning Digest | Jun 01, 2015

Waiting too long to enroll in Medicare can lead to penalties that last for the remainder of a client's life, writes James Sullivan, CPA/PFS. The initial enrollment period is seven months long and is based on the month in which a client turns 65. Most clients should at least sign up for Medicare Part A during this period. PFP/PFS members, access Sullivan's guide on financing retirement health care (including Medicare decisions) at CPA Insider (06/01)

6. Best practices for choosing a 529 savings plan

Financial Planning Digest | Jun 01, 2015

InvestmentNews (free registration) (05/27)

7. What you should know about "backdoor" Roth conversions

Financial Planning Digest | May 28, 2015 (05/27)

8. Research Affiliates predicts 0.7% annual returns for the next decade

Financial Planning Digest | May 28, 2015

Research Affiliates sides with former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers' "secular stagnation" explanation for ongoing economic doldrums. Summers' position is that inadequate demand will cause long-term problems for the economy. With that in mind, Research Affiliates predicts there will be "about 0.7% average annual real returns over the next decade for both core U.S. bonds and core U.S. equities." ThinkAdvisor (05/22)

9. "Emotional blackmail" is another form of elder financial abuse

Financial Planning Digest | May 28, 2015 (05/22)

10. Portability may reshape marital estate planning

Financial Planning Digest | Jun 01, 2015

Marital estate planning used to involve the creation of a marital trust and a bypass trust or credit shelter. Portability can eliminate the need for these trusts, and it also allows a step-up in basis when a client dies. However, portability can also create its own complications and may not be ideal for clients who have been married multiple times. PFP/PFS members can learn more about portability in "The CPA's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning." (05/26)

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