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1. RD: FODMAP diet's carb restrictions may reduce digestive problems

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 25, 2015

A FODMAP diet may help reduce gastrointestinal problems because it restricts carbohydrates that draw water into the GI tract, which can cause diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas, nutritionist Shanti Lewis writes. The diet can be expensive and difficult to follow, and could lead to changes in gut microflora and nutrient deficiencies, Lewis writes. Baltimore Sun, The (03/24)

2. AND, Kraft in talks after RD backlash over logo use

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 24, 2015

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Kraft Foods are talking about how to handle the backlash from registered dietitians and other health advocates over the academy's decision to put its "Kids Eat Right" logo on packages of processed cheese slices. AND spokesman Ryan O'Malley said the academy wants to change perceptions that the seal is a product endorsement, but RDs have asked the organization to end the campaign with Kraft. Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (03/23)

3. Nutritionists list do's and don'ts of late-night snacks

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 27, 2015

Nighttime snacking often comes from boredom instead of hunger, and many people choose foods that are high in calories such as ice cream or chips that can lead to weight gain, registered dietitian Rene Ficek says. Nutritionist Alyssa Cellini says eating at night may affect sleep, but RD Joey Gochnour says some snacks with protein and carbohydrates may release serotonin, which helps promote sleep. Daily Meal, The (03/26)

4. Cooking method may reduce calories absorbed from rice, study says

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 24, 2015

A method of cooking rice that increases resistant starch concentrations may reduce the calories absorbed by the body by 50% to 60%, according to a study presented at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting. Researchers said resistant starch does not break down in the small intestine, where carbohydrates turn into glucose and sugars that go into the bloodstream. (03/23)

5. Vodka, gin to get nutritional information on labels

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 23, 2015

Bloomberg (03/19)

6. RD lists foods to help counter chronic inflammation

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 24, 2015

Chronic inflammation is linked to heart disease, cancer and other conditions, so it's important to determine which foods can promote or reduce it, registered dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth writes. Foods that may reduce inflammation include olive oil, broccoli, salmon, grapes, red onions, tart cherries and blueberries, ginger, turmeric and chia seeds, Largeman-Roth writes. U.S. News & World Report (03/23)

7. Butternut black bean burgers

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 23, 2015

These delicious burgers are loaded with veggies and seasonings. Peas & Crayons

8. 5-spice tilapia

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 25, 2015

A quick and flavorful glaze puts this tilapia over the top. Eating Well

9. RD lists spice swaps to boost meals' nutrition

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 25, 2015

Some spices may offer greater health benefits than others, registered dietitian and chef Sara Haas says. She recommends using sage instead of parsley, ginger in place of nutmeg and oregano rather than thyme. Choose rosemary instead of basil when cooking meat, and cayenne pepper over regular black pepper, Haas says. Huffington Post, The (03/24)

10. Jury is still out on health benefits of dark chocolate

SmartBrief for Nutritionists | Mar 26, 2015

Researchers are studying the potential health benefits of eating dark chocolate, but so far have not reached any scientific conclusions, registered dietitian nutritionist Zachari Breeding writes. Studies have examined the possible anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular effects, but Breeding writes that the amount of chocolate that would need to be regularly consumed may not make the potential benefits worth the health risks. Food & Nutrition Magazine online (03/26)

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