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The next big thing in nuclear power: Think smaller and safer

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 16, 2017

Everett Redmond, NEI's senior director of policy development, talks about the small modular reactor design that NuScale Power submitted to the NRC. Read more.

NuScale makes history with filing for SMR design approval

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 13, 2017

"Today we celebrate a historic moment of innovation in the electric sector. On behalf of the entire nuclear energy industry, I want to congratulate the NuScale team for its pioneering work," Maria Korsnick, NEI president and CEO, said. Read more.

What the Millstone nuclear power plant means to Conn. and New England

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 13, 2017

Matt Crozat, senior director of business policy at NEI, comments on the economic impact study of Dominion's Millstone nuclear power plant. Read more.

Millstone nuclear plant generates $1.3 billion per year for Conn.

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 12, 2017

An economic study released today shows the Millstone nuclear plant provides significant economic benefits in Connecticut and the rest of New England, as well as lower emissions. "The study confirms that the Millstone nuclear power plant greatly strengthens the local, state and regional economies through job creation, tax payments and direct and secondary spending," said Revis James, NEI's vice president for policy development. Read more.

Entergy to close New York's Indian Point plant by 2021

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 11, 2017

"Key considerations in our decision to shut down Indian Point ahead of schedule include sustained low current and projected wholesale energy prices that have reduced revenues, as well as increased operating costs," Entergy Wholesale Commodities President Bill Mohl said. Read more.

NEI Chief Nuclear Officer Anthony Pietrangelo announces retirement

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 09, 2017

Anthony Pietrangelo, senior vice president and chief nuclear officer at the Nuclear Energy Institute since 2009, has announced his retirement effective Friday. Read more.

Nuclear Energy Institute senior executive changes announced

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 09, 2017

John Kotek, one of the federal government's top-ranking nuclear energy experts, will join NEI today as vice president for policy development and public affairs. At the same time, Beverly Marshall, NEI's acting vice president for governmental affairs, will be promoted to the position on a permanent basis. Read more.

Nuclear energy potentially on federal and state lawmakers' 2017 agenda

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 06, 2017

Nuclear energy saw its value recognized with significant steps taken in New York and Illinois last year to preserve their plants, while other state lawmakers have taken notice and are considering actions as well. And heightened interest in nuclear energy issues could potentially put them on the 2017 agenda of federal regulatory agencies and Congress. Read more.

NEI's Fertel profiled by E&E News

NEI SmartBrief | Dec 23, 2016

E&E News looks at the tenure of retiring NEI CEO and President Marv Fertel, as well as his upbringing, career and next steps, in this profile (subscription required).

NEI's retiring CEO Marv Fertel leaves a strong legacy

NEI SmartBrief | Dec 23, 2016

"The most remarkable thing about Marv is his passion to drive the industry forward, maintaining the highest levels of safety while delivering improved efficiency. The passion always comes through," Chris Crane, Exelon's president and CEO, said. Read more.

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