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1. Exelon exec challenges Del. demands related to merger with Pepco

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 20, 2015

Some of the demands related to Exelon's proposed $6.8 billion merger with Pepco Holdings "would completely wipe out Delmarva Power's earnings for years" and "seemingly have little or nothing to do with our application," Exelon President and CEO Christopher Crane said in comments filed with the Delaware Public Service Commission. He called it "particularly inappropriate" that the PSC staff is proposing to "micromanage" the composition of Pepco and its utilities board of directors. News Journal (Wilmington, Del.) (tiered subscription model), The (01/19)

2. NuScale to seek NRC approval next year

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 22, 2015

NuScale Power plans to submit an application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission late next year seeking certification for its transportable nuclear power system. The firm expects the NRC's review to take 39 months, said Mike McGough, NuScale's chief commercial officer. "Positive market developments, combined with NuScale's 2014 achievements, will continue the groundswell of interest in our technology and increase the likelihood of attracting new investment and additional customers sooner rather than later," said NuScale Chairman and CEO John Hopkins. American City Business Journals (01/21)

3. Entergy cuts over 160 jobs at shuttered Vermont Yankee

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 20, 2015

Entergy officially dismissed 165 employees Monday at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, which ceased operations last month. "It certainly will hurt the economy, any time you lose jobs, and they're probably very good jobs, I'm sure there's an impact," said John Howell of South Deerfield, Mass. The plant layoffs were made official in compliance with the federal worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. WWLP-TV (Springfield, Mass.) (01/19)

4. French lawmakers consider military zones around nuclear plants

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 21, 2015

Recent national security concerns in France, including terror attacks and illegal drone flights above nuclear power plants, have prompted the government to consider creating military zones to increase security around its 58 reactors. "Discussions are ongoing about who should have authority over security," said Pierre-Franck Chevet, chairman of Autorite de Surete Nucleaire. "Putting security in the hands of the nuclear regulator is inevitable. Most countries are organized this way. France is an exception." Bloomberg Businessweek (01/20)

5. U.S.-Russia nuclear security alliance ends

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 19, 2015

Russia ended its nuclear security alliance with the U.S. during diplomatic meetings in mid-December. The Russian government also ended its joint security work at 18 civilian facilities that house weapons material, effective Jan. 1, as well as the conversion of highly enriched uranium. "It's important for the U.S. and Russia to have nuclear security, but it is also important for us to believe we have nuclear security," said Matthew Bunn, professor of practice and co-principal investigator at Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Boston Globe (tiered subscription model), The (01/19)

6. U.S. nuclear industry achieved record capacity factor in 2014

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 22, 2015

NEI data shows that the industry's 2014 performance was top-of-the-line. Read more.

7. 4 ways to tell if you're a real leader

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 22, 2015

There's a fine line between leadership and management, writes Stacey Alcorn. Real leaders are willing to learn and confident enough to let others be part of decision-making. "I learned this the hard way. I used to control and manage everything in my business from the planning of events to the training and marketing," she writes. Entrepreneur online (01/20)

8. A 5-step guide to giving negative feedback

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 20, 2015

Nobody likes discussing poor performance, but it's among the most important conversations that a leader can have, writes Randy Conley. Be prepared -- not just to show shortcomings but also to examine where the employee was led insufficiently. Once in the meeting, Conley advises, empathize with the employee and offer positive solutions for the problems you raise. Leading With Trust blog (01/18)

9. State of the Union: What nuclear wonks will be looking for

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 20, 2015

Alex Flint, NEI's senior vice president of Governmental Affairs, preps us for President Barack Obama's annual update to the nation. Read more.

10. Opinion: Nuclear power is underrecognized in EPA's carbon rule

NEI SmartBrief | Jan 19, 2015

It is "odd and unfortunate" that the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed carbon rule underrecognizes nuclear power, writes William Shughart, research director of the Independent Institute. The proposed rule fails to assign any value to nuclear power and "shortchanges states with nuclear plants now under construction," he argues. Nuclear power will play an important role in America's energy future, "provided that misguided public policies do not block it," he writes. Standard-Examiner (Ogden, Utah) (01/16)

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