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I am an NNP student and I am the last of my kind ...

NCC Practice Resource (Powered by SmartBrief) | Apr 03, 2017

Recently, Joanna McLaughlin (DNP-NNP student) was selected to attend a policy summit in Washington, D.C. She took this opportunity to discuss the closures of NNP programs across the country with multiple federal nurse leaders. McLaughlin's presentation focused on the potential national effects of a NNP shortage, highlighting the cost savings of NNPs compared with neonatologists, as well as revealing the implications of medicine replacing nursing. She also started a Twitter page (@nnp_advocacy) to advocate for the NNP role. Read more.

NCC has a few good stories ... and we would love to have some more

NCC Practice Resource (Powered by SmartBrief) | Apr 03, 2017

We want to hear how certification has helped the nurses in our community either personally or professionally. Visit to see video stories from nurses certified in many different specialties. Then take a few moments to add your story! Make sure you watch the stories of mrusso86, a certified Neonatal Intensive Care nurse, and sgy24ch, a certified Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner. These NCC certified professionals share their thoughts on certification and professionalism. Learn more.

2016 Milestones -- Annual Review of NCC Activities

NCC Practice Resource (Powered by SmartBrief) | Apr 03, 2017

The annual review of NCC activities is here. The annual review identifies the milestones of the organization achieved in the past year and future plans. NCC has certified over 147,000 professionals since 1975. Over 9,172 new registrants signed up for an NCC certification in 2016, with 8,690 taking the exams and 7,637 passing the exams (an overall 88% pass rate). Over 22,000 maintained during this time as well. Follow the link for the complete listing of 2016 Milestones.

NCC congratulates the first NPs to complete the Alternate Certification Program!

NCC Practice Resource (Powered by SmartBrief) | Apr 03, 2017

NCC developed the Alternate Certification Program (ACP) as an alternate pathway to certification for NNPs and WHNPs who began their career prior to the need for a national certification to practice, allowed their certification to lapse or worked in a state that did not require certification. To find out why they chose the ACP and to hear their experiences, follow the link for the complete story.

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