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August 2016

Will an EPA financial-assurance rule affecting hard-rock-mining companies create unreasonable risk? (08/24/2016)

Are OSHA's higher penalties raising concern among your construction contractor clients? (08/17/2016)

Do your construction contractor clients thoroughly review project closeout requirements? (08/10/2016)

Have your contractor clients been adversely affected by shutdowns of public projects because of budget shortfalls? (08/03/2016)

July 2016

Are your construction contractor clients having difficulty filling vacant jobs? (07/27/2016)

Should government entities in the US be more receptive to the use of P3s for public infrastructure? (07/20/2016)

Are your contractor clients taking steps to comply with federal regulations and avoid penalties when working with DBE subs? (07/13/2016)

As OSHA penalties are set to increase, are contractors more cautious to avoid violations? (07/06/2016)

June 2016

Are your contractor clients mindful of complying with contract notice provisions? (06/29/2016)

Are your contractor clients using drones on their projects? (06/22/2016)

Do your contractor clients have an exit plan? (06/15/2016)

Are you seeing prosecutors cracking down on fraud in the construction industry? (06/08/2016)

Is it likely that the recent Arizona court bad-faith liability cases will affect Little Miller Act performance bonds? (06/01/2016)

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