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April 2017

Does Chinese investment in US infrastructure seem likely to increase? (04/19/2017)

Are construction contractors taking necessary steps to address suicide prevention? (04/12/2017)

Are you familiar with the Surety Association of Canada's Headstart bond solution? (04/05/2017)

March 2017

Has your state successfully adopted requirements for electronic surety bonds under NMLS? (03/29/2017)

Are your construction clients focused on Form I-9 compliance as immigration enforcement grows stricter? (03/22/2017)

What is the biggest concern facing multifamily construction? (03/15/2017)

Are your construction clients aware of the need to prepare for the new FASB lease-accounting standard? (03/08/2017)

Are subcontractors today successful in addressing unfavorable risk-shifting provisions? (03/01/2017)

February 2017

Is Colorado's affordable-housing construction likely to benefit from a state bill that would change how construction-defect disputes are resolved? (02/22/2017)

Are your construction clients aware that general contractors might incur liability for wage-payment infractions by subcontractors? (02/15/2017)

Are contractors sufficiently aware of suicide risk in the construction workforce? (02/08/2017)

Are recent changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation sufficient to ensure small subcontractors are paid on time? (02/01/2017)

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