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NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2017

NAIFA provides you with a rich variety of exclusive and free member benefits and savings, industry-related product discounts, professional-development opportunities, advocacy, and the tools and resources you need to succeed. Calculate your savings to see whether you are making the most of your membership.

Heard the buzz about NAIFA ClientCast? Get free info and training

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 23, 2017

Through your NAIFA membership, you have access to free podcast marketing material and sales idea webinars via NAIFA ClientCast. Share the monthly podcast with pre-written email and social media content, and join Power Session LIVE webinars every month to learn from industry experts like Van Mueller, Curtis Cloke and Rao Garuda. Check your email for this exclusive member benefit, and learn more at a free tutorial.

NAIFA's Congressional Conference registration is open

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 22, 2017

NAIFA's Congressional Conference will bring together hundreds of agents and advisers in Washington, D.C., to learn about the legislative issues that matter to people in our industry and how these issues affect our business and our clients' financial well-being. Register for the May 23 to 24 Congressional Conference, and read more on the Advisor Today Blog.

Apply to be a LILI moderator in 2018

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 21, 2017

NAIFA is now accepting LILI moderator applications for 2018. If you are a LILI graduate and interested in moderating a class in your state, submit your completed application by May 31, 2017. Access the application. New LILI moderators will be trained at the 2017 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference.

NAIFA's new Career Center

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 20, 2017

NAIFA has launched a new online feature -- the Career Center. NAIFA's Career Center is a source for companies seeking qualified and relevant candidates, as well as an easy way for job seekers to apply for a specific job they may be interested in. For questions, please contact Teri Shaw, director of business development and strategic partnerships, at 703-770-8225 or

NAIFA Quality Award application deadline

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 17, 2017

The NAIFA Quality Award demonstrates your professionalism and dedication to your clients' financial goals and protection. The deadline to apply for the 2017 NAIFA Quality Award is May 31, so now is the time to review the award criteria and apply. Again for 2017, NQA recipients will be provided with the ability to import their NAIFA Quality Award badge into the Credentials section of their LinkedIn profiles.

Groups urge "Cadillac tax" repeal, reject tax exclusion cap for health benefits

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 16, 2017

NAIFA, along with 26 other organizations, has signed on to a letter to the White House National Economic Council "calling for a full and permanent repeal of the 40 percent 'Cadillac tax' on health benefits and protecting the longstanding tax treatment of employer-sponsored coverage." The letter further urges the Trump administration to oppose any cap on the individual tax exclusion for employer-provided plans. Read more on the NAIFA Blog.

NAIFA urges Congress to reject DOL exemption for state-run retirement plans

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 15, 2017

The Labor Department last year implemented regulations permitting state and local governments to create mandatory retirement-savings plans for private-sector employees and exempting those plans from investor protections required under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Congress is now considering a pair of measures under the Congressional Review Act that would negate the Labor rules. Read more on the NAIFA Blog.

NAIFA leaders -- did you get a revenue share check from NAIFA ClientCast yet?

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 14, 2017

NAIFA ClientCast shares 50% of its Premier membership revenue back to support Premier members' local, state & national associations. Get videos, handouts, PowerPoint presentations & pre-written social media posts to promote this benefit. Emphasize the free basic service to recruit new members and earn non-dues revenue by promoting Premier membership.

HRAs and IT security -- get 2 ideas in 1 at this month's Power Session LIVE!

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 10, 2017

This one webinar offers two dynamic ideas to help you grow your business. Health reimbursement arrangement expert Matt Carberry will show you the ins and outs of HRAs and how they can save thousands in taxes. Next, Brad Otto will show you how to protect yourself and your business online. Plus, the webinar will include another update on the Labor Department's fiduciary rule. Reserve your seat now for 10:30 a.m. Central on Friday, Feb 10. Can't make it? Premier Members have access to the whole library of replays.

NAIFA president: "Safe harbor" regs could diminish retirement savings

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 10, 2017

On behalf of NAIFA, NAIFA President Paul Dougherty sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to urge their support of H.J. Res 66 and H.J. Res 67 to invalidate the DOL's "safe harbor" regulations for government saving plans.

"For decades, there has been a uniform set of federal policies governing employer-provided retirement plans to ensure clear rules of the road for employers to follow and strong protections for America's workers and retirees," Dougherty wrote. "However, in 2016, the Obama administration finalized regulations establishing a 'safe harbor' from those long-standing rules that would pave the way to government-run IRAs managed by states and certain municipalities."

Among other concerns, NAIFA believes these state-run plans will diminish overall retirement savings, Dougherty said.

Dr. Bob Pokorski explains need for thorough retirement planning on this month's NAIFA ClientCast

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 09, 2017

Have you heard Dr. Bob Pokorski at an industry event? He's spoken around the country about the toll that critical illness can take on your family and your retirement funds, and now you can share that crucial info with your clients and prospects right from the source. Share this month's NAIFA ClientCast podcast "Nest Eggs Beware!" Interested in Premier Membership for a branded podcast page and other marketing materials? Contact us.

Texas federal court rules on challenge to DOL fiduciary rule

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 09, 2017

A federal district court in Dallas on Wednesday upheld the Labor Department's fiduciary rule in a decision on the legal challenge brought by NAIFA, the American Council of Life Insurers and other industry groups. Read more at the NAIFA Blog.

Apply to be a LILI Moderator in 2018

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 08, 2017

NAIFA is now accepting LILI Moderator Applications for 2018. If you are a LILI graduate and interested in moderating a class in your state, submit your completed application by May 31, 2017. Access the moderator application. New LILI Moderators will be trained at the 2017 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference.

Administration to review the Labor fiduciary rule

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 06, 2017

The Trump administration has issued a memorandum instructing the Labor Department to review its implementation of the "conflict-of-interest rule," also known as the fiduciary rule. Read more on the NAIFA Blog.

The Labor fiduciary rule wouldn't help Johnny Depp

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 03, 2017

Has Johnny Depp really become the poster child for advocates of the Labor Department's fiduciary rule? As ridiculous as that may seem, news outlets, including the New York Times and Yahoo Finance, have published columns relating the "Edward Scissorhands" actor's financial woes as a cautionary tale promoting regulatory intervention. Read more on the NAIFA Blog.

Apply for the 2017 LUTCF Scholarship today

NAIFA SmartBrief | Feb 01, 2017

NAIFA and the College for Financial Planning are proud to announce that submissions for the 2017 LUTCF Scholarship Program are now being accepted. Each scholarship recipient receives tuition credits for each of the three courses in the LUTCF designation program. The deadline for submissions is May 1. NAIFA will award two scholarships by June 1. Learn more and apply.

NAIFA applauds Senior$afe Act of 2017

NAIFA SmartBrief | Jan 31, 2017

NAIFA President Paul Dougherty praised the efforts of Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, who has introduced the Senior$afe Act of 2017, S. 223. The legislation would allow insurance and financial advisers to report suspected cases of financial fraud involving senior clients to financial institutions, which could then pass the suspicions along to the authorities. Read more on the NAIFA Blog.

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