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Make life insurance great again

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 28, 2017

Veteran producer and Advisor Today columnist Brian Ashe shares what it will take to make life insurance great again. Read more.

NAIFA's Career Center

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 27, 2017

NAIFA has launched an online feature -- the Career Center. NAIFA's Career Center is a source for companies seeking qualified and relevant candidates as well as an easy way for job seekers to apply for a specific job they may be interested in. For questions, please contact Teri Shaw, director of business development and strategic partnerships, at 703-770-8225 or via email.

Three mistakes in life insurance planning (and how to avoid them)

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 26, 2017

This Advisor Today article is a must-read if you want to avoid three common mistakes in life insurance planning. Visit Advisor Today online and find out what it takes to help your clients protect their financial future.

Advisor Solutions coaching program

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 25, 2017

Advisor Solutions Coach's Corner offers you specific insights and advice to assist you as you work to reach the next level in your advisory business. This information via an excerpt, success story, article, case study or invitation is complimentary and is culled from Dan Finley's workshops, published articles, presentations and Advisor Solutions Pipeline Group Coaching Program. Opt in to receive Advisor Solutions e-Newsletters.

Study groups: Are you overlooking a fantastic opportunity?

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2017

Study groups offer many benefits, including the opportunity to address common concerns and learn from the best in the business. Read this Advisor Today article and discover how these groups can help advance your career.

Black Americans more likely to buy life insurance than general population is

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2017

Six in 10 black American households indicate that they are fairly or very likely to buy life insurance for themselves or another member of their household in the next 12 months, compared with 45% of the general population who said the same. Read more on the Advisor Today Blog.

NAIFA survey gauges effects of Labor's fiduciary rule

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2017

A survey of 1,093 NAIFA members has found that the Labor Department's fiduciary rule is already hampering advisers' ability to serve clients and is likely to increase consumer costs. Nearly 46% of the advisers in the survey said they have already experienced restrictions in the types of products they can offer their retirement-plan clients, and an additional 44% expect such restrictions. Read more on the NAIFA Blog.

Managing your clients' longevity risk

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 19, 2017

Addressing your clients' longevity risk is critical because increasing longevity increases the likelihood that other risks will derail retirement plans, according to retirement risk expert Curtis Cloke. Get some tips and techniques for managing this important risk in the latest issue of Advisor Today.

Apply to be a LILI moderator in 2018

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 18, 2017

NAIFA is now accepting LILI moderator applications for 2018. If you are a LILI graduate and interested in moderating a class in your state, submit your completed application by May 31, 2017. Access the moderator application. New LILI moderators will be trained on Thursday, Sept. 7, during the 2017 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference.

NAIFA CEO tells InvestmentNews "What's Next for the Fiduciary Rule"

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 17, 2017

NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux recently participated in an InvestmentNews Regulatory Roundtable. As part of the event, he recorded a video, "What's Next for the Fiduciary Rule?" He told InvestmentNews that the Labor Department is reviewing its fiduciary rule, and it seems likely that problems with the rule uncovered by the review will lead to "substantive change." Read more on the NAIFA Blog.

NAIFA introduces "Take 3" video series

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 14, 2017

NAIFA is introducing its new NAIFA "Take 3" video series, which will aim to do three things: Inform members of important news and events shaping the industry, explain how those developments affect members' business, and connect members with NAIFA resources and contacts so that they can learn more and take further action. Read more at the Advisor Today Blog.

Why advisers should attend the Congressional Conference

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 13, 2017

This year, NAIFA Young Advisors Team member, NAIFA-Middle Tennessee president and Shelter Insurance agent Blake Finney will attend his third NAIFA Congressional Conference, from May 23 to 24 in Washington, D.C. "When you are in the insurance industry, you do not often realize how legislative initiatives can affect your business. With the stroke of a pen, the insurance business can change, which may negatively impact our ability to serve our clients," Finney said. Read more at the Advisor Today Blog.

Heard the buzz about NAIFA ClientCast's new websites? Get free info and training

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 13, 2017

Through your NAIFA Membership, you have access to free podcast marketing material and sales idea webinars via NAIFA ClientCast. Share the monthly podcast with pre-written email and social media content, and join monthly Power Session LIVE webinars to learn from industry experts such as Van Mueller, Curtis Cloke and Rao Garuda. Check your email for this exclusive member benefit. Learn more at a free tutorial.

Ed Slott explains tax effects on retirement funds on NAIFA ClientCast

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 12, 2017

Many people still think that the balance of their individual retirement accounts is what they'll get to withdraw, and they're in for a rude awakening without strategic planning from a professional like you. Ed Slott explains it all in consumer-friendly language on this month's episode of NAIFA ClientCast. Interested in Premier membership for a branded podcast page and other marketing materials? Contact us.

Copytalk mobile dictation service

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 11, 2017

Copytalk's Mobile Scribe is a mobile dictation service designed specifically for the insurance and financial-services industry. After meeting with a client or prospect, you can pick up your phone, dial Copytalk and dictate the details of your meeting.

The DI Geek and Power Session LIVE present DI sales opportunities

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 10, 2017

Ask your clients one question: "What would happen if you couldn't go back to work tomorrow?" Learn from "The DI Geek" himself, Corey Anderson, and survivor and DI advocate Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti will show you how to help your clients understand the importance of this critical coverage. Plus, receive another much-needed Labor Department update. Save your seat for Friday, Apr 14. Can't make it? Premier members have access to the whole library of replays.

NAIFA ClientCast is now completely turnkey

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 07, 2017

Introducing the Real Wealth Content Marketing System. Have you considered getting an email or social-marketing tool such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp? Due to popular demand, we're coming out with our own. Come learn about the great new email and social media tool that already has our NAIFA ClientCast content in it. Join the launch webinar today.

Coalition encourages Americans to rethink retirement

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 06, 2017

More Americans are shouldering the burdens of retirement themselves, even as preparing for and financing one's retirement becomes increasingly difficult. The National Retirement Planning Coalition -- composed of prominent education, consumer-advocacy and financial-services organizations -- says this does not have to be the case. Read more at the Advisor Today Blog.

DOL rule delay is a good start, but NAIFA's not finished

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 06, 2017

NAIFA supports the 60-day delay of the Labor Department's proposed fiduciary rule. "We are currently conducting a survey of advisors on the rule's impacts, and we will provide DOL with the survey results to consider as part of the review," NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux writes. "We would urge the DOL to seek a further delay if more time is needed to conduct a thorough review." Read more at the Advisor Today Blog.

Do you know about NAIFA member benefits?

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 05, 2017

Through the NAIFA Preferred Provider Program, NAIFA members are eligible for a variety of member benefits. These benefits offer discounts on products, services and insurance programs that can more than offset the cost of membership. Take advantage of these benefits today. Log in as a member and click on each program to learn more.

Growth in mobile devices

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 04, 2017

Many life insurers are adopting mobile capabilities. Among the top three reasons?

  • Keeping pace with competitors -- 84%
  • Keeping pace with consumer demand -- 80%
  • Providing better service to policy owners -- 78%
For more information, read about the LIMRA survey on the Advisor Today Blog.

Advisor Solutions: Monday Morning Motivation

NAIFA SmartBrief | Apr 03, 2017

Advisor Solutions' Monday Morning Motivation draws inspiration from famous quotes by creating a weekly action step that asks you to contemplate your patterns, behaviors and influences and offers tips to finding the best practices in all facets of your business. It is geared exclusively for financial advisers and is a great way to consciously find ways to exhibit and reach your full potential regardless of market fluctuations and clients' and your own anxieties. Opt in to receive Advisor Solutions e-newsletters.

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