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1. Google lets app developers buy top display in Play Store

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 27, 2015

Application developers can pay for privileged positions in Google's Play Store search results under a pilot program. It works much like sponsored results in Google searches, with tags for ads in the top spot. PCWorld (02/26) Financial Post (Canada) (02/26)

2. Google buys startup that helps app developers market on Facebook

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 25, 2015

A startup that allows mobile application developers to launch and optimize marketing campaigns on Facebook has been purchased by Google. Toro, originally Red Hot Labs, says that joining Google will enable its team to access more resources and achieve wider distribution. TechCrunch (02/24)

3. Fiksu updates brand, launches 2 app-marketing offerings

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 23, 2015

Fiksu has released two products for application marketing and updated its corporate brand. Fiksu Response will target customers in an effort to create mobile leads, and Fiksu Aware will drive brand awareness to specific mobile audiences. App Developer Magazine online (02/22)

4. Google introduces professional tools for Android

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 26, 2015

Google is challenging BlackBerry and Microsoft with tools designed to make Android smartphones more suitable for professional work. Android for Work includes enhanced default encryption, SELinux security enforcement and multi-user support to keep work data separate and protected. It also limits employers' access to the work-related applications and prevents them from accessing users' personal data. Computerworld (02/25) Boston Globe (tiered subscription model), The (02/25)

5. "Trivia Crack" success poses challenge for developer

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 23, 2015

Worldwide sensation mobile application "Trivia Crack" has become so popular that the small team at maker Etermax's Buenos Aires office cannot keep up with the player-submitted question backlog. Only around 1,500 questions are being added daily, while users are submitting questions at a rate of about 1 million each day. "It's like building a house and a million people came to help you. We just need one house," "Trivia Crack" founder Maximo Cavazzani said. Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (02/20)

6. Tinder experiments with paid dating app

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 25, 2015

Tinder is testing a premium version of its dating application that costs as much as $20 a month, as it tries to monetize despite hesitancy among millennials to pay for dating applications. "The vast majority of people will decide not to use it. We're in the first inning on monetization," says Sam Yagan of IAC, which includes Tinder. Bloomberg (02/25)

7. App-install ads prove profitable

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 27, 2015

Half of Facebook's $2.5 billion in mobile revenue in Q4 is estimated to come from application-install ads, which are proving to be profitable in the mobile ecosystem. The ads' rising popularity comes on the heels of successes such as app SeatGeek, which saw 1.5 million downloads as a result of them. MIT Technology Review online (02/27)

8. Survey: Enterprise-app revenues soar

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 23, 2015

Enterprise applications are now a comparatively more lucrative field than their consumer counterparts as growth in app-store revenues tapers, according to a survey by Vision Mobile. Forty-three percent of enterprise app developers now make more than $10,000 a month, an income matched by only 19% of consumer app developers. Forbes (02/22)

9. YouTube Kids arrives

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 24, 2015

The YouTube Kids application, a family-friendly version of the flagship site, launched Monday for Android devices in the U.S. The app will not allow viewers to post or see comments, will remove inappropriate content and will not allow children to register on the site. Ads will be screened for appropriateness, the company says. Guardian (London), The (02/23)

10. Opera's App Pass will help carriers offer free access to apps

MMA SmartBrief for Apps | Feb 24, 2015

Carriers will be able to provide subscribers with free access to some mobile applications using App Pass, a new tool from Opera, as part of the company's mobile data management software. The tool will initially help carriers offer free apps based on time, but it will eventually add sponsored and "paid passes" to software. GigaOm (02/24)

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