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1. Ga. district to move to traditional math sequence next year

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

One Georgia school district is switching back to a more traditional sequence for math instruction after a survey found 93% of teachers favored the change. Currently, students learn coordinate algebra, analytic geometry and advanced algebra, but next school year the district will change to a sequence of algebra I, geometry, algebra II, then precalculus. Times-Herald (Newnan, Ga.), The (04/16)

2. New free math curriculum aims to inspire students

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

A new, free math curriculum combines videos and positive messages to help teachers engage students in fifth through ninth grades in lessons. The "Week of Inspirational Math" program, aligned with Common Core State Standards and developed by a Stanford University professor, provides lessons in key areas including geometry, algebra and patterns. T.H.E. Journal (04/20)

3. Statistics project turns into a delicious math lesson

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

A statistics project by eighth-graders at a New Jersey middle-school caught the attention of Pizza Hut. The students had to collect data and surveys to come up with a new food product, then pitch it to a company. Representatives from Pizza Hut recently visited the school to whip up a bacon, mac and cheese, stuffed pretzel crust pizza invented by students. South Jersey Times (Woodbury, N.J.) (04/22)

4. How to encourage student participation

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

Four educators in this blog post share their opinions and experiences on how to encourage students to participate more frequently in class. Teacher Vicki Davis recommends holding managed classroom discussions rather than open conversations, which tend to favor outspoken or extroverted students. Education Week Teacher (tiered subscription model) (04/19)

5. Study: Preschoolers do better in math when moms talk to them about it

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

A new study has found that preschoolers have a better grasp of mathematical concepts if their mothers talk about math with them at home. Researchers found that mothers usually talked more about math with their children over mealtimes when discussing whether to share half of their food with a sibling or how many slices of bread they wanted. Deseret News (Salt Lake City), The (04/20)

6. U.S. lawmaker to propose no financial penalties for opt-outs

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

U.S. Congressman Tom Reed plans to introduce a bill that would prevent states from imposing financial penalties on schools because parents opt their children out of standardized testing. "This legislation protects property taxpayers by ensuring that teachers, administrators, and school districts will not be adversely affected by opting students out of the Common Core tests," Reed said. Finger Lakes Times (Geneva, N.Y.) (04/22)

7. "Imagineering" day teaches real-world applications for math

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

A class of South Carolina fifth-graders learned real-world uses for math through exhibits during the school's second Imagineering Math event. Students used soap bubbles to learn about geometric shapes and figured out the fewest number of squares, octagons and triangles they would need to fill a large rectangle. Herald (Rock Hill, S.C.), The (04/21)

8. 6 states to use Smarter Balanced exams for college readiness

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

Almost 200 colleges and universities in six states have announced they will consider students' Smarter Balanced exam scores as part of student placement. The plan calls for colleges to consider scores when determining college readiness and the need for remediation. Some states also will use the scores when making dual-enrollment decisions. T.H.E. Journal (04/16)

9. Teacher uses gamification to motivate students

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

A Minnesota science teacher has turned his classroom structure into a dice game to motivate his seventh- and eighth-graders to work hard and complete assignments. Students earn dice rolls by completing learning tasks -- with extra rolls awarded for standout work -- and then gain points for their teams by playing a dice game. Pioneer Press (St. Paul, Minn.) (04/19)

10. Tab-collecting math exercise raises funds for charity

Math Education SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

Fourth-grade students at a Utah elementary school began collecting aluminum pull-tabs six years ago to learn place value in math. The students, now high-school sophomores, had sorted the tabs by tens in cups and then bags that held 200,000. There are now 1 million tabs, which have been donated to the Ronald McDonald House, which will cash them in. Deseret News (Salt Lake City), The (04/20)

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