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1. Six facts to know about millennials

C-Suite Brief | Jul 16, 2015

Stephen V. Gold, president and CEO
One of the hottest topics in the business world today is how to manage the new generation of workers. Generally speaking, millennials are a highly confident group, yet at the same time they are the most stressed out generation. Here are six facts that may surprise you. Issues in Brief Blank (07/13)

2. Latin America manufacturing: Brazil's recession masks Mexico's solid performance

C-Suite Brief | Jul 16, 2015

Fernando Sedano, Ph.D., economic consultant
A sharper than expected manufacturing recession in Brazil has led to a downward revision of our Latin American manufacturing forecasts. By contrast, Mexico's factories continue to expand solidly, despite weak U.S. activity early this year. We expect Mexico's manufacturers to continue to lead growth and Brazil's picture to improve, although any eventual expansion will be moderate at best. Economic Outlook Blank (07/13)

3. European industrial outlook: A two-speed recovery

C-Suite Brief | Jul 09, 2015

Krzysztof Bledowski, Ph.D., director of economic studies
While GDP in Europe jumped almost a percentage point since our last report six months ago, the manufacturing recovery appears to have stalled. Of the 12 countries in our forecast, Hungary and Poland should lead in industrial growth this year and next. Economic Outlook Blank (07/06)

4. Global outlook: The elusive search for equilibrium

C-Suite Brief | Jul 09, 2015

Cliff Waldman, director of economic studies
In this period of global expansion, growth rates are below the norm for industrialized and developing economies. Central themes reflected in Cliff's forecast include central banks' deflation jitters, disappointing U.S. performance, vacillating eurozone growth, Russia's self-inflicted uncertainty, Brazil's protracted recession and India's transformational political shift. Economic Outlook Blank (07/07)

5. What's wrong with the U.S. economy?

C-Suite Brief | Jul 23, 2015

Stephen V. Gold, president and CEO
Obstacles to free trade, weak business confidence, a high corporate tax rate and our worldwide tax reporting system all pose problems for manufacturers. A few policy fixes in these areas could help reverse the moribund trend in capital investment and possibly introduce a new era of higher growth rates. Blog Blank (07/07)

6. Manufacturing holding steady in a challenging economic environment

C-Suite Brief | Jul 23, 2015

Donald A. Norman, Ph.D., director of economic studies
Manufacturing output was flat in June, as it was throughout most of the first half of 2015. Given challenges arising from the strong dollar, a severe winter, the dockworkers' slowdown and global economic uncertainty, it is surprising that performance has not been worse. Economic Update Blank (07/17)

7. Getting answers to your top conflict minerals questions

C-Suite Brief | Jul 23, 2015

October 7, Chicago
Dozens of manufacturing executives told us that they still have unresolved questions about the conflict minerals compliance process. At the third annual Conflict Minerals Forum this fall, we'll get to the heart of members' top concerns, including SEC enforcement and audit requirements. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and network with other companies' purchasing, EHS, compliance, legal and finance executives. Blog Blank (07/15)

8. State of the industry analysis shows bright prospects for manufacturing

C-Suite Brief | Jul 09, 2015

This comprehensive view of the U.S. manufacturing sector's future highlights many bright spots. The MAPI Foundation predicts U.S. manufacturing will outpace GDP in 2015 and 2016 with 4% growth -- driven in large party by high-tech manufacturing production, which is expected to grow by 6% and 9%, respectively. The overall economy is also solid, which is important, MAPI Foundation Chief Economist Daniel Meckstroth said. "Confidence indicators are strong, the unemployment rate is low and credit is available. More people with more income tends to be self-reinforcing." (07/02)

9. 3 insights from the M&A elite

C-Suite Brief | Jul 30, 2015

Jenn Callaway, council director
The M&A market is overvalued, but that hasn't tempered the pressure for companies to complete deals. But all is not lost. MAPI and RBC Capital Markets learned that the best acquirers succeed by focusing on technology deals, understanding uncontrollable risks and following different protocols during deal pursuit. Blog Blank (07/23)

10. Every boss communicates differently

C-Suite Brief | Jul 09, 2015

People should seek to understand how their leaders prefer to communicate. It's important to understand whether managers prefer to digest news in conversation or through a document, a full explanation or an executive summary, as well as how frequently they expect to be updated. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (07/02)

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