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1. Are you exercising? Why not?

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 26, 2015

Being out of shape is like permanently having several drinks in your system -- you can cope, but you'll never achieve your true potential, says GoodLife Fitness CEO David Patchell-Evans. And it doesn't matter whether you exercise in the morning or evening, trainers say. "It's really up to you to know when your body is most capable of an effective workout," Lee Pickering says. The Edmonton Sun (Alberta) (06/19) The Levo League (06/17)

2. Culture is not the same as values

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 26, 2015

To lead a company effectively, you need to understand the difference between culture and values, writes Matt Blumberg. Values are about what matters to a company and change infrequently, while culture is the shifting state of business practices and workplace interactions, he argues. "A leader's job is to embody the values. That impacts/produces/guides culture. But only the foolhardy leaders think they can control culture," he writes. Feld Thoughts (06/25) Only Once blog (06/25)

3. Great leaders must also be great managers

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 24, 2015

One of the greatest misconceptions about leadership is that it's something that can be separated from management, writes David Dye. "Even if you should become CEO, you're responsible to make sure these things happen. If they don't, it's your responsibility," he writes. (06/19)

4. Leaders should spend more time on the road

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 29, 2015

Travel is still necessary for engaged leaders, says John Baldoni in this blog post and video. "Hitting the road to discover what's going on is time-consuming and wearying, but it is necessary for any executive who expects to lead with a clear head," he says. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (06/26)

5. The basic qualities of good speakers

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 24, 2015

The best public speakers are public servants with an urge to communicate about a subject they truly feel matters, writes Nick Morgan. "Public speaking is performance art, and you need to combine the fun of performing with the passion for the subject," Morgan writes. Forbes (06/23)

6. Want to buy the biggest cattle ranch on the planet?

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 24, 2015

An Australian cattle business is selling what could be the world's biggest tract of private land: an 8,880-square-mile ranch that's only slightly smaller than England. Potential buyers will need to set aside a full week to tour the land by plane. Quartz (06/23) The Independent (London) (tiered subscription model) (06/23)

7. Channel your best bosses to become a better leader

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 25, 2015

Improve your leadership by thinking about what your own most inspirational bosses would say about your performance, suggests S. Chris Edmonds. "We know what works best. We just need a little push from our best bosses to put those liberating rules into practice in our teams and organizations," he writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (06/23)

8. Your employees don't like your poor communication skills

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 26, 2015

Poor communication and a lack of interaction and recognition are among complaints employees have about executives, according to an Interact/Harris Poll. "Much of a team's success lies in the pattern of connection a leader has with direct reports, and the way he or she empowers them," writes Lou Solomon. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (06/24)

9. How the world caught up with the USWNT

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 24, 2015

The United States women's national soccer team rose to dominance by relying on training and athleticism to overwhelm opponents, but it's increasingly encountering teams with whole-team tactical skills that blunt the USWNT's one-on-one advantage. "Sooner or later, though, we'll have to reckon with the sport's future. How we adjust to that going forward will determine if we regain our dominance or become one of the crowd," Billy Haisley writes. Deadspin (06/23)

10. Gap's post-recession moves pushed away shoppers and employees

SmartBrief on Leadership | Jun 24, 2015

The Gap used to be a great place to work and shop, but the recession led to policies that eroded its culture, writes Bree Davies, a former sales associate. Employees were poorly treated and customers left confused and bombarded with coupons and credit card offers, Davies writes. "Gap Inc.'s maneuvers during this time were so out of touch with what was really happening in its stores that it almost seemed like self-sabotage," she argues. (06/18)

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