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2015 ISDA Regional Conferences: NYC and London agendas posted!

ISDA dailyLead | Jul 31, 2015

Experienced derivatives industry speakers will give their perspectives on the impact of regulatory reforms over the past five years, what they expect to happen over the next five years and what key trends are shaping the industry.

ISDA HOT TOPIC: Liquidity Conference

ISDA dailyLead | Jul 30, 2015

In a market environment with evolving regulatory regimes, senior executives are tasked with assessing the impact these diverse rule sets have on their markets in order to strategically manage and grow their businesses. To highlight these challenges, ISDA will be holding a new conference from the perspective of business leaders, Liquidity: Trading in the New OTC Market. Expert speakers will address the varied ways liquidity is defined and cover issues such as liquidity management, trading mandates, capital requirements, trade execution, infrastructure interoperability and the current and future state of buy-side participation. Register: Liquidity: Trading in the New OTC Market on Sept. 30 in New York

Current Issues in the Derivatives Landscape in Asia

ISDA dailyLead | Jul 24, 2015

ISDA will hold full-day conferences in Jakarta, Beijing and Seoul covering the major issues facing the global derivatives market today. The day will include a discussion of the new margin rules for noncleared swaps, including ISDA's efforts to develop and implement a Standard Initial Margin Model (SIMM), updates on clearing, cross-border collateral agreements, extraterritoriality in the implementation of the G-20 commitments, key legal issues and an in-depth look at the SEF trading requirement, including SRO responsibilities and MAT Determinations.

Register: Current Issues in the Derivatives Landscape: Margin, Collateral, CCPs, SEFs and Global Swap Regulations
Jakarta -- Aug. 20
Beijing -- Sept. 8
Seoul -- Sept. 22

2015 ISDA Regional Conferences: Registration open!

ISDA dailyLead | Jul 17, 2015

Experienced derivatives industry speakers will give their perspectives on the impact of regulatory reforms over the past five years, what they expect to happen over the next five years and what key trends are shaping the industry.

Spotlight: ISDA Resolution Stay Protocol and Bank Recovery Resolution Directive

ISDA dailyLead | Jul 17, 2015

The Resolution Stay Protocol half-day symposium is an ideal opportunity to understand the Protocol, the interplay with new resolution regimes and the implications for market participants. ISDA developed the Protocol in a working group of dealer and buy-side firms, working with the home authorities and other FSB members in response to regulators asking ISDA to provide a means for amending ISDA Master Agreements to incorporate contractual recognition of limitations on closeout rights under statutory resolution regimes, on a cross-border basis. Register: ISDA Resolution Stay Protocol in London on Sept. 8 and New York on Sept. 18

Immediately following the Resolution Stay Protocol symposium in London will be a symposium on the Bank Recovery Resolution Directive. This symposium complements the Resolution Stay Protocol symposium by providing deeper insight into the principal elements of the cross-border resolution regime for financial institutions that is being introduced by the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) and covers the principal impact of that cross-border resolution regime for derivatives trading and documentation. Register: Bank Recovery Resolution Directive in London on Sept. 8

Courses on Essential ISDA Documentation in Singapore

ISDA dailyLead | Jul 10, 2015

ISDA will hold two full-day courses comprehensively covering provisions of the ISDA Master Agreements, Collateral Arrangements and ISDA Credit Support Documents. The first day focuses on a section-by-section analysis of the 2002 ISDA Master Agreement, discussion of key issues typically negotiated in the Schedule to the agreement, closeout provisions and how it fits in the clearing context. The second day will examine collateral and its uses, which forms to use, principles underlying each form and collateral opinions. Emphasis will be on the English Law Credit Support Documents, with some discussion and comparison with the New York Law Credit Support Annex. The day will finish with current issues challenging collateral management, such as margin for uncleared trades. Register: Understanding the ISDA Master Agreements on July 22 and Understanding Collateral Arrangements and the ISDA Credit Support Documents on July 23 in Singapore

Everything you need to know about Clearing: Legal Basics

ISDA dailyLead | Jul 02, 2015

This full-day conference includes complete overviews of U.S. Mandatory Clearing Obligations for swaps and futures, including discussions on which swaps are subject to mandatory clearing, which participants are mandated to clear, exceptions, exemptions and the legislative and regulatory basis for mandatory clearing. This conference will also discuss customer clearing documentation and includes an afternoon workshop. The day will conclude with a look at current hot topics in clearing, including U.S. and EU equivalence and CCP resilience, recover and resolution. Register: Clearing: Legal Basics on July 15 in New York

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