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Focus on: Dealer Resolution & ISDA Protocols

ISDA dailyLead | Sep 30, 2016

This conference offers an ideal opportunity to learn about new approaches to cross-border resolutions of systemically important financial institutions and understand recent ISDA initiatives designed to address regulatory requirements applicable to market participants. Specifically, this conference will provide a high-level overview of new resolution regimes and resolution strategies, as well as the treatment of early termination rights under ISDA Master Agreements. The conference will then provide an in-depth discussion of the ISDA Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol (ISDA Jurisdictional Modular Protocol) and the ISDA 2016 Bail-in Article 55 BRRD Protocol (ISDA Article 55 Protocol), which are designed to enable market participants to efficiently comply with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.

Register: Dealer Resolution & Ending Too-Big-To-Fail on Oct. 6 in New York

2016 ISDA Annual Regional Conferences. Registration open. Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available.

ISDA dailyLead | Sep 30, 2016

Unique Product Identifiers -- ISDA Symbology Project and OTC ISINs

ISDA dailyLead | Sep 23, 2016

This half-day conference is focused on the work surrounding the definition of product identifiers for OTC derivatives. Panel discussions will provide an overview of the work on product identification accomplished so far, with a focus on the regulatory and business requirements. In addition, the conference will discuss infrastructure and implementation of product ISINs and industry usages. Register for the New York conference Sept. 30.

Get clarity on clearing: Derivatives Clearing for Today in New York

ISDA dailyLead | Sep 16, 2016

This full-day conference will cover all aspects of clearing as it stands today. Topics will focus on the current and expected future states of OTC derivatives clearing and US regulatory requirements, including the FCM model, collateral segregation requirements and capital implications. Attendees will also be given an in-depth look at major CCPs and CCP risk management, including stress testing, clearing member defaults and cross-border issues.

Register: Derivatives Clearing for Today on Sept. 22 in New York

Spotlight on: New Margin Requirements

ISDA dailyLead | Sep 09, 2016

These conferences will provide a thorough explanation and comparison of the new margin requirements, corresponding new ISDA documentation and the ISDA 2016 Variation Margin Protocol. Conferences available in all regions:

New York -- Sept. 16 -- Register
London -- Sept. 21 -- Register
Toronto -- Sept. 27 -- Register
Chicago -- Oct. 4 -- Register
Sydney -- Oct. 21 -- Register
Singapore -- Oct. 25 -- Register
Tokyo -- Oct. 28 -- Register
San Francisco -- November

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