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MiFID II/Dodd-Frank: Approaching New Terrain

ISDA dailyLead | Dec 09, 2016

ISDA's first Trade Execution Legal Forum is a new one-day conference that will focus on key issues relating to trade execution in the EU, US and Cross-Border recognition of trading rules. The first panel of the conference will discuss the current state of the derivatives markets and provide the outlook for the derivatives trading. This panel will be followed by the discussions of the EU and US trading venues and the trading requirements. The afternoon panel will address challenges of cross-border derivatives trading and highlight approaches to harmonization of trading rules. Register: MiFID II/Dodd-Frank: Approaching New Terrain in London on Dec. 9

ISDA on Location: Mumbai. Documentation Conferences, including New Margin Requirements & Buy-side Perspective

ISDA dailyLead | Nov 23, 2016

ISDA will hold the Understanding the ISDA Master Agreements and the Understanding Collateral Arrangements and the 2016 ISDA Variation Margin and Initial Margin Credit Support Documents conferences in Mumbai, India, on Nov. 29 and 3. The Master Agreements conference will provide a section-by-section analysis of the 2002 ISDA Master Agreement, will focus on common issues when negotiating the schedule to the agreement, and will discuss closeout provisions and netting opinions. The Collateral Arrangements conference will discuss the uses of collateral; the new rules on collateral management, including variation margin; and outline and compare arrangements under English law versus New York law. Register: Understanding the ISDA Master Agreements on Nov. 29 and Understanding Collateral Arrangements and the 2016 ISDA Variation Margin and Initial Margin Credit Support Documents on Nov. 30 in Mumbai

Stay up-to-date on central counterparty issues: Conferences in N.Y. and London

ISDA dailyLead | Nov 18, 2016

The role and significance of central counterparties (CCPs) has increased in recent years as over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives have moved to clearing. Effective resilience, recovery and resolution mechanisms for CCPs are more than ever critical to the efficient operation, stability and sustainability of the global financial markets. This symposium will cover CCP resilience, recovery and resolution from the perspective of legal, risk and policy professionals, with a specific focus on recent work by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and CPMI-IOSCO. Speakers will include representatives of clearing members, end users and CCPs. The symposium will conclude with a panel of regulators, who will discuss relevant work at FSB and CPMI-IOSCO levels, as well as national implementation of such work. Register: CCP Resilience, Recovery & Resolution on Nov. 18 in New York and Nov. 29 in London

Derivatives Disputes -- Litigating and arbitrating the ISDA Master Agreements

ISDA dailyLead | Nov 11, 2016

This conference will discuss considerations for market participants in the derivatives markets concerning which dispute resolution mechanism to adopt. If arbitration is chosen, we will discuss how to use the ISDA Arbitration Guide and further drafting considerations beyond the issues covered by the Guide itself. If litigation is chosen, we will discuss various cases from domestic and international litigation involving sell-side and buy-side firms as well as some observations on expert witnesses and enforcement. Register:
New York - Dec. 5

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