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ISDA 31st Annual General Meeting -- Tokyo

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 12, 2016

ISDA's 31st Annual General Meeting in Tokyo will feature the perspectives of senior industry leaders on trading, clearing, risk and capital and margin. Including specialist sessions on Legal Developments -- Highlights of Key Initiatives, An Orderly Transition to MIFID/R?, The Path towards Global Data Harmonization, Fundamental Review: Overview and Impact of the Final Rules. Register: ISDA 31st AGM from April 12 to 14 in Tokyo

Sponsorship & Exhibition opportunities available.

Tax Issues Impacting Derivatives: What you need to know

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 12, 2016

ISDA is holding a full-day conference on the various tax issues that impact derivatives. The day will begin with in-depth coverage of Notional Principal Contracts and deemed loan rules, including examples of principal types of transactions, navigating NPCs, the difference between cleared and uncleared swaps and regulations under Treasury Regulation Section 1.446-3(g)(4). The rest of the day will provide comprehensive overviews of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), 871(m) regulations issued in September 2015 and the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA). Register: Selected Tax Issues Impacting Derivatives on Feb. 25 in New York

Overview of Interest Rate Derivatives in N.Y. on Feb. 9

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 05, 2016

This full-day conference will provide a complete view of Interest Rate Derivatives, including an explanation of Interest Rate Products, understanding the 2006 ISDA Definitions, which products are being cleared/how it's determined which products are cleared/clearing cross-border issues and what role Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs) play. The conference will conclude with a live step-by-step demonstration of how to complete a trade on an SEF.

Register: Overview of Interest Rate Derivatives on Feb.9 in New York

2016 ISDA Annual Legal Forum

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 05, 2016

The 2016 ISDA Annual Legal Forum is intended for all market participants interested in keeping informed on key legal developments. The forum will feature discussions on:

  • Bank Recovery
  • Resolution Electronic Trading WGMR CCP Resilience, Recovery
  • Resolution Regulation
  • Compliance Issues Cross-Border Issues
  • Equivalence Law Reform, Netting
  • Legal Opinions
Register: ISDA Annual Legal Forum on Feb. 10 in London

Financial Benchmarks: An entirely new framework -- Feb. 3 in London

ISDA dailyLead | Jan 29, 2016

Regulatory intervention on financial benchmarks was not initially part of the regulatory plan agreed by G-20 leaders in 2009 but became a focus after some high-profile cases of manipulation (e.g., Libor). Policymakers are keen to impose strong conduct rules on benchmark administrators and users that will significantly affect the conditions under which market participants (banks, buy-side firms and corporates) will use the wide range of financial benchmarks that are published across the world. The upcoming EU regulation on financial benchmarks that comes after the IOSCO principles is at the heart of this regulatory wave. In addition to concerns over appropriate use, authorities in key financial centers are encouraging the market to develop alternative, nearly risk-free rates.

Register: Financial Benchmarks: An entirely new framework which affects administrators, contributors and users, Feb. 3 in London

ISDA Conferences: Back to Basics

ISDA dailyLead | Jan 22, 2016

These full-day conferences will cover the basics of derivatives, provide in-depth analysis of ISDA Master Agreements and their scheduling provisions, examine key provisions and terms of the ISDA Credit Support Annex, and discuss how regulatory changes affect these documents. Registration is open.

New York:
Jan 26: Fundamentals of Derivatives
Jan 27: Understanding the ISDA Master Agreements Conference -- Including an Overview of the Regulatory Changes to ISDA Documentation
Jan 28: Understanding the 1994 ISDA Credit Support Annex and Updates in Collateral Issues

Feb 23: Fundamentals of Derivatives
Feb 24: Understanding the ISDA Master Agreements Conference -- Including the Buy-side Perspective
Feb 25: Understanding Collateral Arrangements and the ISDA Credit Support Documents Conference

CCP Resilience, Recovery, Continuity and Resolution: The Whole Story

ISDA dailyLead | Jan 15, 2016

CCPs are emerging as major super systemic entities as they concentrate the vast majority of OTC derivatives transaction flow and risk. There is recognition of the need for resilient CCPs, which minimize the risk of a CCP failure. This conference provides the complete picture of the market and regulatory efforts being made to increase CCP resiliency and what is being done to ensure an adequate framework for CCP recovery if a clearing member defaults. It will also examine the complexities involved and the different solutions globally if a CCP were to fail. Register: CCP Resilience, Recovery, Continuity and Resolution on Feb. 4 in London

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