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SEF Trading: What is it and what does it mean for the buy side?

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 26, 2015

ISDA will hold two conferences about SEFs and regulatory developments in March. The Fundamentals of SEFs will be a half-day covering all of the basics of what an SEF is, the CFTC regulatory framework and oversight, MAT determinations, the SEF rulebook and a step-by-step demonstration on how to complete a trade on an SEF. The second, full day will focus on how trading on an SEF impacts the buy side, what are its limitations, why join an SEF, compliance and obligations, as well as cross-border issues and margin issues. Register: Fundamentals of Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs) on March 24 and Regulatory Developments for the Buy-side -- Current Issues on March 25 in New York

Agenda posted and registration open for ISDA's 30th Annual General Meeting

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 26, 2015

A preeminent event in the derivatives and risk-management industry, ISDA's 30th Annual General Meeting will feature perspectives of senior industry figures on global market and public-policy issues in the derivatives business, including sessions on cross-border harmonization, optimizing swap-execution facilities, business roundtables, clearinghouses, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, legal issues and ISDA documentation, capital rules, ISDA's Working Group on Margin Requirements implementation initiative, the impact of global regulations to end users, and data and reporting. Register: ISDA's 30th AGM from April 21 to 23 in Montreal

Upcoming conferences in London: Focus on clearing

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 20, 2015

ISDA will hold two full-day conferences on clearing, beginning with Fundamentals of OTC Derivatives Clearing. This conference will cover the basics of over-the-counter derivatives clearing, including an introduction, how central counterparties work and protect themselves, regulatory requirements and the current and future states of clearing OTC derivatives. The second day will focus on legal aspects of clearing and will cover clearing models, documentation and client clearing relationships in ISDA netting and collateral opinions, as well as an in-depth session on the ISDA/Futures and Options Association Client Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum. Register: Fundamentals of OTC Derivatives Clearing on Feb. 25 and Legal Aspects of Clearing Conference on Feb. 26 in London

IQ: ISDA Quarterly

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 18, 2015

ISDA wants to thank advertisers that have made the launch of ISDA Quarterly possible. Our first issue will be published in April in conjunction with ISDA's Annual General Meeting. To reserve space for your company, contact Shaun Greyling at 800-369-6220, ext. 3385, or The deadline to reserve space for the first issue is Wednesday.

ISDA Resolution Stay Protocol conference

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 13, 2015

This symposium offers an ideal opportunity to understand the protocol, interplay with resolution regimes and implications for market participants. ISDA developed the ISDA 2014 Resolution Stay Protocol a working group of dealer and buy-side firms, working closely with home authorities and other Financial Stability Board members, in response to a request by regulators that ISDA provide a means for amending ISDA Master Agreements to incorporate contractual recognition of limitations on closeout rights under statutory resolution regimes, on a cross-border basis. Available events:

LONDON: March 3
NEW YORK: March 11
HONG KONG: March 11
MONTREAL: April 21

Get clarity on clearing: Conferences on clearing OTC derivatives and client-clearing legal opinions

ISDA dailyLead | Feb 06, 2015

Fundamentals of OTC Derivatives Clearing
Learn about critical aspects of central clearing, risks and benefits, the state of clearing usage and regulatory requirements at this full-day conference.
LONDON: Feb. 25
NEW YORK: March 12

Legal Aspects of Clearing Conference
Providing a more targeted look at legal aspects of clearing, this full-day conference will cover clearing models and their implications, look at documentation and examine the ISDA/Futures and Options Association Client Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum and how clearing fits in with ISDA documentation and opinions.
LONDON: Feb. 26

ISDA Symposium®: Client Clearing Legal Opinions
This focused, half-day symposium will provide an overview of clearing relationships in ISDA netting and collateral opinions, as well as a discussion on reading the opinions and how they relate to clearing models and the ISDA/FOA addendum.
HONG KONG: March 10

Spotlight on commodity-derivatives markets: Conferences in NYC and London

ISDA dailyLead | Jan 30, 2015

A combination of price spikes, hunger riots in Africa and Asia and a decrease in purchasing power in Western countries has forced Group of 20 leaders to agree on a need for regulatory intervention in commodity-derivatives markets, setting rules on market abuse, position limits and regulation of benchmarks. ISDA has scheduled a full-day conference that will bring together experts of commodity markets of different geographical areas, who will assess consequences and challenges that have arisen from implementation of these rules. Register: The New Regulatory Environment of Commodity Derivatives Markets conference on March 3 in New York City and March 10 in London

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