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Variation Margin "Big Bang": Are You Ready for March 2017?

ISDA dailyLead | Jan 23, 2017

In-scope market participants with uncleared swaps must begin exchanging margin March 1. In preparation for this regulatory deadline, ISDA will have conferences in each region focused on helping participants understand what changes are coming, determine which rules apply to their counterparty relationships, specific requirements in different jurisdictions and provide an in-depth look at the ISDA 2016 Variation Margin Protocol, designed to help market participants establish regulatory compliant documents with their counterparties. Registration open:
Paris: Jan. 24 Agenda Register
New York: Feb. 2 Agenda Register
Boston: Feb. 8 Agenda Register
London: Feb. 8 Agenda Register
Seoul, South Korea:
Feb. 10 Agenda Register
Miami: Feb. 10 Agenda Register

ISDA/FIA Client Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum: Learn the Key Provisions

ISDA dailyLead | Jan 23, 2017

This conference will provide a complete overview of the ISDA/FIA Client Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum (a standard form of client clearing document that can be used by clearing members and clients to document their clearing relationships with CCPs outside the US), including where it fits into documentation architecture, key provisions, main areas of negotiation, interaction between the addendum and CCP documentation, and the treatment of client clearing relationships by ISDA netting and collateral opinions. REGISTER: ISDA/FIA Client Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum on Feb. 9 in LONDON

ISDA Annual Legal Forum -- LONDON -- Feb. 22

ISDA dailyLead | Jan 13, 2017

Featuring Keynote Speaker: Andrew Gracie, Executive Director, Resolution Directorate, Bank of England
REGISTER: ISDA Annual Legal Forum on Feb. 22 in London

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