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Annual Conference Experience offers deep dive into the Millennial Mindset

IMCA Insight | Mar 16, 2017

Coming of age in an era of technology, economic volatility, social change, and unprecedented connectivity, Millennials have developed values unique to their generation. At IMCA's 2017 Annual Conference Experience (ACE), Texas A&M University professor Nathan Harness will examine this demographic group and teach advisors how an investment in Millennials can be an investment in lasting success. Register at the ACE early-bird rate to learn from the industry's top thought leaders, San Diego Convention Center, April 30–May 3.

Registration open for Masters Series: Advanced Business Strategist Program

IMCA Insight | Mar 16, 2017

Get the latest on effective team leadership and communication from Heather Caruso, executive director, the Center for Decision Research, and adjunct associate professor of behavioral science, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, at IMCA's 2017 Advanced Business Strategist program, held in conjunction with ACE, San Diego Convention Center, April 30–May 3. Register now for this limited enrollment program to enhance your skills and take your business to the next level.

What to expect? Bernstein on the 2017 investment landscape

IMCA Insight | Mar 16, 2017

Richard Bernstein, chief executive officer and chief investment officer, Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC, recently shared his thoughts on what to expect this year at IMCA's 2017 Investment Advisor Forum. Will it be bulls or bears in the forecast? Read IMCA's InvestmentSense blog post on Bernstein to find out.

Use the four keys approach to impact investing

IMCA Insight | Mar 16, 2017

If you're new to impact investing, don't get overwhelmed. Jon Hale, head of sustainability research for Morningstar Investment Management, breaks it down into four keys that highlight the most vital aspects you should know in an InvestmentSense blog post by contributor Linda Corman.

Conference calendar

IMCA Insight | Mar 16, 2017

IMCA 2017 Annual Conference Experience: San Diego, April 30–May 3
IMCA 2017 Masters Series: Advanced Business Strategist
*In conjunction with IMCA 2017 Annual Conference Experience, April 30–May 3

Financial advisors gain edge at Wharton

IMCA Insight | Mar 02, 2017

Interest in the Certified Investment Management Analyst® certification program offered through Wharton Executive Education, a division of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, continues to grow. Learn more about the program from Wharton’s Lauren Starkey in Investment Sense.

What's in store for Wall Street?

IMCA Insight | Mar 02, 2017

Set your sights for San Diego to learn what’s in store for Wall Street from the "Wizard of Wharton," Jeremy Siegel, as he shares insights on how investors and businesses could be impacted at IMCA's 2017 Annual Conference Experience, April 30–May 3, San Diego Convention Center. Register today at the early-bird rate.

Strategists suggest a watchful eye over economic overheating

IMCA Insight | Mar 02, 2017

In a recent Investment Sense blog post, Linda Corman, special contributor, recapped leading strategists' optimism and concerns about the U.S. economy. Read what thought leaders Liz Ann Sonders, from Charles Schwab, and Jonathan Golub, RBC Capital Markets, had to say on the subject at Investment Sense.

Reframe your wealth management business for client success

IMCA Insight | Mar 02, 2017

Growing your business means knowing how to make intentional decisions based on the frame that you are seen through by your team, the clients you serve, and the public. Advanced practitioners responsible for small, medium, or large advisor teams, or independent advisory businesses should register now for IMCA's Masters Series: Advanced Business Strategist program, April 30–May 3, held in conjunction with IMCA’s 2017 Annual Conference Experience, San Diego Convention Center.

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