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Lab course attracts dairy pros from nearly 50 companies

IDFA SmartBrief | Sep 28, 2016

Nearly 50 dairy companies have sent plant professionals to "Microbiological Testing: A Hands-on Food Safety Course," which was designed to help them stay up to date with good laboratory practices and techniques. "With today's increased scrutiny on food safety, IDFA is pleased to see so many dairy professionals taking advantage of this excellent training curriculum," said John Allan, IDFA vice president of regulatory affairs and international standards. The next course will be held Nov. 1-3 in Springfield, Mo. Learn more.

Dairy Forum to feature former USDA chiefs of staff

IDFA SmartBrief | Sep 26, 2016

As the dust settles after hard-fought presidential and congressional races, which campaign positions will become the next piece of legislation or regulatory mandate? A panel of former chiefs of staff from the US Department of Agriculture will participate at Dairy Forum 2017, Jan. 29-Feb.1 in Orlando, Fla., to examine emerging priorities for agriculture in the new administration and consider how today's political platforms can become tomorrow's policies. Learn more.

7 skill-building reasons to attend fall lab course

IDFA SmartBrief | Sep 23, 2016

IDFA is joining again with Chestnut Labs to offer the Microbiological Testing: A Hands-on Food Safety Course, which is designed to help dairy plant professionals learn the latest in good laboratory practices and develop skills to build a strong food safety program. The course will be held Nov. 1-3 in Springfield, Mo. Learn more.

2 classic IDFA courses move to the fall

IDFA SmartBrief | Sep 16, 2016

IDFA has moved its classic courses, the Milk Procurement Workshop and the Dairy Accounting and Finance Workshop, to the fall, and they will no longer be available in spring. This year they will be held Nov. 16-17 in Rosemont, Ill. "Because this is the first time in their long history to be scheduled in the fall, I encourage all companies to mark their calendars to not miss out," said Bob Yonkers, Ph.D., IDFA vice president and chief economist. Learn more.

IDFA to host popular webinar on Nutrition Facts label changes

IDFA SmartBrief | Sep 12, 2016

IDFA is again offering a webinar to cover the many changes dairy companies must make to comply with the Food and Drug Administration's complex final rules regarding the Nutrition Facts label. The webinar, "Nutrition Label Reform Final Rule: Implications for the Dairy Industry," will outline the changes needed for different types of dairy products, as well as practical guidance for developing label redesign plans to meet the new requirements. It will be held Sept. 20 and 21, with two-hour sessions each day from 1-3 p.m. Eastern time.

Former CIA director and Dairy Forum speaker says "no" to Trump

IDFA SmartBrief | Sep 02, 2016

Dairy Forum 2017 promises to offer a powerful political program to help the industry adjust to a new administration. Kicking it off will be General Michael Hayden, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, who made headlines with a statement that he and 49 other former national security officials will not vote for presidential nominee Donald Trump. If the statement is any indication of the no-holds-barred type of presentation Hayden will give, his timely talk will be a grand opening to Dairy Forum. Register now.

Webinar to cover Nutrition Facts label changes

IDFA SmartBrief | Aug 31, 2016

"The dairy industry must get ready now for the sweeping changes that will force all food companies to overhaul their Nutrition Facts label in the coming years," said Cary Frye, IDFA vice president of regulatory and scientific affairs. To help dairy companies prepare, IDFA will offer the webinar, "Nutrition Label Reform Final Rules: Implications for the Dairy Industry," Sept. 20-21, with sessions each day from 1-3 p.m. Eastern time. Learn more.

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