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1. Facebook tries new pricing strategy for video ads

IAB SmartBrief | Jul 01, 2015

Facebook is trialing a new video ad payment method, switching from a cost-per-impression model to a cost-per-view rate that starts charging when a consumer watches the spot for 10 seconds. The worldwide test is for large brand advertisers who utilize Facebook's Power Editor and API tools. Adweek (06/30) The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (06/30)

2. AOL strikes 10-year advertising, search deal with Microsoft

IAB SmartBrief | Jun 30, 2015

AOL has announced a 10-year deal with Microsoft that gives the company, now a part of Verizon, control of sales and management for mobile, display and video ads on Microsoft assets in the U.S. and eight other countries. Also, Microsoft's Bing search engine will now power searches on AOL websites. The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (06/29) Advertising Age (free access for SmartBrief readers) (06/29)

3. Study: Native ads have broader reach on Facebook

IAB SmartBrief | Jun 30, 2015

Facebook has reportedly been prioritizing native video uploads as opposed to external video-embeds from platforms such as YouTube. Search Engine Journal conducted a study to see if native video ads on Facebook were more successful, and the results showed that they reach two times more people on average than embedded videos did, and get double the likes and shares. Search Engine Journal (06/29)

4. Why long-lasting brands should "curate their history"

IAB SmartBrief | Jul 01, 2015

Too many brands are leaving their history to search engines, Wikipedia and Facebook instead of curating it in a way "that allows people to access visual stories and memories, told through the individuals that shaped and built them," writes Nick Rappolt, CEO of experience design agency Beyond. The digital age "offers the perfect way to both tap into collective brand memories and also preserve history," he writes. FastCoDesign (06/29)

5. Marketers are not making the most of social media analytics

IAB SmartBrief | Jul 02, 2015

Marketers are not capitalizing on social media data, with 39% of senior marketing executives believing it has no use for their company in its current form, according to research by the Marketing Executives Networking Group. Nearly 40% thought social media data didn't bring actionable benefits. Others, like Landor's Allen Adamson, disagree. "The most powerful use of social media data is to be listening and hearing what's going on as a critical way to stay in touch with the mind of your target," he said. ClickZ (07/01)

6. Facebook upgrades iOS app with Snapchat-like features

IAB SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

Facebook has added Snapchat-like features to its iOS application that allow users to add photos customized with text, filters and stickers to their Facebook profiles. The move comes after Facebook failed to acquire Snapchat and its efforts at duplicating the service outright proved less than popular. TechCrunch (06/28) The Verge (06/29)

7. RPA creative director publishes a book on Instagram

IAB SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

RPA Executive Creative Director Jason Sperling is publishing a book on Instagram, one page at a time. His book, "Look at Me When I’m Talking to You," contains advice for brands on how to engage customers and create loyalty. "It felt like a great way to practice what I was preaching," Sperling said. (06/29)

8. MoPub is quiet but potent moneymaker for Twitter

IAB SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

Twitter may have a major revenue stream in MoPub, the mobile-application ad server, ad network and real-time bidding exchange. The network acquired by Twitter for $350 million in stock two years ago is projected to produce $500 million in revenue two years from now with its highly engaging ad formats. Business Insider (06/26)

9. Millennials turn to mobile devices for recipes

IAB SmartBrief | Jul 01, 2015

Mobile devices are a key kitchen companion for nearly six in 10 millennials, according to a study by Think With Google, mcgarrybowen and Kraft Foods. The study notes three phases of recipe planning in which young adults refer to their smartphones. BizReport (06/29)

10. Apple Music has officially launched

IAB SmartBrief | Jun 30, 2015

The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (06/30)

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