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1. Ardagh Group's new 64-oz. growler features 3-finger handle, fill line

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 08, 2015

Ardagh Group recently unveiled a new 64-ounce growler developed by its North American Glass division, featuring a three-finger handle for convenience and improved gripping, as well as a fill-line indicator that provides 6% headspace. The new growler and five other styles of American-made amber bottles will be sold via the container manufacturer's BuyOurBottles website. Packaging Business Review (U.K.) (07/08)

2. Verallia creates new Coca-Cola design out of old bottles

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 08, 2015

Returned Coca-Cola bottles in Spain are being recycled into a newly designed edition of the classic Coke bottle through a deal with Verallia. The new design allows Verallia to create 1.2 new bottles for every old unit that gets recycled, while increasing bottle volume by 37 ml. (U.K.) (07/06)

3. Deposit glass is moneymaker for Mid America Recycling

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 01, 2015

Deposit glass has proved to be a moneymaker for the newly reopened Mid America Recycling, which just completed a purchase of a Des Moines, Iowa, recycling center from Waste Management. "We do 4,000 tons of glass in Des Moines a month. And 90% of it is from the deposit stream -- we're making money on deposit glass. We do not believe in [using glass as] alternative daily cover at landfills," President Mick Barry said. Waste Dive (06/26)

4. Craft brewer stands out from the crowd with green bottles

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 01, 2015

The Jester King Craft Brewery is experimenting with green glass bottles for some of its brews. Green glass allows more light to reach the beer, resulting in a slightly different taste, according to Garrett Crowell, head brewer for the Austin, Texas-based company. "While green bottles permit the risk of light struck/skunky character, I feel they add character... So many breweries have attempted to mimic the classic Saison Dupont yeast profile, and I feel what is most often missing is the light struck character that is integral to the profile of that beer," he writes. (06/16)

5. O-I signs deal with YouTube music group The Bottle Boys

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 22, 2015

Owens-Illinois has signed an exclusive contract with The Bottle Boys, who perform their songs using glass bottles, to showcase the benefits of glass to a younger audience. The deal will bring the group to O-I events, and O-I's "Glass Is Life" campaign branding will be on The Bottle Boys' YouTube content. (U.K.) (07/17)

6. Coca-Cola bottle commemorated at National Archives

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 15, 2015

The National Archives recently commemorated Coca-Cola's classic green glass bottle as an American icon. The bottle will soon be celebrating its 100th birthday -- its patent was issued Nov. 16, 1915. Chicago Tribune (tiered subscription model) (07/08)

7. Classic Coke bottle gets 12 modern makeovers

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 01, 2015

FastCoDesign (06/29)

8. Contamination increase in single-stream systems creates troubles for glass recycling

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 22, 2015

Baton Rouge, La., is considering moving away from glass recycling as a money-saving measure. GPI President Lynn Bragg said demand for recycled glass remains high, but the trend toward single-stream collection processes has raised costs for processors who must sort through garbage. "On average, U.S. glass container manufacturing companies purchase about 2.4 million tons of recycled glass annually, which is re-melted with sand, soda ash and limestone to make new bottles and jars," she said. The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.) (07/21)

9. U.S. recycling rate stalls; programs grow more costly

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 08, 2015

Recycling programs in the U.S. face growing challenges as low commodity costs around the world pinch profits and companies pass along costs to municipalities, which used to use recycling programs as profit centers, discussed Sharon Kneiss of the National Waste and Recycling Association, Susan Collins of The Container Recycling Institute and Aaron Davis of The Washington Post. U.S. recycling rates are stalled at about 34%, experts say, with rates varying widely from one state to another. National Public Radio (07/07)

10. Wine industry must recognize threat of growing cider industry

GPI SmartBrief | Jul 22, 2015

The wine industry must "assess the current and future threat" of a rapidly growing cider category and its impact on global markets, according to Rabobank in its Wine Quarterly Q3 2015 report. Cider has seen growing consumer demand in places such as South Africa, Australia and the U.S., the latter in which sales have tripled since 2012 to reach 7.8 million cases in 2014. (France) (07/15) The Drinks Business online (U.K.) (07/15)

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