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Business Wire  –  Tue Jul 10 09:38:00 CDT 2007

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Continues Its Commitment to Children with City Year Sponsorship


Adding a new dimension to its commitment of making a positive difference in children's lives, Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers is sponsoring City Year, a national organization founded in 1988 upon the belief that young people can change the world. The Goldfish brand is donating $625,000 to City Year over three years and sponsoring its Starfish' after school program. City Year, in turn, will broaden the reach of Fishful ThinkingSM, a program designed to increase optimism among America's youth.

Fishful Thinking offers parents and teachers information about optimism and its importance in childhood development through an informative, interactive Web site and robust in-school curriculum. The brand has been partnering with Karen Reivich Ph.D., an expert in the field of positive psychology in children and adolescents and a mother of four, to develop the program.

"The Goldfish brand is committed to strengthening initiatives that help kids build resiliency and confidence in order to achieve their goals," says Michael Simon, Vice President/General Manager - Snacks Division at Pepperidge Farm. "That's why we're a proud national sponsor and supporter of City Year, an organization that empowers young people to make a difference."

The City Year Starfish program offers elementary school children safe, structured and fun after school activities to foster a greater understanding of community and mobilize children to work together to make a difference in their schools and neighborhoods. To help raise awareness of the Starfish program, and share City Year's message that one person can make a difference, the Goldfish brand has created a new product - Goldfish Starfish crackers. Available in stores now, the product contains a mix of cheddar crackers in both Goldfish and Starfish shapes and retails for a suggested retail price of $1.99 for a 6.6 ounce bag. The creation of the new Starfish shaped crackers was based on the following inspirational City Year founding story:

A little girl was walking along a beach that was covered with dying starfish. She picked one up and tossed it back into the ocean. A man said, "There are too many, you will never make a difference." She listened then tossed another one back into the sea and said, "I made a difference to that one." Inspired, the man and others joined, and all of the starfish were saved.

"The Goldfish brand and City Year are united by a shared commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and now with this unique product, further promoting optimism and idealism in America's children," said Michael Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of City Year. "Together, we are sending a powerful message to children that they have the power to improve the world and enhance their own lives through perseverance and service to others."

The Goldfish brand will support the City Year sponsorship through product donations, on-pack communications, print advertising in women's general interest publications, and national radio advertising. The radio spot features Stephanie Wu, Senior Vice President of Program and Service at City Year, reciting the Starfish founding story.' "It's a very powerful piece and Stephanie delivers it with such conviction," said Simon. "Every time I hear it, it reminds me how important it is for brands like Goldfish to help children reach their full potential."

A Day of Service

To further demonstrate its pledge to the City Year cause, Pepperidge Farm will hold a company-wide day of service in September, during which the more than 350 employees at the Norwalk, CT Corporate Headquarters will dedicate their time to socially impactful service projects. Care Force®, a business division of City Year that helps corporations and organizations engage in community service, will facilitate the day. "It's one more way that Pepperidge Farm is fostering teamwork and building relationships within the community and our company," said Pat Callaghan, President of Pepperidge Farm. "Joining together to help improve and enhance the area where we live and work shows the genuine caring of our employees, a tradition that dates back 70 years to our founder, Margaret Rudkin."

For more information on the Starfish program, Goldfish or Optimism, go to or

About Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, is a leading provider of premium quality fresh bakery products, cookies, crackers, and frozen foods. Among the company's most popular products are Chocolate Chunk and Milano® cookies, Goldfish® crackers, and more than 50 varieties of fresh baked breads including Swirl, Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse®, 100% Natural and Whole Grain. Pepperidge Farm was founded in Connecticut in 1937 by Margaret Rudkin, an entrepreneurial homemaker who began baking fresh, all-natural bread for her allergy-afflicted son. The company is now a nationwide business with 8 manufacturing facilities, almost 5,000 employees, 3,000 independent distributorships, and over $1 billion in sales. Pepperidge Farm was acquired by Campbell Soup Company in 1961.

About Fishful Thinking

For 45 years, the Goldfish brand has believed in the power of a little smile and it remains committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle to make a difference in children's lives. Goldfish crackers are made with real ingredients, without artificial preservatives and were the first major cracker brand to eliminate trans fat. Now Goldfish wants to play a part in helping children reach their full potential and become the successes they were born to be. The Fishful Thinking program offers parents and teachers information about optimism and its importance in childhood development. Optimism is defined as the skill of seeing the positive aspects of a situation - the belief that things can change for the better and that one can control the direction of one's own life. Optimism is a teachable skill that all children can learn and benefit from regardless of their circumstances. The Goldfish brand is committed to spreading the optimism message to children through their parents and teachers to help them meet the challenges of growing up in today's world. For additional information, visit

About City Year

City Year is a nonprofit organization that unites young people of all backgrounds for a demanding year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world. As tutors, mentors, and role models, these dedicated idealists make a difference in the lives of children, and transform schools and neighborhoods in 17 U.S. locations and Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 1988, City Year is dedicated to helping children succeed, building stronger communities, breaking down social barriers and developing young leaders.