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May 2015

Is device connectivity bringing new business models to your company? (05/27/2015)

Are you applying virtualization technology to add storage capacity without business disruption? (05/20/2015)

Do regulatory compliance concerns factor into your social media policies? (05/13/2015)

Do you see an opportunity for improving business operations with next-generation converged IT systems? (05/06/2015)

April 2015

Research has found that around 5% of applications on smartphones are dead and therefore a security risk; do you have steps in place to clear enterprise devices of "zombie" apps? (04/29/2015)

Would you support legislation that requires companies to share more information in an effort to improve cybersecurity? (04/22/2015)

How important is work-life balance in your company's culture? (04/15/2015)

Does your company plan to increase or decrease outsourcing this year? (04/08/2015)

Is your company up-to-date on all necessary security patches to the software it uses? (04/01/2015)

March 2015

Is your company considering the use of virtualized security or a software defined perimeter in its efforts to migrate to the cloud? (03/25/2015)

Do you find that the increasing complexities of securing your networks would be served by using cloud-based security solutions? (03/18/2015)

Does your business rely on mobile payment technology to process your vendor invoices? (03/11/2015)

Is your company taking steps to address Web-based malware and browser security? (03/04/2015)

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