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February 2015

Does your company consider it a priority to increase spending on next-generation cybersecurity products this year? (02/25/2015)

You may have noticed your SmartBrief has been arriving earlier in the day the past few weeks. What do you think of the change? (02/19/2015)

Does your company employ an advanced analytics solution to aid in decision making? (02/18/2015)

Has the proliferation of new digital workplace tools created IT challenges for your HR department? (02/11/2015)

Do you use emerging mobile technology such as geotargeting and messaging applications to improve communication with your employees? (02/04/2015)

January 2015

Is your company currently investing in a data science strategy? (01/28/2015)

Do you think 30 days is enough time to report breaches after they are discovered? (01/21/2015)

As IT evolves, has your department been expected to take a more active role in furthering the business goals of your organization? (01/14/2015)

Is your company less likely to invest in the cloud due to heightened security concerns? (01/07/2015)

December 2014

Will your company seek new hires with Big Data expertise in the new year? (12/31/2014)

Are project management professionals taking a more proactive role in advancing company strategies? (12/24/2014)

Are you currently investing in IT tools to increase workplace collaboration or do you plan to in the next year? (12/17/2014)

Has your company's strategy started benefiting from data analytics? (12/10/2014)

Does your IT department consider multi-factor authentication critical to protecting your company's users and platforms? (12/03/2014)

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