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Free CME/CE opportunity -- Self-Assessment Program on Cardiometabolic Risk

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 23, 2015

This self-assessment program consists of clinical problem-solving multiple choice questions and educational critiques. It is designed to objectively assess and strengthen your knowledge of diabetes and provide you with a better understanding of the relationship between exercise and diabetes. 4.5 credits are available for all health care professionals. Learn more.

Become a recognized education program through the American Diabetes Association

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 22, 2015

The American Diabetes Association is your premier National Accrediting Organization. Benefits include: Free access to Chronicle Diabetes, a Web-based patient education documentation system that facilitates data collection. Opportunity to participate in three monthly Q&A calls supporting the new and existing program coordinators. Free Krame's print/online patient education materials available in multiple languages and a 40% discount on all Association publications. Networking opportunities via our exclusive online community. Learn more.

MyFoodAdvisor® Recipes for Healthy Living

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 21, 2015

Managing diabetes is a challenge that requires finding the right balance among food, physical activity and medicine (if prescribed). Only your patients can decide what to eat, and using a meal plan as a guide can make it easier. Recipes for Healthy Living is a free resource from the American Diabetes Association that can also help. Your patients will find hundreds of recipes, meal plans and healthy tips, with new additions each month. Learn more at

Free CME/CE opportunity: Webcasts from Diabetes is Primary

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 20, 2015

The American Diabetes Association hosted a day-long conference for primary care providers interested in the clinical management of diabetes and its complications. Now, those continuing education webcasts are available free-of-charge. Participate today!

Free Online Materials for Patient Education

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 19, 2015

The American Diabetes Association has developed a free resource for accessing our print-on-demand patient materials. Our new Patient Education Library has a variety of patient materials that can be saved and printed as needed. Topics include diabetes, prediabetes, complications, nutrition and prevention. New pieces are added as they become available, so check back regularly for new content. Search the materials.

Free CME/CE Opportunity: Self-Assessment Program on Diabetes and the Older Adult

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 16, 2015

This self-assessment program consists of clinical problem-solving multiple choice questions and educational critiques. It is designed to objectively assess and strengthen your knowledge of diabetes and provide you with a better understanding of working with older adult patients. Content was developed based on the 2012 consensus report on the same subject issued by the ADA and AGS. Earn up to 3 continuing education credits. Learn more.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Advocating on Behalf of the Student with Diabetes

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 15, 2015

A free pre-conference workshop will be held before the Annual Advanced Postgraduate course on Feb. 27 in New York. This workshop is designed for health care professionals with an interest in pediatric diabetes care and will cover the Safe at School campaign, applicable federal and state laws, written care plans, school diabetes management and the role of health care professionals. Continuing education credits will be offered for this workshop. Learn more and register for the workshop.

62nd Annual Advanced Postgraduate Course -- Registration is open

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 14, 2015

Join your colleagues and leading diabetes experts in New York for presentations on cutting-edge clinical research on diabetes. The course will offer the latest advances in diabetes treatment and management in general sessions and interactive, small-group Meet the Expert sessions that are perfect for networking and providing stimulating conversations. Earn up to 14.25 continuing education credits. Learn more and register.

Free CME/CE Opportunity: Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 13, 2015

This self-assessment program consists of clinical problem-solving multiple choice questions and educational critiques. It is designed to objectively assess and strengthen your knowledge of diabetes and provide you with a better understanding of working with patients with type 2 diabetes. Content was developed based on the 2013 scientific statement on the same subject issued by the ADA and TES. Earn up to 3.75 continuing education credits. Learn more.

My Health Advisor

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 12, 2015

Help your patients lower their risk for type 2 diabetes or its complications with the newly updated My Health Advisor. Now faster and more user-friendly, this online risk calculator shows patients how small lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Patients also receive a personalized action plan to get them on the road to better health. Visit for more information.

Consensus Conference on early intervention research in type 1 children

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 12, 2015

This Consensus Conference will explore the fundamental differences in type 1 diabetes between children and adults and aims to propose a thoughtful approach for developing disease modifying therapeutics in children before or after the onset of clinical type 1 diabetes. The goal is to define a development and regulatory pathway that takes into account both safety and efficacy. The Consensus Conference Report will be published in Diabetes Care and notable pediatric journals. Learn more and register.

30th Annual Clinical Conference on Diabetes: Beyond the Numbers

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 09, 2015

Scheduled May 21-24 in Orlando, Fla., the 2015 Clinical Conference will look at the rationale behind "the numbers," the landmark clinical trials from which they were developed and the differences in guidelines and recommendations. We will explore the concept of individualizing treatment goals, the data to support varying from strict guideline adherence and current challenges for patients and providers around "numbers." Learn more and register.

Association-funded research database

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 08, 2015

The American Diabetes Association is pleased to offer access to a searchable database with useful information on Association-funded research grants. The database provides an easy way to learn more about the Association's Research Program and the critical and innovative biomedical research made possible through the generous support of our donors and sponsors. Explore the database.

Are you a Professional Member?

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 07, 2015

If not, join more than 16,000 diabetes professionals like you in helping the American Diabetes Association on the road to a cure for diabetes. Professional Membership provides exclusive, members-only education and resources that benefit you, your patients and your practice. Learn more.

Free program for your newly diagnosed patients!

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 06, 2015

Let the American Diabetes Association help you answer some of the many questions your patients have at diagnosis. It all starts with a free booklet for you to give your patients with the information they need on day 1. The booklet also offers them the opportunity to enroll in a free, year-long program to get ongoing information, tools, recipes and support to help them manage and live well with diabetes. Help your patients get started. Order your free booklets today.

Share the link --

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Jan 02, 2015

The American Diabetes Association is collaborating with six national organizations to make 1 million Americans aware of their risk for type 2 diabetes. Join professionals from the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, the National Association of County and City Health Officials, the National Council of La Raza, the National Council on Aging and the YMCA of the USA to spread the word. Encourage people to take the Diabetes Risk Test by sharing the link:

Join the Millions -- Advocate to Stop Diabetes®

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Dec 31, 2014

Help fight diabetes by becoming a Diabetes Advocate. Make your voice heard by advocating to your state and federal representatives today. In under a minute of your time, you can influence the fight to Stop Diabetes®! Don't let your silence allow our elected officials to forget the seriousness of the disease. Become an Advocate.

How to Get Help Tear-off Pads for offices/clinics

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Dec 30, 2014

The new Legal Advocacy How to Get Help Tear-off Pads, perfect for medical offices and clinics, help increase awareness of diabetes discrimination and how to get help from the American Diabetes Association by calling 1-800-DIABETES. The information on each pad (25 sheets/pad) is printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other. The pads are free, except for shipping and handling. Order your How to Get Help Pads.

Child Care Setting: The Rights of Children with Diabetes

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Dec 29, 2014

Parents and guardians often face challenges finding child care programs for their children who have diabetes. Fortunately, there are legal protections that ensure access and medical safety for these children. Resources and information are available, including the new Children with Diabetes & the Child Care Setting brochure and a sample Child Care Diabetes Medical Management Plan. Find these resources at

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