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1. Sanofi gains FDA approval for diabetes drug

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 26, 2015

Sanofi received federal approval for its long-acting basal insulin Toujeo for the treatment of patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Reuters (02/25)

2. Heavy breakfast, light dinner approach improves blood glucose control

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 26, 2015

Type 2 diabetes patients who ate a high-energy breakfast and low-energy dinner exhibited better blood glucose control than those who followed a low-energy breakfast and high-energy dinner plan, a study in Diabetologia indicated. (02/26)

3. Low vitamin D may be tied to higher diabetes risk

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 25, 2015

People with low vitamin D levels were at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes regardless of adiposity, a study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism says. "The study suggests that vitamin D deficiency and obesity interact synergistically to heighten the risk of diabetes and other metabolic disorders. The average person may be able to reduce their risk by maintaining and healthy diet and getting enough outdoor activity," said study co-author Manuel Macias-Gonzalez. (U.K.) (02/24)

4. Study: Autoantibodies could help predict children's type 1 diabetes risk

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Mar 03, 2015

Analyzing the level of autoantibodies in the blood of young children shows promise in predicting their risk of type 1 diabetes, according to a study in Diabetologia. Researchers said that type 1 diabetes may be present in children if the first autoantibody detected in them is attacking insulin, while they may be at risk of developing diabetes if the autoantibody is targeting GAD65, a protein inside beta cells that produce insulin. (U.K.) (03/02)

5. "5-2-1-0" message works for children and adults, RDN says

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2015

An obesity-prevention campaign that sets parameters for nutrition, screen time, physical activity and sugar-sweetened drinks works for children as well as adults, registered dietitian nutritionist Amy Pleimling writes. It's simple enough for children to understand but also targets four main factors that contribute to obesity, Pleimling writes. Huffington Post, The (02/27)

6. ADA names Kevin Hagan as new CEO

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 25, 2015

The ADA has tapped Kevin Hagan as its new CEO after a six-month search. "I will be leading the charge to increase resources and engage partners -- traditional and nontraditional -- across the country to join the battle to end diabetes," Hagan said. Healio (free registration) (02/22)

7. Study: Drug cuts liver triglyceride, fasting glucose levels in diabetes

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 25, 2015

Type 2 diabetes patients who received vildagliptin showed a 27% decline in mean fasting liver triglyceride content compared with no changes in the placebo cohort, data showed. Patients taking the drug also had significant reductions in fasting plasma glucose and alanine aminotransferase levels, but no changes were seen in patients' body weight or peripheral insulin sensitivity compared with placebo. The findings appear in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Medscape (free registration) (02/23)

8. Single-patient use warning required for multi-dose diabetes pens

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

The FDA announced that multi-dose diabetes pens are now required to carry a warning label indicating single-patient use to help cut the risk of transmission of bloodborne diseases. Health care providers and facilities can help reduce errors by labeling patients' names on devices, educating staff and counseling patients. Regulatory Focus (02/26) Healio (free registration) (02/26)

9. Continuing education for health care professionals who treat patients with diabetes

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 25, 2015

Did you know that the American Diabetes Association has been accredited to provide continuing medical education for health care professionals for more than 25 years? Each year, the Association educates more than 20,000 health care professionals and scientists worldwide. Opportunities include live programs, webcasts, online and printed programs. Visit the recently redesigned Continuing Education Library. Blank (10/03)

10. Study links food emulsifiers to changes in gut bacteria

DiabetesPro SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

Emulsifiers used in processed foods may upset the balance of good bacteria in the gut and play a role in inflammatory processes linked to obesity-related diseases and inflammatory bowel disease, researchers reported in Nature. The study found that mice fed emulsifiers also started to overeat, but dietitian Catherine Collins cautioned that the dosage used was much higher than what people would get in a usual diet. NBC News (02/25)

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