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1. Avoid these financial mistakes that can derail a retirement

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 24, 2015

With some retirees living to age 95 and beyond, people need to plan carefully to make sure they have enough money to last in retirement. This article looks at common missteps people saving for retirement are making. U.S. News & World Report (07/23)

2. What to know before you become partner

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 23, 2015

Many young CPAs dream of the day when they'll be named partner following years of hard work. Becoming a partner in a firm is certainly cause for celebration. But those who embark on that path need to be prepared for some financial changes. The Edge (07/21)

3. How to shift away from the annual employee review

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 29, 2015

Accenture is just the latest in a series of large companies that are eliminating the annual performance review. However, it's important for companies that take this step to also make a cultural shift in how they evaluate performance, according to one expert. (07/27)

4. Answers from the SSARS No. 21 playbook

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 28, 2015

Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services No. 21 gives CPA firms an opportunity to enhance the delivery of their services. The AICPA's Center for Plain English Accounting provides answers to common questions about the new standard. AICPA Insights (07/27)

5. Do some financial planning for these life events

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 27, 2015

Life is full of positive as well as negative events, and both require financial planning. This article lists 10 events that call for some financial planning. U.S. News & World Report (07/21)

6. When is a worker an employee?

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 28, 2015

Whether workers are legally defined as employees or independent contractors will affect a company's taxes and liabilities. To make matters more complicated, federal and state regulators may have different definitions. Forbes (07/27)

7. IRS service: Are we better (or worse) off now than in 1999?

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 27, 2015

Efforts to reshape the Internal Revenue Service are not new, but, as AICPA member survey results illustrate, the current service problem is quite serious. Learn what the AICPA is doing to help rectify the problem for future filing seasons. AICPA Insights (07/24)

8. Proposed rules would govern taxation of partnership distributions

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 23, 2015

The Internal Revenue Service will apply a six-factor test to determine whether payments to partners are disguised payments for services under proposed regulations issued on Wednesday. The most heavily weighted factor is the existence of significant entrepreneurial risk. Journal of Accountancy online (07/22)

9. Social Security disability fund will be out of reserves next year

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 23, 2015

The Social Security disability fund's reserves will run dry next year, potentially leading to a 19% cut in benefits, according to a report from trustees. Congress could use Social Security's retirement fund to cover the shortfall, as has been done in the past. If combined, reserves in the disability and retirement funds could last until 2034. NBC News (07/22) Bloomberg (07/22) MarketWatch (07/22)

10. 5 tips for newly employed young people

CPA Letter Daily | Jul 29, 2015

First jobs are a great time to teach teenagers and young people sound financial practices. Learning to budget, save and plan for the future while enjoying a few perks along the way can help young people develop sound habits that will set them up for future success in managing their income. AICPA Insights (07/28)

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