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Set yourself apart in the industry

ProChef SmartBrief | Mar 01, 2017

In order to expand your opportunities in the rapidly changing foodservice industry you need valuable work experience, skills, and the right degree credential. The CIA is the one college with the program and reputation to optimize your education investment. The Associate Degree Program for Advanced Career Experience (ACE) students will give you the opportunity to get an outstanding education and degree in just 15 months! Make your mark in the food world. Inquire today!

More than 50 industry experts to lead Worlds of Flavor: Casual by Design!

ProChef SmartBrief | Mar 01, 2017

Join us in Napa Valley April 26-28 to hear strategies and success stories, learn new techniques, and taste the flavors that today's adventurous customers demand. Sessions include translating fine dining concepts into casual experiences, how to operate a multi-model restaurant group, how to creatively use vegetables, and how to be an integral part of your neighborhood. There will also be sessions on Oaxacan (with Alam Mendez and Celia Florian), Asian (with Junghyun Park, KF Seetoh, and others) and Southern (with Michael Fojastek, Asha Gomez and others) cuisines. See the list of presenters and program details. Register to join us in April!

Celebrate with us!

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 28, 2017

At the 2017 Leadership Awards on April 19 in New York City, The Culinary Institute of America will present Augie Awards to Shep Gordon, Jacques Pepin and Martha Stewart. These individuals have transformed and elevated the food and hospitality industry -- helping it garner the respect it deserves. Please join us, and more than 600 hospitality and foodservice leaders, to honor this impressive trio. Visit the website to learn more about this year's honorees, event details and how to purchase your tickets today! Funds raised through ticket sales, a silent auction and sponsorships support student scholarships at the college.

Time is running out!

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2017

The advance purchase rate for Worlds of Flavor, Casual by Design expires on Feb. 28! Join 600 like-minded culinary professionals and dozens of expert presenters in Napa Valley April 26-28, and when you return home, you'll have insights into best-practice strategies for "casualization," contacts from culinary icons as diverse as Maneet Chauhan, John T. Edge and Maxime Bilet and more than 400 recipes! Register today! You'll discover how to participate in the trend to casual, with a focus on freshness, flavor discovery and food ethics.

Expand your career options

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2017

Employers in the foodservice and hospitality industry know that CIA graduates have what it takes to help their organizations succeed. Plus, when you combine your existing bachelor's degree with a Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate (ACAP), you'll possess the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for a multitude of positions in the food world. Learn how you can make a difference in the world through food in this free guide. Inquire today!

Why attend the 19th Worlds of Flavor conference?

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2017

Join more than four dozen expert presenters and 500 of your peers at World Flavors: Casual by Design, April 26-28 in the Napa Valley. Find creative ideas to appeal to demanding customers who are always looking for the next best thing. Discover fresh, new flavors that are healthful and sustainable. Learn strategies for adapting fine dining hospitality to a casual setting. Be inspired to treat your customers to memorable dining experiences. Meet chefs from across the country and around the world, taste classic and modernist treats, and receive more than 400 recipes! Register today!

New science, new ideas, new opportunities

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 23, 2017

Menus of Change 2017 will continue to support and inform your dedication to healthy, sustainable menu options. Join us June 20-22 at the CIA Hyde Park for the latest in nutrition and climate science, innovative business models, and case studies from foodservice industry executives and investors that will leave you with actionable insights for your operation. We'll build on our key topics with new reports, more advice, and added opportunities for discussion. We'll offer more culinary strategies with new approaches to offering successful plant-forward dishes. And we'll provide the strategies you need to make your operation more transparent about suppliers, products, and processes to deliver better business results. Register today to secure your place!

The 2017 Augie honorees!

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 21, 2017

The Culinary Institute of America created the annual Augie Award to recognize the success and achievement of our industry's best and brightest. This year we will honor a "Trio of Titans!" Join us on Wednesday, April 19, at the American Museum of Natural History, as we present Augies to Shep Gordon, Jacques Pepin and Martha Stewart. The award is named for Auguste Escoffier who elevated the professional status of chefs through his leadership, creativity, and depth of knowledge. Please join our honorees and more than 600 hospitality and foodservice leaders for this celebration. Your ticket supports student scholarships, so secure your place today.

Make it work for me!

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 20, 2017

You asked, and we're responding! At Menus of Change 2017, we will provide more networking opportunities, more Q&A time and more workshops for strategizing. If you have an idea related to improving culinary, marketing, brand strategy, operations or sourcing for your operation based on the Menus of Change principles, we want to know. Submit a one-paragraph concept proposal by March 1, and it may be selected for review by a panel of experts in recipe development, restaurant operations and sustainability during the conference, June 20-22 at the CIA Hyde Park. Contact us for details. You must be registered for Menus of Change to participate, so register today!

Take your career to the next level

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 17, 2017

The foodservice and hospitality industry has always been characterized by advances that keep in step with and are often ahead of customer demands and the needs of a changing world. Put your experience to work and get the degree that will open up a world of new career opportunities in the foodservice and hospitality industry. The CIA's Associate Degree Program for Advanced Career Experienced (ACE) Students will prepare you for the future of the food industry in just 15 months. Learn more about the Future of the Food World in this free guide. Inquire today!

Casual dining defined

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 14, 2017

Driven by both consumers and chefs, the casualization of dining is growing and prospering. But what is it? Fast casual, upscale casual, street food and food hall casual, world casual, quality casual in food trucks, supermarkets, and home delivery services! Casual food and state-of-the-art casual dining ignite the passions of consumers and professionals alike with a focus on freshness, flavor discovery and food ethics. Join us in the Napa Valley, April 26-28, for the 19th annual Worlds of Flavor International Conference and Festival to meet dozens of chefs from across the country and around the world who will expose you to delicious food, inspiring techniques and business strategies, great hospitality and memorable casual dining experiences. Register today!

The 39th annual IACP conference

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 13, 2017

The 39th annual International Association of Culinary Professionals conference is March 3-5 in Louisville, Ky. Attend for the latest information on food writing, food photography and styling, recipe development, content marketing, trend-spotting, food activism and much more. Speakers include cookbook author Dorie Greenspan, The New York Times Food Editor Sam Sifton and blogger and author Molly Yeh. Keynote presentations will explore the culture of southern cuisine and what culinary professionals need to know as tech changes the way we eat. ProChef SmartBrief readers can get $25 off the registration fee by using the promo code IACPCIA. Head to the IACP conference website to register and for more details.

The list is growing!

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 06, 2017

More than two dozen presenters have already confirmed their participation in the fifth annual Menus of Change leadership summit, and more are being added every week! We hope you will confirm your attendance, too, and join us June 20-22 at the CIA Hyde Park. Meet Victor Friedberg of S2G Ventures, Elizabeth Meltz of Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group, Rafi Taherian of Yale Dining and so many more. They will share success stories and strategies, techniques and trends. Register today to grow your understanding of the most pressing issues around health and sustainability -- and apply it to your operation. We look forward to seeing you there!

Set yourself apart with a CIA wine credential

ProChef SmartBrief | Feb 03, 2017

One of the hottest career tracks in the food industry is wine and beverages. By combining your bachelor's degree with a CIA Wine & Beverage Graduate Certificate, you'll set yourself apart from the competition and turn your passion into the career that you always wanted. Learn more in this free guide -- Wine & Beverage Industry Trends. Get started on your new career. It all begins at the CIA! Inquire today!

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