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Make your passion your career

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 29, 2016

Did you know that there are many diverse and amazing career paths you can choose in the food and beverage industry? Paths that will take you places you've never even imagined. By adding a Wine & Beverage Graduate Certificate to your existing degree, you'll set yourself apart from the competition. Get your free copy of the Wine & Beverage Industry Trends guide and be inspired to start on your new career path! Inquire today!

Time is running out to secure your spot at reThink Food!

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 29, 2016

Advance rates end on Sept. 30, so register today. You won’t want to miss this look into the future of food! Our expert presenters will amaze you with the latest science, amuse you with creative food experiences, and allure you with tastes of incredible new products from some of the best start-ups in food tech. Watch this video for a glimpse of the excitement, the innovation, and the reason to attend reThink Food, Nov. 4-6 at The Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley. See you there!

Get the degree that will transform your career

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 23, 2016

Looking for an opportunity to jump-start your career? The Culinary Institute of America has just what you need to take your experience to the next level. Enroll in our Associate Degree Program for Advanced Career Experience (ACE) and you'll not only get outstanding education and degree in just 15 months, you’ll graduate with a credential that is recognized and valued in the food world. Make a difference in the future of the food world. Learn how in this free guide. Inquire today!

Interactivity, innovation, inspiration

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 22, 2016

Food, tech, behavior, and design come together at reThink Food, a joint project from The Culinary Institute of America and the MIT Media Lab. The third conference will be held Nov. 4-6 at the CIA at Greystone in the Napa Valley. We'll delve into the intersection of food with some of technology's most exciting advancements around AI, robotics, virtual reality, big data and genetics. Breakout sessions will provide experiential learning opportunities, such as a truly blind wine tasting and a deep look at the role of flavor in product development. Register today to become a part of the next food revolution!

Tech, innovation, experience, design and food!

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 21, 2016

We'll be pushing boundaries, delving into tech's role in food safety, learning what robotics means for the kitchen of the future, and much more at reThink Food! Join experts in tech (Michiel Bakker of Google), innovation (Jim Flatt of Hampton Creek), personalization and sensory science (Lisa Mosconi from the NYU Medical School and Charles Spence of Oxford University), agriculture technology (Caleb Harper, MIT Media Lab), cultured protein (Andras Forgacs, Modern Meadow) at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley, Nov. 4-6. Register today to become a part of the next food revolution!

Fall classes at the CIA

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 20, 2016

Come to the CIA this fall and learn something new! We have a wide variety of boot camps, one-day classes, wine explorations and more for you to enjoy on any of our three US campuses. Browse our catalog now and find your flavor!

CIA Boot Camper Spotlight: Linda Jochen

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 19, 2016

Why do people come to the CIA to take a cooking class? Linda Jochen comes all the way to our Hyde Park, N.Y., campus from her home in Virginia because, she says, "The chefs are unbelievable." Read more and be convinced yourself!

Your exciting new career is within reach

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 16, 2016

The foodservice and hospitality industry currently employs more than 12 million people, and job opportunities in this industry continue to grow. The CIA's Accelerated Culinary Arts Program will help turn your passion for food into your dream career. Add a CIA credential to your bachelor's degree and get started on your journey. Learn about how you can make a difference in this dynamic industry in the CIA's free guide Making a Difference Through Food. Inquire today!

The ultimate destination for wine studies

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 15, 2016

You know we offer great cooking and baking classes for the home cook, but did you know we also offer beverage classes that will elevate your knowledge of wine, beer, even coffee? Browse our selection of wine and beverage courses and find your flavor!

What is boot camp really like?

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 12, 2016

If you've been thinking about taking a CIA boot camp but are still wondering what it's really like to take a class at the CIA, watch our video for a firsthand look at a day in the life of a CIA boot camper!

Explore the fascinating world of wines and beverages

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 09, 2016

With all the career opportunities available in the food and beverage industry, now is the best time to start your personal journey towards an exciting new career. Add a Wine & Beverage Graduate Certificate to your existing degree and turn your passion into the career that you always wanted. Read about some of the top wine and beverage industry trends in this free guide. You'll be inspired by the many diverse and amazing career paths you can choose. Set yourself apart from the competition. Inquire today!

Up to 60% off on all CIA books and DVDs!

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 08, 2016

Shop and save up to 60% on all books and DVDs from The Culinary Institute of America! From basic and advanced culinary skills, to breads and confections, to service and management, the CIA's DVDs and books are designed with you in mind.

You have the experience -- now get the degree

ProChef SmartBrief | Sep 02, 2016

Advancing your career should be your top priority, and the CIA wants to help you make it a reality. Enroll in our Associate Degree Program for Advanced Career Experience (ACE) and you'll qualify for valuable scholarships and grants. Plus, you’ll earn your degree in just 15 months allowing you to get back into the industry and make a difference in the food world! Inquire today and receive a free copy of the CIA's guide to the Future of the Food World.

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