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1. Raw Hawaiian poke arrives on the mainland

ProChef SmartBrief | May 27, 2015

Traditional Hawaiian poke, a dish of raw tuna chunks marinated in soy and sesame sauce, is making its way to the mainland and appearing in trendy restaurants and upscale dining rooms across the country. The dish is often served as a salad or in a rice bowl along with seaweed or homemade slaw. Bon App├ętit (05/2015)

2. Barbecue master shares secrets to top-notch tri-tip

ProChef SmartBrief | May 26, 2015

Chef Tim Hollingsworth of barbecue joint Barrel & Ashes in Studio City, Calif., shares his tried-and-true technique for juicy, flavorful tri-tip steak. Hollingsworth trims the meat of fat, marinates it in vinegar and olive oil and sears all sides before slow roasting it to perfection and serving with arugula, tomato and avocado. Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (05/22)

3. Scientific knowledge helps chefs choose the right tools

ProChef SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

Chefs are marrying advances in technology with a scientific foundation of how ingredients and equipment behave, which allows them to create precise textures, flavors and aromas, writes Ted Russin, CIA's associate dean of culinary science. "Every stove, circulator, control vapor oven, or blowtorch could overcook, undercook, or perfectly cook a piece of food -- you just need to understand how to use the equipment to achieve your goal," he writes. "Thus, for me, technology in the kitchen is predicated on a systematic approach to problem solving." FSR Magazine online (05/21)

4. Major cities step up barbecue game

ProChef SmartBrief | May 22, 2015

Pitmasters in major metropolitan areas are employing the tactics of small-town venues using wood-fired smokers to cook meat low and slow, developing some of the country's best barbecue in the process. The old-school cooking process has put DCity and Fat Pete's in Washington, D.C., on the map for their brisket that explodes with smoke, seasoning and spices. The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (05/21)

5. Salads shift from starter to main course

ProChef SmartBrief | May 22, 2015

Chefs are transforming salads from a starter dish to a nutrient-dense entree by using a base of filling grains or legumes, topped with roasted vegetables and a healthy serving of toasted nuts. These types of filling, flavorful salads are replacing typical meat-and-potatoes dishes as more consumers seek out healthful meals that go easy on animal proteins. The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (05/21)

6. Chefs smoke, braise and bake with tea

ProChef SmartBrief | May 26, 2015

Dried tea leaves are showing up beyond the drink menu and appearing in sweet and savory dishes, thanks to adventurous chefs. Pastry chef Robert Wemischner uses Chinese black tea to flavor seafood dishes and to braise brisket while chef Kuniko Yagi crushes hojicha tea into shortbread cookie dough. Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (05/22)

7. Spanish chef adds 3D printer to kitchen toolkit

ProChef SmartBrief | May 26, 2015

Chef Mateo Blanch from La Boscana in Lleida, Spain, uses a 3D printer to create intricate, edible shapes that elevate his dishes. "It has changed the way I work with food," the Michelin-starred chef said. "I am capable of a level of precision that would never have been possible before." Companies that manufacture 3D printers are working with chefs to get their input on how the technology can be used in the kitchen. International Business Times (05/22)

8. Perfecting the potato salad

ProChef SmartBrief | May 26, 2015

Creating a crowd-pleasing potato salad starts with cooking the spud just enough to yield a tender bite without turning it to mush. After boiling or roasting, dress up the salad with whatever you have on hand or find at the farmers market, including flavored oils, sea salt, herbs and cheeses. The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (05/23)

9. Authentic, ethnic chicken dishes rise in popularity

ProChef SmartBrief | May 26, 2015

Chicken is becoming the medium of choice for restaurateurs looking to introduce diners to authentic, ethnic flavors, according to market research firm Food Genius. Indonesian curry chicken and spicy African peri peri chicken are just two dishes that are finding their way onto American menus, appealing to customers who aren't afraid to try something new. QSR Magazine (05/2015)

10. Boiling is key to making the best bagel

ProChef SmartBrief | May 22, 2015

New York City bagel bakers achieve the perfect texture through fermentation and boiling, chef Richard Coppedge of the CIA said. To perfect the chewy texture of a New York bagel, the rings of dough must sit in a refrigerator for a few days to develop flavorful compounds before boiling for up to three minutes. National Public Radio (05/21)

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