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1. There's more to rhubarb than just pie

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2015

Perennial vegetable rhubarb is finding its way to farmers markets, and chefs are using the bright red stalks to make more than just rhubarb pie. Chef Taylor Mason of Ma(i)son in Lancaster, Pa., uses the veggie in sweet and savory applications, such as rhubarb curd served with lemon zest and vanilla bean shortbread or combined with mustard seeds, vinegar, honey and chiles for an agrodolce. Paste (04/23)

2. Color makes fresh pasta pop

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

Adding an intensely-colored puree to fresh pasta dough makes for eye-catching noodles that visually pop on the plate. Beets lend a hot pink hue, spinach can be used for green pasta and squid ink yields dramatic, ink-black results. Serious Eats (04/23)

3. First-class Filipino fare arrives in D.C.

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

Filipino restaurants are expanding throughout the D.C. area, catering to diners' adventurous appetites and demand for ethnic fare. Restaurateurs are elevating the country's cuisine -- which blends spicy and sour flavors -- by making it the focus of full-service restaurants, and James Beard Award nominee Cathal Armstrong has added Filipino elements to the menu at the upscale Restaurant Eve in nearby Alexandria, Va. Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (04/21)

4. Hot barbecue trends for 2015

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

Barbecue continues to be a popular choice for winter-weary consumers eager for flavorful grilled and smoked meats that are a sign of warmer weather ahead. This year, expect healthier barbecue options to appear on menus, chefs to experiment with different regional barbecue variations and barbecue dishes infused with whiskey. (04/22)

5. Top chefs discuss bringing gluten-free to fine dining

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

Mark Ladner and Thomas Keller have dedicated themselves to creating a wide variety of gluten-free dishes for diners who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease or who just want to avoid the protein. Keller produces gluten-free flour that Ladner uses to make fresh pasta that tastes just as good as the original dishes without sacrificing flavor or texture. New York magazine (04/20)

6. Homemade vinegar adds brightness to dishes and drinks

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2015

Homemade vinegar is appearing on more menus as chefs experiment with fermenting techniques to produce vinegars from wine, apple cider and other ingredients. Chefs are using vinegar to pickle vegetables, create pungent salad dressings and add a sour note to craft cocktails. Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (04/23)

7. U.S. tastes shift from sweet to savory yogurt

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 27, 2015

Ethnic eateries and shops are introducing yogurt in savory applications, such as Greek yogurt mixed with garlic to top grilled meat, drizzled with olive oil as a dip or blended with beets to flavor a Swiss chard and pistachio salad. Many Mediterranean and South Asian countries have long used plain or savory yogurt as an everyday condiment used to dip pita bread or top a bowl of porridge. Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (04/26)

8. Chef takes home Baconfest award for bacon fried rice

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

More than 4,500 meat lovers descended upon Chicago for the annual Baconfest, indulging in bacon-laced dishes including desserts and cocktails. "Bacon is such an integral part of the American lexicon," said chef Patrick Sheerin, who won the Golden Rasher Award for his bacon fried rice made with bacon fat hoisin sauce and egg yolk jam. (free registration) (04/21)

9. Harlem's food scene explodes with diverse new eateries

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2015

New restaurants are popping up in Harlem, N.Y., on a seemingly monthly basis, from gourmet coffee shops to Marcus Samuelsson's rotisserie chicken joint. "For a long time all you had was soul food or mom-and-pop places," said Anahi Angelone, owner of Harlem Corner Social. "But now people are seeing there are opportunities for so much else." Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (04/23)

10. The future of 3D food printers

ProChef SmartBrief | Apr 27, 2015

3D food printers are finding uses in many areas of foodservice, from fine dining chefs who use them to create intricate confections to German nursing homes that turn to the printers for more appetizing alternatives to pureed foods. "These are things that no pastry chef, no confectionery chef could ever make,” said Hod Lipson, director of Cornell University's Creative Machines Lab. "They represent a new design space in food. We’re getting to that point of artistry." Digital Trends (04/26)

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