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1. Greece has few options amid cash crunch

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 03, 2015

Greece, which is expected to run out of cash at the end of March or sooner, faces few choices as it seeks to fund itself and repay a €1.5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said the government would "squeeze blood out of stone" to repay its debt to the IMF. Reuters (02 Mar.) Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (02 Mar.) Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model), The (02 Mar.)

2. China rolls out stimulus to boost economy

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 26, 2015

China's State Council said it is implementing tax cuts and spending measures to boost the economy. Taxes for small businesses are being cut; the unemployment-insurance rate that firms must pay is being scaled back; and taxes on investment in nonmonetary assets will be paid in installments, rather than at once, the council said. China Daily (Beijing) (26 Feb.) Australian (tiered subscription model), The (26 Feb.)

3. FCC approves rules for Internet providers

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 27, 2015

The Federal Communications Commission adopted rules barring Internet providers from slowing or blocking traffic and from creating deals with content companies to deliver better traffic to customers. Internet providers said the tougher regulation will discourage investment and innovation, and they plan to fight the rules in Congress and in courts. Reuters (26 Feb.) Bloomberg (26 Feb.) CNNMoney (26 Feb.)

4. How much time should an investor/firm have to disclose a concentrated position (5% or more) in a particular issuer's shares?

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 03, 2015

5. Keystone XL pipeline in limbo after Obama's veto

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 25, 2015

A bill backed by Republicans clearing the way for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast was vetoed by President Barack Obama. A decision on whether to approve the project should be made only after the State Department has completed its review of the proposal, Obama said. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans will try to override the veto. Globe and Mail (Toronto) (tiered subscription model), The (24 Feb.) (24 Feb.) Reuters (24 Feb.)

6. SEC's Gallagher cautions about bond market when rates rise

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 03, 2015

The Financial Stability Oversight Council has failed to pay sufficient attention to the corporate-bond market, which could pose a "systemic risk" to the economy when interest rates rise this year, Securities and Exchange Commission member Daniel Gallagher said at a conference. Some large money managers have warned that the market could fail as rates rise. Bloomberg (02 Mar.)

7. Yellen eyes labor market, inflation for interest rate's future

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 25, 2015

With the U.S. job market still gaining strength and inflation too low, the Federal Reserve is not yet ready to raise interest rates from near-zero levels, Janet Yellen, head of the central bank, told the Senate banking committee as she delivered the Fed's semiannual economic report. Investors were pleased to hear Yellen say the Fed will be patient on rates as the economy continues to improve. Politico Pro (subscription required) (24 Feb.) Bloomberg (24 Feb.) ABC News (24 Feb.) Reuters (24 Feb.)

8. Greek finance minister wants to discuss bonds with ECB

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 02, 2015

The European Central Bank mistakenly bought Greek government bonds valued at €6.7 billion right as the nation accepted a rescue in 2010, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis says. The two sides should hold talks on the bonds, which mature this summer, Varoufakis says. "Shouldn't we negotiate this? We will fight it," he said. "If we had the money, we would pay. ... They know we don't have it." Reuters (28 Feb.)

9. Consumption emerges as key force driving China's economy

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 27, 2015

China's policies are successfully transforming the economy to a consumption-led model, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. In 2014, consumption produced 51.2% of gross domestic product, compared with 48.6% from investment, the agency said. China Daily (Beijing) (27 Feb.)

10. PBOC reduces lending, deposit rates

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 02, 2015

An interest-rate cut by the People's Bank of China is expected to relieve financing pressure and counter deflationary concerns, experts say. "Under the current circumstances, this will help reinforce effects from the last cut, lower the loan rate and social-financing cost, lighten burdens on enterprises and stabilize growth," said Lian Ping, chief economist of Bank of Communications. China Daily (Beijing) (02 Mar.)