Most Clicked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief Stories

1. Which statement best reflects your opinion on unconstrained bond funds?

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 24, 2015

2. Greece prepares reform proposal for Eurogroup

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 23, 2015

The Greek government worked over the weekend to list changes it is prepared to implement to receive four additional months of assistance from the eurozone. The compromise between Greece and eurozone finance ministers averts what could have become a catastrophic banking crisis. (France) (22 Feb.) Deutsche Welle (Germany) (22 Feb.) Kathimerini (Greece) (22 Feb.)

3. Wal-Mart adopts $9 hourly minimum wage for 40% of staff

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 20, 2015

Advocates for low-wage workers applauded a decision by Wal-Mart Stores, the biggest private-sector employer in the U.S., to establish a $9 hourly minimum wage, $1.75 above the federal minimum wage, for almost 40% of U.S. employees. The announcement comes as the income disparity between rich and poor rapidly widens. The action could pressure other retailers to raise wages. New York Times (tiered subscription model), The (19 Feb.) Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (19 Feb.)

4. Keystone XL pipeline in limbo after Obama's veto

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 25, 2015

A bill backed by Republicans clearing the way for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast was vetoed by President Barack Obama. A decision on whether to approve the project should be made only after the State Department has completed its review of the proposal, Obama said. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans will try to override the veto. Globe and Mail (Toronto) (tiered subscription model), The (24 Feb.) (24 Feb.) Reuters (24 Feb.)

5. Yellen eyes labor market, inflation for interest rate's future

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 25, 2015

With the U.S. job market still gaining strength and inflation too low, the Federal Reserve is not yet ready to raise interest rates from near-zero levels, Janet Yellen, head of the central bank, told the Senate banking committee as she delivered the Fed's semiannual economic report. Investors were pleased to hear Yellen say the Fed will be patient on rates as the economy continues to improve. Politico Pro (subscription required) (24 Feb.) Bloomberg (24 Feb.) ABC News (24 Feb.) Reuters (24 Feb.)

6. Economy would be hit by DHS partial shutdown, Obama says

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 24, 2015

If Congress allows funding authority for the Department of Homeland Security to expire Friday, the U.S. economy and national security will be directly affected, President Barack Obama says. Essential personnel would still report to work, but more than 100,000 agents for border patrol, airport security and port inspection would not be paid, he says. Reuters (23 Feb.) Hill, The (23 Feb.)

7. Migration from rating agencies to Wall Street prompts questions

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 25, 2015

Since the financial crisis, hundreds of employees from credit rating agencies have gone to work for Wall Street companies. The migration is prompting questions about conflicts of interest and bias. Bloomberg (24 Feb.)

8. Greece to crack down on tax evasion, smuggling, corruption

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 24, 2015

The Greek government says reform it is proposing to eurozone finance ministers to get a four-month extension of financial assistance includes aggressive action to halt tax evasion, an effort to root out government corruption, targeted action to apprehend tobacco and fuel smugglers and an overhaul of the labor market. Officials say they are announcing the measures before presentation because they are concerned about leaks in the media. BBC (24 Feb.) Kathimerini (Greece) (23 Feb.)

9. Losses from Swiss currency move prompt calls for inquiry

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 25, 2015

Major swings in currency valuation immediately after the Swiss National Bank scrapped a cap led to one of the largest intraday market shifts in decades. The Swiss franc surged 40% against the euro and 25% against the U.S. dollar in a half-hour, causing some market participants to lose hundreds of millions of dollars and prompting calls for an investigation. (subscription required) (24 Feb.)

10. Congress urged to act as profit falls at Fannie, Freddie

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Feb 23, 2015

U.S. housing groups, alarmed at a steep drop in profit at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are urging Congress to act soon on housing-finance reform. Fannie profit declined 80% in the fourth quarter compared with Q4 of 2013, totaling $1.3 billion, because of derivatives losses. The housing giant might eventually have to draw from the Treasury Department, CEO Tim Mayopoulos says. Hill, The (20 Feb.) Reuters (20 Feb.)