Most Clicked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief Stories

1. Fed edges closer to raising rates

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 19, 2015

The Federal Reserve signaled an increased likelihood of raising interest rates but said it has a less optimistic view of where the U.S. economy is headed. The policy committee said economic expansion has slowed due to a sluggish housing market and feeble export growth. The Fed said it won't raise rates in April. Financial Times (tiered subscription model) (19 Mar.) USA Today (18 Mar.) Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (18 Mar.) Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (18 Mar.)

2. Which of the following challenges do you face most often in your professional life?

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 24, 2015

3. Brazil's 3G reportedly negotiating deal to buy Kraft

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 25, 2015

Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital is in talks to buy Kraft Foods Group, a person familiar with the matter said. The purchase price could exceed $40 billion. 3G and Warren Buffett joined forces two years ago to buy H.J. Heinz for $23 billion. New York Times (tiered subscription model), The (24 Mar.) Bloomberg (24 Mar.)

4. Liquidity crunch looms large over global bond markets

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 24, 2015

Market participants and regulators are concerned that a liquidity crunch will hit global bond markets. Others say the risk isn't as great as it was in 2008. Financial Times (tiered subscription model) (23 Mar.)

5. Greece needs a better reform plan, EU says

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 20, 2015

EU leaders have told Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that he must give them a more concrete plan for reform before talks go further on financial aid. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande say Greece must move quickly. Bloomberg (20 Mar.) Market News International (19 Mar.) Bloomberg (19 Mar.) U.S. News & World Report (20 Mar.)

6. Bond bubble concerns professional investors

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 23, 2015

A survey of 300 global fund managers has found that 80% think bonds are overvalued, as investors search for yield amid low interest rates and quantitative easing. Financial Times (tiered subscription model) (22 Mar.)

7. London loses to NYC as head finance center

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 24, 2015

New York City has narrowly edged out London as the leading financial hub, winning by one point on a 1,000-point scale, according to the Global Financial Centers Index. Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo round out the top five. City A.M. (London) (23 Mar.) Money Marketing (U.K.) (23 Mar.)

8. World Bank supports Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 23, 2015

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which is backed by China, is a welcome initiative that could fill a gap in infrastructure, World Bank Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati says. She says the World Bank is ready to work closely with the Asian institution, rejecting concerns that the two will compete with each other or other regional development banks. The International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank also have expressed support for the infrastructure bank. (China) (22 Mar.) International Business Times (22 Mar.)

9. U.S. Treasury warns about bull market

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 20, 2015

The stock market's 6-year-old bull market could become a threat to the U.S. financial system if prices experience a sharp decline, the Treasury Department's Office of Financial Research said in a report. Plunges in stock prices have previously played a part in bringing about systemic crises, the report said. MLex (subscription required) (18 Mar.)

10. Robo-advisers might be gaining on traditional aides

CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief | Mar 23, 2015

More investors are turning to robo-advisers, or online services for financial advice, according to Forrester Research. Several robo-advisers launched in the past few years have $4 billion in assets under management, Forrester says. (22 Mar.)