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1. Amazon nears release of IoT control gadget Echo

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 24, 2015

Amazon is taking preorders for the July 14 release of Echo, the device the company claims will be able to centrally control Internet of Things-connected home devices with a single voice command. The $180 hub will also stream music from popular platforms and keep track of events on a user's Google Calendar. VentureBeat (06/23)

2. Amazon's Treasure Truck takes to Seattle's streets

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 26, 2015

Amazon will debut its Treasure Truck in Seattle on Saturday, bringing a variety of products directly to shoppers, who can track down the truck via Amazon's mobile application. The retailer's truck brings "flash sales" to consumers by pulling shoppers to the truck's location instead of delivering to a doorstep. "It's all about getting as close to customers as they can get," said Victor Anthony, an Axiom Capital Management analyst. Bloomberg (06/25)

3. Uber purchases Microsoft's mapping assets

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 30, 2015

Uber has reached a deal with Microsoft to purchase mapping assets including cameras, a Colorado data center, intellectual property and around 100 Bing employees. "[W]e will no longer collect mapping imagery ourselves, and instead will continue to partner with premium content and imagery providers for underlying data while concentrating our resources on the core user experience," Microsoft said. TechCrunch (06/29) (06/29) ZDNet (06/29)

4. Report: Apple Watch may have a better first year than the iPhone did

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 25, 2015

Apple's first iPhone garnered more initial consumer interest than the Apple Watch has, but the smartwatch may be holding interest better than the first iPhone did. One report says the Apple Watch could top the original iPhone in first-year sales. (06/24)

5. Nintendo plans to start from scratch with future console

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

Nintendo will still develop games for its Wii U and 3DS consoles as it gears up for the release of its "NX" platform. The company "will start from zero," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata reportedly said about the NX. Details on the platform will not be made available until next year, the company said. (U.K.) (06/29)

6. GM, Cisco test new V2V technology

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 25, 2015

General Motors told U.S. lawmakers that it plans to evaluate technology from Cisco Systems, which would allow vehicles to communicate with each other without interference. "We are very optimistic about a sharing proposal from Cisco that would operate on a 'listen, detect and vacate' basis," said GM's Harry Lightsey. "We have engaged with Cisco and plan to begin testing their technology as soon as possible." Reuters (06/24)

7. Video pros talk HDR, 4K UHD at CE Week

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 26, 2015

The future of high dynamic range viewing and 4K Ultra HD depends on more than just "peak light" -- it depends on factors such as ambient light, contrast ratio, power consumption and a common file format, a panel of video professionals said at CE Week in New York City on Tuesday. "Because contrast ratio goes down as ambient light goes up, I would like to propose that high dynamic range have to do with contrast ratio and not absolute light output," said Joe Kane, a founder of the Imaging Science Foundation. HD Guru (06/25)

8. Amazon offers funds, kit for developers to work with voice recognition

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 30, 2015

Amazon is offering an Alexa Skills Kit and $100 million in funding for developers to innovate using the company's voice-recognition service. The funding focus will be on products designed around the home using the personal assistant. The VAR Guy (06/30)

9. Marantz launches AVR lineup with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 30, 2015

Marantz is gearing up for the summer release of its first audio/video receivers with HDMI 2.0a ports and HDCP 2.2 copy protection. Two of the receivers will support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround decoding. TWICE (06/29)

10. Researchers come closer to smart clothes with printable sensors

CEA SmartBrief | Jun 26, 2015

Stretchable, sensor-loaded clothes could be a future trend in wearables, since researchers from Tokyo have developed a way to print -- directly on material -- electrodes that can measure heart rates and report vitals. Researchers now face the challenge of making the technology "more robust and washable" before bringing it to market, Tim Hornyak writes. TechCrunch (06/26) Computerworld (06/25)

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