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May 2015

Poll: Which factors influence your satisfaction with airlines? (05/26/2015)

Poll: Which wellness amenities would you prefer to see during your hotel stay? (05/19/2015)

What would your ideal travel loyalty program reward you with? (05/12/2015)

Lately it seems a lot of startups, from Uber to Airbnb to Dufl, which hopes to make packing for a trip a thing of the past, aim to fix problems that business travelers face or improve the travel experience. What do you think is the biggest hassle in travel? (05/05/2015)

April 2015

Select-service hotels that don't offer amenities such as bell service and valet but do offer free Wi-Fi are growing in popularity. How do you feel about these hotels? (04/28/2015)

Marriott has announced plans to offer streaming services at a few of its hotels. What do you think about this new offering? (04/21/2015)

How do you most often confront someone who has stolen your assigned seat on a flight? (04/14/2015)

March 2015

When flying internationally, how often do you take advantage of local cuisines offered by airlines? (03/31/2015)

Amazon Local is allowing users to book rooms at published (not discounted) rates. Have you used this service, or do you plan to? (03/24/2015)

What causes you to travel for business most? (03/17/2015)

The connected luggage industry -- which boasts smart bags with tracking devices and other technological advances -- is poised to see several new products in the next few months. What are your thoughts on these products? (03/10/2015)

Delta, like other airlines, is launching branded fares, which group flight purchases into a range of categories, each offering specific amenities such as additional legroom and advance seat selection, in an effort to be less "punitive." Is this a good idea? (03/03/2015)

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