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1. Va. school district reviews first year of outsourced cleaning

BSCAI SmartBrief | May 14, 2015

Hundreds of complaints were received in the first year after Chesterfield County Public Schools in Virginia hired GCA Service Group to maintain eight schools. Complaints declined in frequency over time, officials said, and the district is looking to outsource cleaning services at 28 other schools. Richmond Times-Dispatch (Va.) (05/10)

2. How to improve your quality-control program

BSCAI SmartBrief | May 07, 2015

Any cleaning quality-assurance program starts with the relationships a manager has with employees and clients, writes Anthony Maione. Clear communication and expectations are important, he argues, and the right use of technology can help achieve those aims. Cleaning & Maintenance Management online (05/04)

3. Va. district could save $2.8 million by outsourcing janitors

BSCAI SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

A consultant for Stafford County schools in Virginia outlined a plan for saving the district $47.9 million over the next five years, which included outsourcing the custodial staff for a potential savings of $2.8 million. The district uses a contractor to clean 28 sites and in-house custodians for 10 locations. The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Va.) (04/18)

4. Why cleaning by day can benefit BSCs

BSCAI SmartBrief | Apr 30, 2015

Many building services companies are switching from night to day cleaning to reduce clients' energy costs, decrease employee turnover and create positive relationships with building tenants. "Tenants report fewer incidents of doors left open by mistake and fewer thefts within the building," says real estate expert Michele Lord. Services magazine (04/27)

5. Preparing a cleaning strategy for open-office floor plans

BSCAI SmartBrief | Apr 30, 2015

Traditional offices are being transitioned into open floor plans where employees are working in close quarters to increase collaboration. Building services contractors must respond to an increased spread of germs and lack of ownership of workspace, and Terry Sambrowski offers tips for BSCs to navigate cleaning and management issues. Services magazine (04/29)

6. Labor Department to step up employer monitoring

BSCAI SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

The U.S. Labor Department is planning to audit more employers this year as part of enforcement of the Fair Labor Standard Act to help identify companies that misclassify workers. (05/20)

7. Employee-monitoring software highlighted in lawsuit

BSCAI SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

A lawsuit filed by a California woman alleging that she was fired after disabling a GPS-tracking app on a company-issued iPhone has highlighted the issue of employee privacy. There are a number of employee-monitoring products meant to prevent malfeasance, but tracking employees outside of work could violate certain state laws. CBS MoneyWatch (05/14)

8. Miscount of schools costs Chicago millions on cleaning contract

BSCAI SmartBrief | Apr 30, 2015

Chicago Sun-Times (free registration) (04/28)

9. How to take advantage of the WOTC tax credit

BSCAI SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

The federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit will retroactively be available for businesses until the end of April and can help save companies $2,400 to $9,600 per eligible employee, according to Ezrie Yellin of Equifax Workforce Solutions. The tax credit helps employers who removed barriers to employment for veterans and workers on temporary financial assistance, and helps businesses reduce their tax liabilities, Yellin says. (04/16)

10. How to start listening better

BSCAI SmartBrief | Apr 30, 2015

Would-be servant leaders may understand the importance of listening but aren't sure how to improve, writes Jason Brooks. Techniques such as waiting a few seconds before replying to people, or saying nothing more than "thank you" when given feedback, can help to make you a better listener. "First, people will be shocked with your short response. But then, you'll be amazed at how quickly they open up and share," Brooks writes. O.C. Tanner (04/27)

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