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4A's Bookstore Alert: Advertising Metrics and ROI

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2015

Help your agency make more informed business intelligence decisions with this exclusive 4A's book, "Advertising Metrics and ROI: A Guide to Agency Accountability and Effectiveness." Find out which key performance indicators you should be measuring. A template for aggregating the results of an ROI analysis is included.

This eBook is complimentary for 4A's members and available to non-members for $50 in the 4A's Bookstore Order today!

4A's Bookstore Alert: The Competitive Edge Supplier Diversity Guide

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2015

Free for 4A's members in the 4A's Bookstore, "The Competitive Edge Supplier Diversity Guide" outlines ways for agencies to create best practices in supplier diversity. Written by subject-matter expert Anita Laney, senior supplier diversity consultant at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, the guide provides a comparison between supplier diversity best practices for advertisers and supplier diversity best practices for agencies. This eBook also includes case studies from agencies that have made supplier diversity a business imperative.

Order now by visiting the 4A's Bookstore. Non-members can also order a copy for $25.

4A's Members: How to Guard Against Marketing Blind Spots

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

Global Ad Source, the provider of the 4A's CREW database, is offering a discount to 4A's members for its new social platforms ad tracker. The company offers a competitor ad monitoring service that not only informs clients about competitor brand activity on TV, print and digital, but also on social channels Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Vimeo and YouTube. For further information and a complimentary trial to search almost 22 million ads in 73 countries in seven kinds of media, visit www2.globaladsource.com/trial.

Position Paper: Local Television Diaries -- The Neglected Methodology

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 23, 2015

Although many advances were made in enhancing audience measurement in 2014 -- especially in digital -- one area should have received more discussion: improving local TV measurement and the antiquated diary system. Read more on the 4A's website in this POV from the 4A's Media Measurement Task Force, crafted by Brad Adgate, SVP of research at Horizon Media, and Jon Cogan, director of investment research and insights at Annalect.

4A's Bookstore Alert: Provisions in Agency Client Agreements

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

The 4A's has the solution to make agreements between agencies and clients easy and frictionless. "4A's Provisions in Agency -- Client Agreements" is a must-read toolkit for agency executives and their legal advisers. The business discussion and illustrative contract provisions that are contained in this publication draw upon industry thought-leader guidance and position papers that have been issued by 4A's.

Purchase one now for your agency from the 4A's Bookstore.

4A's POV: The Transformative Potential of Programmatic Buying

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 22, 2015

Data management platforms (DMPs) and programmatic are transforming the core of the media business through innovation in ad tech as well as disruption of the standard economic model. This Point of View (POV) by Brian Gleason, CEO of Xaxis Americas outlines the following:

  • A holistic understanding of programmatic buying techniques and how media agencies should position themselves within the changing landscape.
  • Advice on how, when and why programmatic technologies and data management systems should be used to optimize and deliver on an advertiser's goals and objectives.
  • Implications for the future state of advertising.
For a detailed description of DMP and programmatic concepts, challenges, benefits and implications for agencies, visit the 4A's website to read the POV now.

4A's Membership Resource: Management Practitioners Forum 2015

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

Did you attend the 4A's Management Practitioners Forum in Austin, Texas, on March 22, which was moderated by Allen & Gerritsen CEO Andrew Graff? Don't miss the videos and presentations from this day of senior speakers, who shared practical solutions in an environment that encouraged open discussion in areas such as programmatic, social media content rights management, creating an award-winning agency culture, the future of content marketing and much more!

Visit the 4A's website to access all materials, which are designed to help you effectively run your agency.

New: 4A's Social Media ROI and Data Ownership Report

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2015

Did you know that the most monitored social media metrics by agencies may not always be the most valuable ones to clients? Discover other key insights into agency social media responsibilities in this new report from the 4A's as a follow-up to the 2013 survey about social media monitoring and reporting tools. Key takeaways include the emergence of dedicated social media departments inside 4A's member agencies since 2013, the rise of content marketing divisions, the dominance of incorporating paid social media into most campaigns for clients and much more in this special publication.

Order a copy now from the 4A's Bookstore; it's complimentary for 4A's members and available to non-members for $50.

Save the Date for 4A's Talent@2030 2015: The Business of People & Culture

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

Mark your calendars now to attend the second 4A's Talent@2030 conference on Sept. 29 and 30 at Convene in NYC, open to 4A's members and non-members. The agenda will focus on leading strategies and best practices that leverage technology, social media and data around the attraction, engagement, retention and development of agency talent.

Last year's event, keynoted by industry consultant Cindy Gallop, had more than 200 attendees from the agency C-Suite and talent development heads. More details coming soon about this important conference, crafted by the 4A's Chief Talent Officer Council.

4A's Webinar Alert: How to Use Social Media to Attract New Business

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 20, 2015

On Thursday, join industry new business consultant Michael Gass, who will provide participants with an inbound marketing plan for creating new business opportunities in as little as 30 days through social media marketing. Michael has personally implemented and refined this program in more than 200 agencies.

4A's members and non-members can sign up now on the 4A's website. Get started now.

View Now: 4A's Year in Review

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 17, 2015

The 4A's is pleased to share the initiatives, issues and programs we've been working on for you and the industry at large in our "Year in Review." Themed "Looking Back, Thinking Forward," the site is designed to showcase highlights of 2014 while offering a glimpse into what's on deck for 2015. Last year proved to be a year of significant transformation at the 4A's, and we're looking forward to creating more value for our members and helping drive results for your agencies and clients in 2015. Take a look at what's coming now on the 4A's Year in Review site.

4A's Webinar Alert: Build Your Agency Like You're Going to Sell It

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 13, 2015

Don't miss this special 90-minute webinar on Thursday with Brent Hodgins, managing partner of Mirren Business Development, who will address building a high-value agency, driven by a sales machine. This webinar, designed for agency principals, senior management and new business teams, will address key principles behind building an optimal agency infrastructure, with a focus on impacting new business.

4A's members and non-members can sign up now on the 4A's website.

4A's Member Resource -- GIG: Global Innovations Gateway

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 10, 2015

As a special benefit of membership with the 4A's, members have access to GIG (Global Innovations Gateway), which is a go-to resource for the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas from around the world. This database is a great online research tool for creatives, planners or brand managers.

With GIG, 4A's members can search a database of more than 4,000 creative ideas by keyword, industry, country or date, plus see the latest new business ventures and trends gleaned from a network of 17,000 global trendspotters -- along with gaining inspiration for campaigns or reviving existing ones.

Visit the Research Databases page of the 4A's website to get started!

Fresh Press News for 4A's Members

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 09, 2015

As an added bonus to 4A's membership, members can log in to the Fresh Press dashboard on the 4A's website and read the most relevant industry headlines and news feeds of the day all in one place. Browse 4A's social media channels along with the latest news in advertising, marketing, digital and social media news. Make it part of your daily digital routine!

Visit today.

4A's Bookstore: Guide to Interviewing

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 09, 2015

Looking for assistance when trying to hire the right person at your agency? This guide will help prepare you for the selection process and determine if a candidate is not only a fit for the job, but also for your organization. Candidate tracking forms and interview evaluation sheets are included, as well as sample questions.

This book is available to 4A's members for $15 and non-members for $30, so order a copy now from the 4A's Bookstore.

Early Registration Open for the 4A's Fall Executive Leadership Program

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 07, 2015

The 4A's Executive Leadership Program returns Oct. 13 to 15 at 4A's N.Y. headquarters after selling out again in the spring. This event is specifically designed to provide current and potential leaders from agencies of all sizes and specialties with a set of leadership survival and success tools. Throughout three days, answer 300 questions directly related to the future success of an agency, collectively playing the role as managing director. This is an ideal program for new office CEOs, COOs and high-potential department heads.

Seating is limited to 20 attendees, so sign up today before this event sells out. Early registration ends Aug. 15 and is open to 4A's members and non-members.

New 4A's Membership Resource: BLAST Database

4A's SmartBrief | Apr 07, 2015

4A's Research Services is pleased to announce a new database from Borrell Associates: BLAST (Borrell's Local Ad Spending Tracker). BLAST provides media professionals and agencies that handle regional accounts, retailers, services and franchise clients with the data needed for local marketing efforts. Users choosing a particular business category and employment size will receive, via e-mail, a customized report giving benchmark data on what comparable local businesses spend on advertising and how their media budgets are allocated. The database also includes an estimate of local ad spending and national ad dollars spent in each market, along with forecasts. BLAST is accessible on the Research Databases page of the 4A's website, so visit today.

NYC Seminar: Account Management -- How to Lead Clients and Grow Accounts

4A's SmartBrief | Mar 30, 2015

In this one-day workshop on April 7 at 4A's NYC headquarters, Sheila Campbell will teach account managers the skills needed to understand client needs, turn problem accounts around without damaging the relationship, gain confidence in dealing with larger or more demanding clients, and find out how to get more business from existing clients.

4A's members and non-members can sign up now on the 4A's website. Register today.

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