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A wind farm opens doors for upstate New York students

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 27, 2016

The nearby Maple Ridge wind farm has been a game-changer for the Lowville, N.Y., school district. Revenue from the project has allowed the small, rural community to build state-of-the-art educational facilities while offering high-level programs to its students. Read more.

#WindPoweredSchools: Share your stories this week

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 26, 2016

We spend a lot of time and ink talking about the many benefits of wind energy: well-paying jobs, economic development, consumer savings and environmental benefits, among many other positives. However, there's one area we haven't gone into in great detail -- benefits to local school districts. All week long, AWEA will be sharing stories about how wind has created greater opportunities for students, and we encourage you to participate by sharing your own stories on social media, tagging them with #WindPoweredSchools. Read more.

A trusted name in American manufacturing makes a wind power play

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 23, 2016

The Timken Co. has long been a part of America's industrial landscape. For most of the company's history, it supplied bearings to the automotive industry. But about 15 years ago, it made a strategic pivot, looking to become more diversified in its business. One market that looked ripe with potential -- wind power. Read more.

Examining what state renewable portfolio standards mean for wind power

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 21, 2016

State renewable portfolio standards are proven policies with long track records of success. They've helped create thousands of jobs, large consumers savings and much cleaner air. And wind power is one of the main solutions states have deployed to meet their clean energy goals. Now, a new report, AWEA RPS Market Assessment 2016, examines RPSs to determine near-term demand for wind energy and other renewables created by the standards, accounting for compliance to date. Read more.

A new way to cut costs

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 19, 2016

AWEA is hitting the road this week to visit wind projects across New York, factories in Ohio that supply the industry, and more. The first stop: Sentient Science. We often talk about physical innovations that helped cut wind's costs by two-thirds in six years. Technological advances allow new wind turbines to reach stronger, steadier winds, meaning they can generate more electricity more of the time. The work done by Sentient Science and others represents the next frontier in cost cutting -- using software and data to optimize wind turbine performance. Read more.

Wind power creates a town with no taxes

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 19, 2016

When April 15 rolls around, how would you like to pay no local taxes? For the town of Sheldon, N.Y., that's been the case since a wind farm came online eight years ago. Sheldon sits in the upper western corner of New York, just a short ride from Buffalo. It's an agricultural community with more dairy farms than any other county in the state. In 2009, Invenergy's High Sheldon wind farm started generating electricity, and the project's benefits have been helping the people of Sheldon ever since. Read more.

A new national strategy for offshore wind development

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 15, 2016

The Energy Department and the Interior Department released a new national strategy for offshore wind development in the US last week, further propelling this domestic clean energy industry forward. The National Offshore Wind Strategy, five years in the making, builds on tremendous momentum created by the first American offshore wind farm, which completed construction this summer and will be generating clean energy by year's end. Read more.

Watch videos capture power of wind farms, technological advancement

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 14, 2016

A wave of new videos shared over the last month do a great job of capturing the power of US wind farms and how wind turbine technology continues to evolve. American wind power has more than tripled since 2008, supplying over five percent of U.S. electricity today. That growth has been largely due to performance-based tax policy (Production Tax Credit) and American workers advancing turbine technology. AWEA Blog

Guess which country has been running on renewable energy for 76 straight days

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 13, 2016

Not too long ago, idea that an entire country could get 100% of its electricity from renewable sources for over 2 months was unthinkable. Well, one country just shattered that notion for the second time in two years. Costa Rica's electricity came from 100% clean, reliable renewable energy for 76 days between June and August this year. Read more.

Wind power helps meet Paris agreement targets

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 12, 2016

The US and China recently ratified the Paris agreement, further advancing efforts to combat carbon pollution. It's also yet another sign that global economies and businesses are seeking zero-carbon solutions for their electricity needs. As a zero-emission energy source, wind power will play a large role in helping the two countries meet their commitments under the agreement. Read more.

Just how much lower can wind power costs drop?

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 12, 2016

If you've been doing homework then by now you should know that wind power in the U.S. is on sale. Thanks to performance-based tax policy (the bipartisan-supported Production Tax Credit) attracting new investment and driving innovation, wind power's costs dropped by two-thirds over just six years. Read more.

Clean Power Plan no problem for Northeast

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 08, 2016

While the Clean Power Plan works its way through the court system, many states and grid operators continue to evaluate compliance solutions and electricity system effects. The PJM Interconnection, grid operator for 13 northeast states and Washington, D.C., recently released a report with some encouraging news: meeting the CPP should be a breeze. Read more.

Wind power helps US cities go big on clean energy

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 07, 2016

With over 75% of the world's energy use happening in cities, there‘s a significant opportunity for the US to increase its share of clean power in urban centers across the country. A few trailblazing cities are showing us just how to do it, in many cases by choosing wind power. Looking to reduce their carbon pollution while locking in low electricity prices, many cities have decided to "go big" on clean power, committing to use 100% renewable energy. Read more.

7 things you should know about recent polling results and wind energy

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 06, 2016

Wind power crossed the 75 gigawatt installed capacity threshold this summer, meaning there’s now enough wind power in the US to supply electricity for 20 million homes. As AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan recently stated in his Huffington Post column, "sometimes the more you know about something, the more you like it. And that's the case for wind energy." That really seems to be true when looking across findings from the following polls. Read more.

Northeastern US powered by wind is possible

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 06, 2016

All summer long we've seen good news for renewable energy in the Northeastern US. Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. all passed new legislation that will help bring more low-cost wind energy online, creating a cleaner future for one of America's most populous regions. Read more.

Editorials promote offshore wind power progress in US

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Sep 01, 2016

With America's first-ever offshore wind farm being completed this month off the coast of Rhode Island, major newspapers are editorializing in support of this abundant, homegrown, clean source of electricity. It continues a major American success story already experienced onshore, where there's enough land-based wind power installed to produce electricity for 20 million American homes and support 88,000 jobs. Read more.

The more US voters know wind energy, the more they like it

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Aug 31, 2016

The rapid rise of American wind power has been accompanied by strong support from voters. The US just reached the milestone of 75 gigawatts of installed wind power capacity, according to AWEA, triple that in 2008, and enough to supply electricity for 20 million average American homes. New national polling data released today shows a wide majority of voters of all political parties favor wind power, rising to 85% in Texas, home to a quarter of the nation's wind capacity, and 91% in Iowa, which generates the US record share of its electricity from wind. Read more.

Fact check: Wind power keeps the lights on and lowers costs

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Aug 30, 2016

Adding wind power to America's electricity mix creates a stronger power system, writes Michael Goggin, Senior Research Director at AWEA. By increasing diversity, he says, wind energy is a critical tool for increasing reliability: "Individual wind plants typically generate electricity over 90 percent of the time, a number that is increasing due to technological advances allowing wind turbines to reach stronger, steadier winds." This increases even further when grid operators combine the output of all wind plants, and all sources of energy supply and demand, over large regions. Commercial wind turbines now operate in 41 states. Goggin says "adding wind energy to a system never increases the need for other power plants, but rather reduces it."

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