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Americans rally to support wind power

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 17, 2017

Hundreds of Americans from across the country traveled to Washington, D.C. to show their support for wind energy this week. AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan penned an op-ed in The Hill looking at why they decided to make the trek. Here are a few highlights.

New record: Plains states exceed 50% wind power

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 15, 2017

A region stretching from Montana to Texas set a new record this week, hitting a mark many considered impossible just a few years ago: wind supplied the Southwest Power Pool with 52% of its electricity on Sunday. The SPP is a grid operator for parts of 14 states and manages over 60,000 miles of transmission lines. Sunday's high-water mark bests the previous record of 49.2%, achieved last spring. Read more.

#iheartwind 2017: Let's see what people are saying

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 marks the halfway point of this year's #iheartwind campaign, so let's take a look at why people are loving homegrown wind power. You still have 10 days to let the world know why wind energy matters to you. Fill out our sign and let us know. Here are a few of our favorite responses so far.

#iheartwind 2017: Why do you love wind power?

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 13, 2017

Do you support wind because it creates good, homegrown jobs? Because it increases energy independence? Or maybe because it helps clean our air? To let us know why you think wind energy is building a better tomorrow, fill in this year's #iheartwind sign, take a picture and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #iheartwind. Or visit our revamped #iheartwind website, where for the first time you can create an easy-to-record video message. Learn more.

Near-record growth propels wind into 1st as America's largest renewable resource

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 09, 2017

American wind power just achieved its second strongest quarter ever for newly installed energy generating capacity according to a new report released today. Business leaders from General Motors and the US wind energy industry met Thursday morning to mark this historic milestone and release AWEA's Fourth Quarter 2016 US Wind Industry Market Report at General Motor's Arlington Assembly Plant, which will soon be 100% wind-powered. Learn more.

Wind power surges into first place as America's largest renewable resource

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 09, 2017

American wind power just passed a historic milestone -- it's now the country's largest renewable resource by installed generating capacity. US wind capacity now stands at over 82,000 megawatts, surpassing the 80,000 MW at the nation's hydropower dams. Read more.

Join WoWE in D.C. to take charge of our energy future

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 08, 2017

Women of Wind Energy is here to support a robust renewable energy economy, and is organizing a new event to take charge of our energy future. Register now for this important half day event. Join them in Washington, D.C. Feb. 14 to 15 to look ahead, build skills, lay out your action plan and find opportunities to network and collaborate. Read more.

Maryland lawmakers stand up for clean energy

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 06, 2017

The Maryland General Assembly voted to override Gov. Larry Hogan's veto of the Clean Energy Jobs Act last week. That means more jobs, economic development and clean energy for Maryland families and businesses. Learn more.

NPR: What does it take to land America's fastest growing job?

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 02, 2017

NPR recently took a look at what it's like to be a wind turbine technician, America's fastest growing occupation. How do you get the job? What's the day-to-day like? Read more.

New US Fish and Wildlife Service data: wind's golden eagle impacts remain low

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Feb 01, 2017

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has released new data that should ease the minds of those concerned about wind energy's potential impacts on golden eagles -- it confirms impacts remain small. Read more.

Which states make buying wind power easy for big brands?

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Jan 31, 2017

We know that big brands are setting ambitious targets for renewable energy procurement. The latest report from the Retail Industry Leaders Association and Information Technology Industry Council reinforces that more and more companies are procuring renewable energy across the nation, and that they're choosing to purchase reliable wind energy at a low, stable cost. Read more.

Fact check: Military says wind farms strengthen, not hinder, national security

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Jan 30, 2017

Recently, several media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and, have erroneously reported on wind farms impacting military bases. The reality couldn't be further from the truth -- wind bolsters our national security be creating more of our energy right here at home. Here are the facts.

Republican governor: God has blessed our state with wind energy resource

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Jan 27, 2017

Kansas Republican Gov. Sam Brownback took time to praise wind energy by posting an audio recording on the governor office's official webpage. Here's a transcription of his praises.

Washington agrees: let's fix our infrastructure

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Jan 25, 2017

Every so often, amidst partisan rancor, a glimmer of hope emerges where both sides want the same thing. In these rare instances, it's an opportunity for all of those legislators who came to Washington to get things done to really get to work. This just happened with infrastructure, and electricity transmission in particular. Read more.

Mnuchin agrees with Grassley, PTC phaseout a done deal

Wind Energy SmartBrief | Jan 24, 2017

In case you missed it, an important exchange took place last week during Treasury Secretary Nominee Steven Mnuchin's confirmation hearing. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, looked to confirm a response Mnuchin gave in a meeting before the hearing, in which he agreed the phaseout of the wind energy Production Tax Credit should remain in place. Read more.

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