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1. Water hemlock kills Colo. dog

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jul 02, 2015

A 3-year-old border collie mix in Colorado died within an hour of eating water hemlock. Researcher Dawn Duval of Colorado State University said the plant is one of the most poisonous in North America. "This dog just got unlucky and kind of started playfully chewing on a plant that it shouldn't be chewing," Duval said. The plant grows in wet areas such as ditches or near lakes. KDVR-TV (Denver) (07/01)

2. Emotional support animals stoke debate

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

The Americans With Disabilities Act does not recognize emotional support animals, but increasingly Americans are showing up at businesses with animals they say they rely on for comfort. Websites offer emotional support animals registrations, evaluations and letters, but there's no sweeping standard in place validating any of them. Some observers worry that the proliferation of emotional support animals casts skepticism on those who have a true need for the support. Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) (06/28)

3. Xylitol creeping into more products, posing new dangers to pets

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jul 02, 2015

Dog owners should read food labels and keep their dogs away from anything containing xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in sugar-free gum, candy and even some nut butters, according to University of Tennessee veterinarian Angela Witzel. In dogs, xylitol ingestion stimulates an insulin surge in the bloodstream, driving blood glucose to dangerously low levels, which causes lethargy, seizures and even death, Dr. Witzel says. If a dog has eaten something with xylitol, Dr. Witzel says owners should rub syrup on the animal's gums to get sugar into the animal's bloodstream quickly and then seek immediate veterinary care. WBIR-TV (Knoxville, Tenn.) (06/30)

4. Japan mourns feline railway VP that saved a business

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

ABC News (06/28)

5. Released pet goldfish are reaching monstrous proportions

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 26, 2015

Officials in Canada and the U.S. are finding large numbers of giant goldfish in the wild. The goldfish are likely released by owners who don't want them anymore, but without the restrictions of tanks, the fish are growing to huge proportions and multiplying, according to experts. One U.S. fisherman caught a three-pound, 15-inch goldfish in a Michigan lake. The proliferation poses problems including fecal contamination that may be detrimental to algae growth. The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (06/25)

6. 400-pound pig freed from excrement-filled basement

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

Detroit police coordinated a 12-hour rescue to remove a 400-pound pig from the basement of an abandoned home. Officers involved said the area was full of feces from the pig. The owner recently died. WDIV-TV (Detroit) (06/26) CNN (06/28)

7. Sweet dog demonstrates "excellence in ugliness" in contest

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 29, 2015

CNN (06/29)

8. Brave warthog takes on baby elephant at water hole

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 26, 2015

New York Post (06/24)

9. R.I. veterinary clinic's cat turns up in Mass.

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 30, 2015

The Washington Times (06/29)

10. 6 strategies to deal with an unsatisfied customer

Animal Health SmartBrief | Jun 26, 2015

It's inevitable that you will have an unhappy customer who isn't impressed with your business, but what's most important is the way you handle the situation. Don't leave the customer waiting for a reply, and resist the urge to defend your company, said Jerry Rackley, chief analyst at Demand Metric. "[L]isten, so you can really understand what they are complaining about," he said. NerdWallet (06/24)

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