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1. Dog loses tongue in accident involving crate

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2015

Doc, a 7-year-old yellow Labrador, completely severed his tongue at its base in an accident with his crate. Dogs need their tongues to eat, drink and pant to stay cool, but Doc's owners aren't giving up on him. "It was the worst oral injury I've ever seen," said veterinarian Doris Durst, who cared for Doc after the trauma. However, he's already making good progress. "It's amazing how adaptable a dog can be," Dr. Durst said. La Crosse Tribune (Wis.) (02/23)

2. Lawsuit blames dog food for illness

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 26, 2015

A class action lawsuit filed in California alleges that canine illnesses and mortality occurred as a result of toxins that documents say are present in Nestle Purina PetCare's Beneful dog food. The complaint cites thousands of reports of problems, including the case of three dogs in one family that fell ill. One of those animals died, and the other two remain in veterinary care. The company called the suit "baseless" and said "there are no quality issues with Beneful." NBC News (02/24) ABC News (02/24)

3. Rabid puppy exposes people and dogs at park to virus

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

Earlier this month, a 9-month-old puppy exposed people and other dogs at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas, to rabies. The puppy, which reportedly had not been vaccinated, later developed signs of rabies, was euthanized and tested positive for the deadly zoonotic disease. Officials are urging people who were at the park on Feb. 8, especially between 3 and 6 p.m., to contact local animal health officials and a veterinarian for further guidance. KTBC-TV (Austin, Texas) (02/24)

4. 8.7-foot, 280-pound catfish could be record-breaker

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

USA Today (02/24)

5. Dog has one thing on his mind while he's home by himself

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 26, 2015

Life With Dogs blog (02/24)

6. Deadly zoonotic parasite spreading among snails in Miami area

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

The giant African land snail isn't the only non-native snail carrying a dangerous zoonotic parasite around South Florida. Three more non-native snail species also carry the potentially deadly rat lungworm. The parasite is infectious when eaten and can pose a threat to people, dogs and other animals. Heather Walden, an assistant professor of parasitology at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine, and colleagues collected and tested snails and published the findings in the Journal of Parasitology. Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) (02/26)

7. Perfectly timed photos plus anthropomorphism equals animals up to no good

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2015

B2C Marketing Insider (02/23)

8. AVMA urges common sense regarding pet vaccines

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 26, 2015

As people debate the use of vaccination in humans, the AVMA is reminding pet owners that immunizing pets protects them as well as people. A domestic dog form of rabies has been eradicated in dogs in the U.S. thanks to pet vaccination, the AVMA notes, and vaccines have reduced the incidence of other serious illnesses including distemper, parvovirus and panleukopenia. However, the anti-vaccine movement puts all that progress at risk, according to the AVMA. (02/24)

9. 12 invasive species: Big and small, they all pose dangers

Animal Health SmartBrief | Feb 24, 2015

This article reviews 12 invasive species decimating parts of the U.S., including certain insects, feral swine, swamp rats and Burmese pythons. Invasive species present a danger to native plants and animals, upsetting the ecological balance and wreaking havoc on agricultural lands. Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (02/23)

10. Photographer seeks to break the cat-lady stereotype

Animal Health SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2015

Mashable (02/28)

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