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1. Joint Commission imaging standards get mixed reviews

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

Updated Joint Commission standards for diagnostic imaging in U.S. ambulatory care centers and hospitals clarify some questions from an earlier version of the requirements, but questions remain, according to experts in the field. "These requirements put recording radiation dose, tracking dose ranges, requiring that dose ranges conform with benchmarks, and insisting that a clinical indication has to be matched to the correct protocol on the table," said Dr. Rebecca Smith-Bindman of the University of California, San Francisco. What's lacking, she says, are clear details about how to measure progress. (free registration) (01/20)

2. Online CME/CE activity for physicians and technologists

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

ASNC is pleased to offer a new online educational activity that offers 2.5 CME/CE credits on "The Role of Cardiac Autonomic Imaging in the Management of Heart Failure." Learn about the latest advances and effective methods using 123I-mIBG imaging in patients with heart failure and to improve patient outcomes. Supported by an educational grant from GE Healthcare. More info and to register. Blank (10/29)

3. ASNC names 2015 president

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

ASNC has named Dr. David Wolinsky as the 2015 society president. Wolinsky is Section Head of Nuclear Cardiology at Cleveland Clinic Florida and a founding member of ASNC, and he serves on the society board and Quality Assurance Committee. Wolinsky's priorities in his new position include a focus on appropriate use and an emphasis on the role of nuclear cardiology in high-quality, high-value heart care. PRWeb (01/22)

4. Study: Diet, exercise may save more lives than statins

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

A U.K. study says lifestyle habits such as eating a healthy diet and exercising could save many more lives than taking statin medications to lower cholesterol. The study was published in BMJ Open. Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model), The (01/23)

5. Heart models give docs a new window into congenital defects

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 28, 2015

Imaging data from echocardiograms and CT scans have long guided treatment of congenital heart defects, but new 3D-printed heart models are providing a clearer view of problems ahead of surgery, improving outcomes once the procedure begins. The tiny models -- created using data from imaging -- reproduce the cardiac anatomy, including aberrant structures and formations that are sometimes difficult to fully understand when looking at a scan. "It's taking away the chance that [surgeons are] going to be thrown a curveball in surgery," said Dr. Matthew Bramlet, director of the Congenital Heart Disease MRI Program at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. (01/20)

6. New Spanish edition of SPECT guidelines

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 28, 2015

The Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography-2010 Guideline has been translated into Spanish. Fernando Mut, MD, Nestor Alejandro Vita, MD (former president of the Argentine Society of Nuclear Cardiology), and Jeffrey Rosenblatt, MD, worked on the translation of the guideline. View the Spanish edition. Blank (12/22)

7. Complimentary webinar series continues Feb. 11: Attenuation Correction in SPECT

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

ASNC and the International Atomic Energy Agency have collaborated to bring you a series of complimentary webinars designed to provide the best practices in nuclear cardiology to cardiologists, radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. If you missed the first webinar, we've archived it. Webinar #2, Attenuation Correction in SPECT, is Wednesday, Feb. 11, at midnight ET. Register and see the full schedule. Blank (01/19)

8. Blood test diagnoses heart attacks in women

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 26, 2015

A new blood test is twice as effective at diagnosing heart attacks in women than a test currently used in the U.K., according to a 1,126-patient study in The BMJ. The test detects very small levels of the heart attack biomarker troponin. A 26,000-patient study is being planned. BBC (01/21) PharmaTimes (U.K.) (01/21)

9. New Medtronic focuses on value-based health care economy

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 28, 2015

Medtronic's $49.9 billion acquisition of Covidien positions the company for the new health care economy, which places a heavy emphasis on value. The maker of medical devices including cardiology tools is looking more closely at quantifying value through long-term outcomes such as hospitalization and survival. "If we don't get the right answers, we need to adjust," said Chief Integration Officer Geoff Martha. "We'll need to bring down prices or find other benefits." Bloomberg (01/26)

10. Primary care docs see big benefits from imaging, survey shows

ASNC SmartBrief | Jan 28, 2015 (01/26)

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