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1. Why nonacademic skills matter

ASCD SmartBrief | Jun 01, 2015

Educators and experts agree about the importance of nonacademic skills in education. This article explores the various terms used to describe this "stuff," including character education, grit and soft skills. National Public Radio (05/28)

2. Report: 5 essential components of personalized learning

ASCD SmartBrief | May 27, 2015

A recent report highlights how to use technology to support personalized learning goals. The report is based on findings from a recent summit held by North Carolina State University's Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. The report identifies five essential ingredients for personalized learning. T.H.E. Journal (05/26)

3. Educators use UDL to design Common Core lessons

ASCD SmartBrief | May 28, 2015

Some school districts are using Universal Design for Learning to develop lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards. In one California district, special-education and general-education teachers are working together to incorporate UDL into lesson design. District Administration magazine (06/2015)

4. How school leaders can make or break PBL

ASCD SmartBrief | May 29, 2015

Thoughtful leadership is the foundation of effective project-based learning programs, writes PBL advocate Suzie Boss. In this blog post, she suggests several ways leaders can set their schools up for success, including by giving teachers ownership, sharing success and staying patient. (05/28)

5. Tips to identify, support students who are gifted

ASCD SmartBrief | May 29, 2015

States vary in their approach to identify and support students who are gifted, with 15 states not requiring schools to identify such students or provide gifted-education programs. Experts in this article suggest several ways to identify gifted students -- as well as those who are "twice exceptional." District Administration magazine (06/2015)

6. Study: Smartphones reveal student learning trends

ASCD SmartBrief | Jun 02, 2015

Smartphones may help researchers gather data on student learning, according to a small study. Researchers designed an application that used the inherent functions on smartphones -- GPS, microphones and Wi-Fi -- to gather data on student behaviors and then compared the data to academic outcomes. National Public Radio (06/02)

7. Some states replace Common Core with similar standards

ASCD SmartBrief | May 28, 2015

The philosophy behind the Common Core State Standards may be the reason some states have opted to review or replace them, said Rick Hess, with the American Enterprise Institute. Still, some say such replacements often resemble the original standards. The Hechinger Report (05/28)

8. Study: How movement can boost math skills

ASCD SmartBrief | May 28, 2015

Walking in a specific direction -- left or right -- may make solving some math problems easier, according to a recent study. Data show participants were better at addition when asked to turn right and better at subtraction when asked to turn left. (05/26)

9. How does the Internet affect learning?

ASCD SmartBrief | May 27, 2015

Internet searches can blur the line between what students do and do not know, according to research presented at the Association for Psychological Science conference. However, that may not mean the Internet negatively affects student learning, some researchers said. Education Week (tiered subscription model) (05/26)

10. What does the rise of the teacherpreneur mean for education?

ASCD SmartBrief | May 28, 2015

The rise of the teacherpreneur may be ushering in a new era in education, middle-grades teacher Heather Wolpert-Gawron writes. In this blog post, she describes teacherpreneurs and asserts they are "first and foremost, imaginative teachers." (05/27)

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