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1. In-flight entertainment boxes cut into passengers' legroom

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 26, 2015

Under-seat boxes that hold in-flight entertainment equipment can take up significant space. "The under-seat entertainment boxes make it impossible for both feet to fit under the seat in front of you," posted a SeatGuru user. Passengers don't know which seats have the boxes until they board the plane. Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (03/25)

2. Review: Access to Emirates' in-flight bar is worth the price of admission

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 25, 2015

This review praises the onboard bar that is featured aboard Emirates A380 aircraft, describing it as "a beautiful semicircular conglomeration of chrome and polished wood and glass, well stocked with Hennessy, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Moet and Penfolds aplenty." Gizmodo (03/24)

3. Finnair to equip its fleet with Wi-Fi

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 27, 2015

Over the next three years, Finnair will add in-flight Wi-Fi to most of the planes in its fleet. The airline will launch the project with its first A350 XWB this fall, and it will start installing Wi-Fi on other planes in 2016. (U.K.) (03/26)

4. AirFi offers in-flight entertainment solution for short flights

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 25, 2015

MI Airline's AirFi in-flight entertainment tablets offer an out-of-box solution for short-haul flights. The system creates a private network without the need for special wiring. Skift (03/24)

5. Airlines with the tastiest economy menus

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 27, 2015

This article rounds up airlines with the best economy-class meals. Garuda Indonesia, which offers spicy nasi goreng rice dishes, and Singapore Airlines, which sometimes offers Chinese noodles in gravy sauce, are among the 10 carriers on the list. Huffington Post, The (03/26)

6. Gulf carriers raise stakes in U.S. markets

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 27, 2015

Gulf carriers continue to expand in the U.S. -- just this week, Emirates Airlines unveiled new daily service between Dubai and Orlando. This article explores the expansion as well as the competitive effect on U.S. carriers who are facing increasing competition from these carriers who are known for strong customer service. (03/26)

7. Virgin Australia announces business class on major routes

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 23, 2015

Beginning 31 March, Virgin Australia flights originating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and certain Gold Coast flights will feature business-class cabins. Australian Business Traveller (03/23)

8. American Airlines is winning fans with change in music

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 23, 2015

American Airlines is winning kudos from passengers for changing its background music for boardings and landings, going from Muzak to indie rock and pop hits. Overall, American is planning to invest $2 billion in product and amenity upgrades. Quartz (03/21)

9. Potential cabin features could improve flying experience

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 24, 2015

Travel columnist Marisa Garcia describes airplane cabin features designed to make flying more pleasant, including patterned seat fabrics and inviting entryways. Other innovations include the maneuverable Elisava food-and-drink trolley; B/E Aerospace's Haptikos capacitive touch-screen technology, which makes seat-based environmental controls more user-friendly; and the Panasonic Avionics JAZZ high-tech economy seat. Skift (03/23)

10. Airline amenity pouches find second lives as purses, electronics cases

apexnews Daily SmartBrief | Mar 25, 2015

USA Today (03/24)

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