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No user fees and modest upticks in White House budget for FAA

Aviation eBrief | Feb 10, 2016

The president’s latest budget plan does not include user fees but does offer increased funding for NextGen modernization and air traffic services. AOPA Online.

New certification standards for mechanics in the works

Aviation eBrief | Feb 09, 2016

A group chaired by AOPA has been tasked with developing new certification standards, handbooks, and test development guidance for aircraft mechanics. AOPA Online.

Model touts airport sustainability

Aviation eBrief | Feb 08, 2016

A general aviation airport sustainability program in Colorado is much more than recycling or an effort to join the growing "green movement" -- and it's a model that can benefit airports nationwide. AOPA Online.

How Triple Tree makes magic; Major moves in DC

Aviation eBrief | Feb 05, 2016

The immaculate South Carolina grass strip stretches 7,000 feet and welcomes everything from warbirds and classics to modern jets and RC aircraft. Go behind the scenes at Triple Tree and hear from its creator, Pat Hartness, who realized a delightful dream. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Congress is tackling medical reform, a push to privatize ATC, and other important issues, and AOPA is in the thick of it. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

Draft FAA policy on safety equipment a game changer

Aviation eBrief | Feb 04, 2016

AOPA is endorsing a draft FAA policy that would make it easier to install non-required safety enhancing equipment in existing general aviation aircraft. AOPA Online.

AOPA responds to appeal of FAA determination on Santa Monica

Aviation eBrief | Feb 03, 2016

AOPA and nine others are asking the Federal Aviation Administration to deny Santa Monica's appeal of the agency's determination that Santa Monica Municipal Airport in California is grant obligated and must remain open at least through Aug. 27, 2023. AOPA Online.

Developer cancels plans for power plant near Ore. airport

Aviation eBrief | Feb 02, 2016

A developer has dropped controversial plans to build a large energy plant near Oregon's Portland-Troutdale Airport. Safety concerns led AOPA and local pilot groups to actively oppose the plan for more than four years. AOPA Online.

Pilots: Ask Md. legislators to lower cost of flying

Aviation eBrief | Feb 01, 2016

A bill that would exempt aircraft repair and upgrade parts from sales tax in Maryland will be heard by the state Budget and Taxation Committee Feb. 3. AOPA Director of State Government Affairs Jared Esselman will testify in support of the legislation. AOPA Online.

Digging out, digging drones

Aviation eBrief | Jan 29, 2016

A massive winter storm dumped snow by the foot in the Mid-Atlantic and at AOPA's home in Frederick, Md., leaving pilots and airport crews digging out for days. Learn an easy way to find out if airports along your route are closed, and get winter flying tips from the AOPA Air Safety Institute. Rain, gusty wind, and cold temperatures at the end of the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Florida didn't douse all the fun. A new drone area attracted many, including visitors who arrived with parents in tow. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

Droners register in droves

Aviation eBrief | Jan 28, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration reports that nearly 300,000 hobbyists took advantage of the limited-time opportunity to register their drones at no cost. The rest of those flying outdoors for fun (not profit) with a small, unmanned aircraft (weighing 0.55 pounds to 55 pounds) have until Feb. 19 to register online. AOPA Online.

FAA releases Super Bowl 50 flight advisory

Aviation eBrief | Jan 27, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a flight advisory to make pilots aware of temporary flight restrictions that will be in effect on Feb. 7 in connection with Super Bowl 50, when the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos face off at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. The FAA urges pilots to check frequently for changes to valid times and dimensions prior to operating in the affected areas. AOPA Online.

Pilots get chance to meet with state legislators

Aviation eBrief | Jan 26, 2016

AOPA members have the opportunity to meet with state legislators in New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa to discuss aviation issues and initiatives in their states and to explain how general aviation fosters job growth, safe transportation, tourism opportunities, and revenue streams. AOPA Online.

FAA moves forward with flight plan switch

Aviation eBrief | Jan 25, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration is moving forward with plans to require all civil domestic flights to use the international flight plan form beginning later this year. AOPA Online.

Light sport duo; Groups stand up for GA

Aviation eBrief | Jan 22, 2016

AOPA brings you the latest in the light sport aircraft and drone markets from the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Fla. Go behind the scenes and see what it's like to fly the light sport Rans S-20 Raven and Rans S-19LS Venterra. Plus, 15 general aviation advocacy groups have banded together to oppose changes to FAA funding and the air traffic control system, and AOPA provides an update on what's next for third class medical reform. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

AOPA donates to Veterans Airlift Command

Aviation eBrief | Jan 21, 2016

As part of an effort around Veterans Day last year, AOPA announced it would contribute 10% of new memberships and renewals it received between Nov. 11 and 22 to the Veterans Airlift Command. The effort enabled AOPA to donate $1,380 to the organization. AOPA Online.

GA groups raise concerns over possible ATC changes

Aviation eBrief | Jan 20, 2016

Fifteen of the country's most influential general aviation groups are raising concerns about proposed changes to Federal Aviation Administration funding and the air traffic control system. AOPA Online.

Comments sought on graphical replacement for area forecasts

Aviation eBrief | Jan 19, 2016

Pilots are getting their first look at the graphics-intensive weather products designed to replace the venerable, but textual, area forecast. AOPA Online.

Next steps for medical reform

Aviation eBrief | Jan 18, 2016

With Congress back in session, the question on the minds of many pilots is, "What’s next for third class medical reform?" AOPA Online.

NTSB targets GA; ride your drone

Aviation eBrief | Jan 15, 2016

General aviation remains on the NTSB's Most Wanted list, even though GA accidents are at or near all-time lows. Flying clubs are about more than airplanes, and the people in those clubs may be just the thing to rekindle your love of flying. Also, find out how good guys with drones might capture drones flown by bad guys, and get a look at a drone you can actually ride in. Watch AOPA Live This Week, Jan. 14.

NTSB targets GA as safety improves

Aviation eBrief | Jan 14, 2016

The NTSB continues to hammer away at general aviation safety, though the latest data available shows GA has never been safer. AOPA Online.

Md. bills will reduce cost of flying, help shops compete

Aviation eBrief | Jan 13, 2016

Two bills introduced by Maryland lawmakers would lower the cost of flying and help local aircraft repair businesses compete with shops in neighboring states. AOPA Online.

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