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Bonanza to Haiti, Superfortress and Stratofortress

Aviation eBrief | Mar 27, 2015

AOPA travels to Haiti to see how a doctor and a Beech Bonanza make all the difference in many lives in the island nation. Doc, a Boeing B-29 Superfortress, rolls out to crowds in Wichita. And Barry Schiff goes for a ride in a nuclear-capable bomber, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. Watch AOPA Live This Week, March 26.

Michigan liability protection bill clears House committee

Aviation eBrief | Mar 26, 2015

A bill to provide liability protection for Michigan landowners who permit public use of their airstrips for recreational aviation has gained a legislative committee's approval. AOPA Online.

P-51 Mustang Dream Flight

Aviation eBrief | Mar 25, 2015

See rusty pilot Tom Faath experience his lifelong dream of flying a P-51 Mustang. Watch AOPA Live.

AOPA presents Hartranft Award to Rep. Shuster

Aviation eBrief | Mar 24, 2015

Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., received the 2014 Joseph B. Hartranft Award from AOPA President Mark Baker during a March 18 presentation on Capitol Hill. AOPA Online.

Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 gains support

Aviation eBrief | Mar 23, 2015

Support continues to grow for the Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2, which would reform the third class medical process and provide a wide range of protections for pilots. AOPA Online.

Veterans Airlift marks milestone; flying a dream machine

Aviation eBrief | Mar 20, 2015

Thousands of pilots volunteer to fly America's wounded warriors through the Veterans Airlift Command. The program's 10,000th passenger offers his perspective on a vital service. Another aviator knocks the rust off to achieve a boyhood dream of flying a P-51 Mustang, and news helicopters watch a drone get too close for comfort. Watch AOPA Live This Week, March 19.

Tax exemption, liability protection bills backed in Missouri

Aviation eBrief | Mar 19, 2015

Missouri aircraft dealers would sell more aircraft to out-of-state purchasers if lawmakers pass a bill exempting the sales from state sales-and-use taxes, AOPA said. AOPA Online.

Veterans Airlift Command flies 10,000th Hero Flight passenger

Aviation eBrief | Mar 18, 2015

The numbers tell the magnitude of this story. Several days after his sixty-second surgery for unimaginable wounds suffered in an explosion in Afghanistan, Army Sgt. Jesse Murphree became the 10,000th veteran flown by volunteer pilots of the Veterans Airlift Command. AOPA Online.

Rutan drops hints about SkiGull

Aviation eBrief | Mar 17, 2015

Legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan dropped fresh hints about his final design, a work in progress called SkiGull, through a film production crew. AOPA Online.

Your chance to experience business aviation

Aviation eBrief | Mar 16, 2015

Here's your chance to fly the amazingly versatile Pilatus PC-12. The AOPA Pilot BizAv and You contest powered by Pilatus gives you a chance to fly a PC-12 NG, a turboprop equally at home in town or country, on missions that showcase the capabilities of business aircraft. AOPA Online.

Schiff on Harrison Ford, fly a Collier nominee

Aviation eBrief | Mar 13, 2015

AOPA Pilot contributor Barry Schiff talks about the Ryan ST3KR, an aircraft he knows well. In fact, Schiff checked Harrison Ford out in the vintage taildragger, now a little more famous since Ford's recent engine-out. Also this week, climb aboard the Legacy 500, a jet nominated for the 2015 Collier Trophy that Embraer hopes will win the midsized cabin market. Plus, an award-winning controller talks about helping a VFR pilot through clouds. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

FAA urges LSA makers to move on ADS-B, angle of attack

Aviation eBrief | Mar 12, 2015

The FAA is urging the manufacturers of special light sport aircraft to establish pathways for the installation of ADS-B Out equipment and angle of attack indicators in their aircraft. Until manufacturers take action to approve the installation of ADS-B equipment, individual owners cannot meet the FAA's 2020 ADS-B mandate. AOPA Online.

FAA warns of SoCal TFRs March 12, 13

Aviation eBrief | Mar 11, 2015

Multiple temporary flight restrictions will be active in the Los Angeles, California, region March 12 and 13, the FAA announced. AOPA Online.

Stuck on top, other ATC assists

Aviation eBrief | Mar 10, 2015

With solid instrument meteorological conditions extending hundreds of miles in every direction, a VFR-only pilot was stuck on top of the clouds. The controller who helped him safely descend through almost 8,000 feet of IMC was among those honored March 4 with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association's Archie League Medal of Safety Award. AOPA Online.

AOPA backs 'Know Before You Fly' campaign

Aviation eBrief | Mar 09, 2015

AOPA has joined the "Know Before You Fly" campaign that seeks to educate users of unmanned aircraft systems about safe and responsible operations, including where and how high unmanned aircraft may be flown. AOPA Online.

Heli-Expo, mosquito control

Aviation eBrief | Mar 06, 2015

AOPA Live This Week is in Orlando, Fla., for the Helicopter Association International Heli-Expo, the rotorcraft world's main event. Elsewhere in the Sunshine State, get the pilot's view from 25 feet above ground level aboard a helicopter tasked with controlling mosquitoes that threaten quality of life and health. Plus, ride along with a morning news and traffic chopper over traffic jams in Southern California. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

Honeywell projects steady helicopter sales

Aviation eBrief | Mar 05, 2015

Despite a dramatic decline in 2014 helicopter deliveries, forecasters at Honeywell Aerospace project a steady stream of deliveries over the next five years. AOPA Online.

West Virginia adds liability protection for airfield owners

Aviation eBrief | Mar 04, 2015

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin on Feb. 18 signed into law a bill that will add liability protection for land owners who allow aircraft operations at their privately owned airstrips and farms. AOPA Online.

Aviation groups, East Hampton officials seek noise solution

Aviation eBrief | Mar 03, 2015

AOPA expressed concern in a meeting with town officials from East Hampton, New York, that restrictions proposed to curb airport noise "overwhelmingly" generated by transient commercial flights would unfairly burden traditional airport users. AOPA Online.

AMEs get guidance on new sleep apnea policy

Aviation eBrief | Mar 02, 2015

An FAA video provides aviation medical examiners with guidance on the agency's new obstructive sleep apnea policy, which takes effect today. AOPA Online.

Formation precision, Sen. Inhofe talks medical reform

Aviation eBrief | Feb 27, 2015

Mavericks aerobatic team members are a highly seasoned group of pilots who prove age is no obstacle to flying with the utmost precision. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., talks about the Pilot's Bill of Rights 2, legislation that would expand medical reform to include IFR operations. Also this week, join us for an AOPA-hosted event that teaches kids about aviation and animal rescue. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

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