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Prescott pirep

Aviation eBrief | Sep 26, 2016

Several pilots based at Ernest A. Love Field in Prescott, Arizona, offer tips on flying into the airport for the AOPA Fly-In Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. AOPA Online.

Deadline approaches for AOPA teen scholarships

Aviation eBrief | Sep 23, 2016

Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 have until Sept. 30 to apply for $115,000 in scholarships through the AOPA You Can Fly High School Flight Training Scholarship and AOPA AV8RS Scholarship programs. Twenty flight training scholarships will be awarded to high school students ages 15 to 18, and four scholarships will be awarded to AOPA AV8RS members ages 13 to 18. Learn more.

Prescott Fly-In welcomes you

Aviation eBrief | Sep 22, 2016

Come to Arizona's Prescott Municipal Airport Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, and join fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts at the AOPA Fly-In. From Friday's Barnstormers Party to the aircraft display, the fun starts when you arrive at the airport. Watch the fly-in procedures video and download the pilot information packet at the end of the video for in-depth details. Watch the video.

Join the AOPA team

Aviation eBrief | Sep 21, 2016

Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation in to a career? AOPA is looking for a New York You Can Fly ambassador and a manager of flying club initiatives. Both positions will have an impact on encouraging more pilots to take to the skies. Learn more about these and other opportunities.

Watch out for cyberchondria

Aviation eBrief | Sep 20, 2016

If you research your aches and pains online, check the sources you use and don't succumb to cyberchondria. Dr. Jonathan Sackier recommends proactively taking care of yourself to prevent health problems from the start. Read more.

What happens if your medical certificate has been denied?

Aviation eBrief | Sep 19, 2016

Receiving a letter from the FAA stating that your application for a medical certificate has been denied can be devastating. Is there a way to get it back? AOPA Director of Medical Certification Gary Crump and AOPA Pilot Protection Services Attorney Jared Allen will discuss the issue during a webinar Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Register today.

Be a part of AOPA’s Brickyard Bash

Aviation eBrief | Sep 16, 2016

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship is coming to Indianapolis Oct. 1 and 2, and spectators have the chance to party at the AOPA Brickyard Bash at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Yard of Bricks. Alternative rock band Edisun will perform live while attendees enjoy food and drinks. General admission to the AOPA Brickyard Bash is $30, but AOPA members can get a $10 discount by purchasing tickets using a special promo code. Read more.

Pilot uses AOPA Aviation Finance to rebuild his Skyhawk's engine

Aviation eBrief | Sep 15, 2016

Rebuilding an aircraft engine is expensive. JP Guilbault used AOPA Aviation Finance to refinance his Cessna 172S in order to get a lower interest rate and rebuild the aircraft's engine. Read more.

Top 10 reasons to come to Battle Creek

Aviation eBrief | Sep 14, 2016

Whether you are wacko for Wacos or want to experience the bizjet world through a tour of Duncan Aviation, the AOPA Fly-In at Battle Creek, Mich., has something for everyone. Check out these top 10 reasons you won't want to miss the fly-in. Read more.

Altitude mode: Transponder use on airport surfaces

Aviation eBrief | Sep 13, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration wants pilots to ensure that their aircraft transponder is on and in the altitude reporting mode while operating on movement areas at all airports. Read more.

Cleared to Battle Creek

Aviation eBrief | Sep 12, 2016

Can you think of a better way to spend a weekend than with family, friends, and great food thoroughly immersed in all things flying? Neither can we! So join us at W. K. Kellogg Airport in Battle Creek, Mich., for a weekend of fun Sept. 16 and 17! Learn more.

After 9/11: GA advocacy

Aviation eBrief | Sep 09, 2016

The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks claimed nearly 3,000 lives and brought air traffic nationwide to a halt. AOPA immediately jumped into action to fight for general aviation pilots to return to the skies. AOPA Vice President of Government Affairs Melissa Rudinger essentially lived at FAA headquarters for weeks following the attacks, advocating for GA. She takes you inside those dark days to reveal what the association did to restore the freedom to fly. AOPA Online.

Aircraft type affects interest rates

Aviation eBrief | Sep 08, 2016

The type of aircraft you choose to finance impacts the interest rate due to the risk factors. AOPA Finance Aviation Finance President Adam Meredith describes the different risk factors and how those risks may affect the loan. AOPA Online.

Senior group term life insurance offers AOPA members advantages

Aviation eBrief | Sep 07, 2016

If you're like many members nearing retirement who realize now they need life insurance (or more of it), AOPA offers an economical Senior "50+" Group Term Life Insurance Plan. Learn more.

We're all instructors

Aviation eBrief | Sep 06, 2016

FAA: Fix faulty fuel gauges

Aviation eBrief | Sep 06, 2016

Pilots are taught not to rely on gauges alone to determine fuel quantity. A visual check of fuel in the tanks during preflight inspection to verify quantity is the prudent practice. But can you fly with a faulty fuel gauge? Find out what the FAA says.

AOPA offers hurricane preparedness resource for pilots

Aviation eBrief | Sep 02, 2016

The National Hurricane Center reported Sept. 1 that Hurricane Hermine would bring tropical force winds and flooding rains to the Eastern Seaboard as it tracks northeast from Florida's Gulf Coast through the Labor Day weekend. Pilots should watch the storm's path, prepare to protect their aircraft, and visit AOPA's hurricane reference page for additional information. Learn more.

Battle Creek Fly-In coming soon

Aviation eBrief | Sep 01, 2016

Get ready to land at Michigan's W.K. Kellogg Airport and join fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts at the AOPA Fly-In in Battle Creek, Sept. 16 and 17. From Friday's Barnstormers Party to the aircraft displays and exhibits, the fun starts when you arrive at the airport. But first, watch the fly-in procedures video, and download the pilot information packet at the end of the video. Watch the video.

Check out AOPA's ADS-B selector tool

Aviation eBrief | Aug 31, 2016

With the approaching Federal Aviation Administration mandate for ADS-B Out -- required Jan. 1, 2020, in most airspace where a transponder is required today -- owners need to understand the options. AOPA's ADS-B selection tool will help you determine the best solutions to consider for your aircraft and where you fly. Learn more.

FAA's "request" for medical records is more like a demand

Aviation eBrief | Aug 30, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration has broad authority when it comes to medical certification matters. They have the authority to request medical records and information to aid them in determining a person's eligibility for medical certification under 14 CFR Part 67. Read more.

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