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AOPA editors share ideas for aviation adventures

Aviation eBrief | Mar 27, 2017

Want to expand your aviation knowledge or sharpen your piloting skills? AOPA's "Aerial Adventures: 99 Ways to Fly" eBook is full of aviation getaways, routes, and airborne challenges. This original eBook is sure to give you a couple of ideas -- or a couple dozen.

Join the AOPA team

Aviation eBrief | Mar 24, 2017

Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for pilots and aviation enthusiasts who have a range of professional backgrounds in areas such as design, aviation insurance, project management, public affairs, aviation law, communications, and more. See a full list of the available positions and apply today!

Is it worth attempting to refinance?

Aviation eBrief | Mar 23, 2017

Refinancing rates are on the rise but it is never a bad idea to contact your current lender, says Adam Meredith, President of AOPA Aviation Finance Company, in this month's "Adam Answers" column. If they are not able to offer better than your current loan structure, let AOPA Aviation Finance handle approaching different banks for you.

Share your hidden gem

Aviation eBrief | Mar 22, 2017

Pilots are always looking for new adventures. Share your favorite destination in the Hidden Gem contest, sponsored by Aviat Aircraft, to enter for a chance to win a weekend of backcountry flying in an Aviat Husky along the Salmon River. Listen to the podcast.

5 reasons to know what's in a name

Aviation eBrief | Mar 21, 2017

If you take any type of medication, there are several questions you really need to ask yourself, says Dr. Jonathan Sackier.

Rusty Pilot resources to get back in the air

Aviation eBrief | Mar 20, 2017

Been out of the cockpit for awhile? Getting back in can be easier than you think, with AOPA's Rusty Pilots resource page. AOPA Online.

Job of the Week: Drone Data Technician, Blue River TERRA team

Aviation eBrief | Mar 17, 2017

Blue River Technology is looking for a technician to collect and process drone imagery from the heavy-lift multirotor drone to image crops at research farms near Lubbock, Texas. This position will assist with analyzing the imagery collected by the drone, as well as assisting the pilot during flight to ensure the target area is covered. Read the full description and apply today!

Where's your hidden gem?

Aviation eBrief | Mar 16, 2017

Do you have a place you love to fly to, with breathtaking scenery or a multitude of activities to explore? Share your favorite spot and submit some photos of it to AOPA to enter the Hidden Gem contest, sponsored by Aviat Aircraft. You will be entered for a chance to win a backcountry experience in Wyoming and Idaho, flying an Aviat Husky along the world-famous Salmon River.

Insurance for commercial drone operators

Aviation eBrief | Mar 15, 2017

AOPA offers insurance for Part 107 commercial drone operators, says AOPA Insurance Services Vice President Jim Pinegar in March's "Ask Jim" column. Read more.

Buying an airplane? Make sure it's yours at closing

Aviation eBrief | Mar 14, 2017

Surprisingly, many airplane buyers buy aircraft without proper due diligence. You wouldn't buy a house without first researching the title, conducting inspections, and filing the proper instruments at closing—and the same holds true for aircraft. Read more.

Hangar Talk: Seaplane fun

Aviation eBrief | Mar 13, 2017

Every pilot dreams of getting a seaplane rating. For many who do, it's a great weekend experience and nothing else. For a lucky few, it translates to a life of incredible adventures. Brian Schanche of Adventure Seaplanes talks about his guided seaplane trips, including one to see polar bears in Churchill, Canada. Listen to the podcast.

Job of the Week: Assistant Chief CFI

Aviation eBrief | Mar 10, 2017

Vermont Flight Academy is looking for an assistant chief flight instructor for its program in Burlington. Qualified applicants must meet the requirements of 14 CFR 141.36. The successful candidate will provide flight, simulator, and ground instruction under Part 61 and Part 141. This position also is responsible for students' flights; records; and ensuring that each lesson meets course objectives, standards, and requirements. Management experience and seaplane flight instruction is highly desirable. Read the full description and apply today!

Top reasons pilots volunteer at fly-ins

Aviation eBrief | Mar 09, 2017

AOPA Fly-In volunteers are an energetic, enthusiastic bunch who help the event run smoothly. But what compels pilots and guests to volunteer to work part of a fly-in instead of taking it all in as an attendee? They want an extra helping of fun.

Hidden Gem contest launches

Aviation eBrief | Mar 08, 2017

Tell AOPA about your favorite hidden gem and why other pilots would love to visit that destination, and submit some photos to show off what makes that location so enticing to enter AOPA's Hidden Gem contest, sponsored by Aviat Aircraft. You could win a backcountry flying experience in Idaho. Learn more and enter today!

Reporting requirements for unmanned aircraft accidents

Aviation eBrief | Mar 07, 2017

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board each have different rules to ensure proper oversight of certain unmanned aircraft operations, and different rules mean that some events may have to be reported to one agency but not the other.

Hangar Talk: Mountain flying with Jason Miller

Aviation eBrief | Mar 06, 2017

Whether you want to visit great ski destinations, see incredible vistas, or simply travel across the country, whatever the purpose, flying in the mountains is fun and challenging. In this episode of AOPA's Hangar Talk, CFII Jason Miller talks about his weekend mountain flying course. Miller organizes semi-annual fly-outs from his base in the San Francisco Bay area. Listen to the podcast.

Job of the week: Turbine jump pilot

Aviation eBrief | Mar 03, 2017

Desert Sand Aircraft Leasing is hiring pilots to fly turbine skydiving aircraft in the Atlanta area (Rockmart, Ga.); Conn.; and Sussex, N.J. Pilots will be flying a de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, a Cessna 208 with 114A engine, or a Cessna 208B with a 900-horsepower engine mod. Work schedule is somewhat flexible but is generally between 5 to 6 days per week during the busy season. The company will provide training to successful candidates. Basic housing will be provided for transplants, if needed.

Financing available for airplane kits

Aviation eBrief | Mar 01, 2017

AOPA Aviation Finance offers options for aircraft kits that are completely owner built, or built through factory-assisted programs.

Open to negotiation?

Aviation eBrief | Feb 28, 2017

Pilots often contact AOPA to find out if a medication they are taking is permitted by the Federal Aviation Administration. Pilots who are taking something that is on the FAA's "Do not issue/Do not fly" list might want to negotiate with the FAA to see if the agency will allow it.

Fly-Ins offer in-depth workshops

Aviation eBrief | Feb 27, 2017

AOPA Fly-Ins in 2017 will be two-day events that offer more experiences and more hands-on education. On Fridays, pilots can choose one of four seven-hour workshops (at a cost of $105 for members, $155 for nonmembers, and $75 for spouses, with online pre-registration required). The workshops will focus on four tracks: Skills and Safety, You Can Fly, Aviation Experience, and Maintenance and Ownership. The fun will continue with events Friday night and Saturday.

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