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New sleep apnea policy to take effect

Aviation eBrief | Jan 26, 2015

A new FAA policy on obstructive sleep apnea that addresses many of the concerns raised by AOPA is set to take effect March 2. The new policy will not disqualify pilots from receiving a medical based solely on BMI. AOPA Online.

Big repos, balloons galore

Aviation eBrief | Jan 23, 2015

Repo man Nick Popovich and his team specialize in the kind of aircraft that come with overhead bins and drink carts. Also this week, AOPA President Mark Baker is honored by Harrison Ford in Hollywood, and balloons in numbers lift off over Lake Havasu City. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

Florida tax exemption not being uniformly applied

Aviation eBrief | Jan 22, 2015

AOPA is working to make sure that members are not taxed for tax-exempt aircraft parts and services in Florida. AOPA Online.

Baker receives Legacy Award at Living Legends of Aviation

Aviation eBrief | Jan 21, 2015

On a night when Hollywood stars and aviation luminaries came together to celebrate the wonder of flight, AOPA President Mark Baker was honored with the Harrison Ford Legacy in Aviation Award at the Twelfth Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards. AOPA Online.

Power plant a hazard

Aviation eBrief | Jan 20, 2015

AOPA has added the voice of the world’s largest pilot group to the chorus of those opposed to a Connecticut power plant plan. AOPA Online.

FAA withdraws rule to restore simulator time

Aviation eBrief | Jan 19, 2015

The FAA has withdrawn a rule that would have allowed 20 hours of simulator instruction to count toward the instrument rating. AOPA Online.

Sebring kicks off, fly to paradise

Aviation eBrief | Jan 16, 2015

A host of flying machines kick off the first major flying event of 2015 in Sebring, Florida; exasperation over medical reform delay is boiling over; and general aviation lands on the NTSB's Most Wanted list. Plus, learn about water landings in a Bahamian paradise. Watch AOPA Live This Week.

Fuel starts to tumble: The best may be yet to come

Aviation eBrief | Jan 15, 2015

Analysts say the price of avgas may be cut by nearly half in the coming months; the decline has already begun. AOPA Online.

Nine habits of successful students

Aviation eBrief | Jan 14, 2015

Are you setting yourself up to achieve your flight training goals in 2015? You can take the reins of your flight training and tackle challenges faster by adopting habits that set you up for success. AOPA Online.

Revised proposal still calls for early ECi cylinder retirement

Aviation eBrief | Jan 13, 2015

The FAA has released a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking affecting ECi cylinders, but AOPA says the new proposal doesn't do enough to mitigate the impact on aircraft owners. AOPA Online.

FAA releases Super Bowl XLIX flight advisory

Aviation eBrief | Jan 12, 2015

While we don't know yet who will be facing off in Super Bowl XLIX, it's not too early to make plans to fly in if you have tickets or if you want to watch the game from a Glendale, Arizona, establishment. The FAA released the Super Bowl flight advisory Jan. 2 to provide an advance look at what the notam will likely include.

Aviation fun: Fly-ins, Bahamas getaway, light sport aircraft

Aviation eBrief | Jan 09, 2015

AOPA President Mark Baker looks forward to a new year of AOPA Fly-Ins as the association aims to build on the success of 2014 events that drew thousands. Speaking of fun getaways, learn the ins and outs of flying to the Bahamas, and get a look at one very capable light sport aircraft. Watch the Jan. 8 episode of AOPA Live This Week.

Father, son solo on same day

Aviation eBrief | Jan 08, 2015

A five-hour round-trip drive to the airfield makes scheduling lessons difficult, but the payoffs include an unobstructed view of Mt. Fuji and the satisfaction of father and son accomplishing goals together. AOPA Online.

A whole new world

Aviation eBrief | Jan 07, 2015

Larry Hill's face lights up as a slight tug on N152UC's yoke causes the AOPA Sweepstakes 152 airplane to ease off the ground and into the air at AOPA's home base in Frederick, Maryland. It's the first time Hill, 75, has flown a general aviation aircraft since 1967, when he soloed a very similar Cessna 150 at Hyde Airport in Washington, D.C. AOPA Online.

Proposed AD would require more wing lift strut inspections

Aviation eBrief | Jan 06, 2015

A proposed airworthiness directive would expand an existing AD by adding about 200 aircraft to those required to be inspected for wing lift strut corrosion. AOPA Online.

'The single most important license I got'

Aviation eBrief | Jan 05, 2015

Delta Air Lines Captain Jeffrey Whitesell said flight instruction has been his backstop his whole career, many times opening a door where one otherwise might not have been opened. AOPA Online.

Warbirds and crosswinds

Aviation eBrief | Jan 02, 2015

What do you get when you combine an irascible Texas pilot and a rare warbird collection? A tall tale, but this one is true. Salute the Consolidated PBY Catalina in this patriotic tribute to the aircraft that played a key role in the Pacific during the Battle of Midway in World War II. And, learn how to make safe crosswind landings. You won't want to miss these most-watched AOPA Live videos of 2014.

Celebrating 75 years of AOPA protecting the freedom to fly

Aviation eBrief | Dec 31, 2014

December 2004 -- AOPA ends the year with 404,000 members.

Tower-marking rules approved in Okla.

Aviation eBrief | Dec 31, 2014

Oklahoma’s new rules will require the marking, painting, and flagging of towers that are at least 50 feet high. AOPA Online.

'CFI to CFI' newsletter wins prestigious award at Folio

Aviation eBrief | Dec 30, 2014

The Air Safety Institute's flight instructor newsletter brought home the 2014 Eddie Award for best Standalone Digital Magazine in the Association/Non-Profit category. Whether you're actively instructing or getting back into helping flight students learn, CFI to CFI has you covered. Check out the newsletter.

No barriers to the sky

Aviation eBrief | Dec 29, 2014

A Wisconsin pilot with a congenital heart defect is able to solo thanks to the sport pilot regulations. AOPA Online.

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