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Check out AOPA's ADS-B selector tool

Aviation eBrief | Aug 31, 2016

With the approaching Federal Aviation Administration mandate for ADS-B Out -- required Jan. 1, 2020, in most airspace where a transponder is required today -- owners need to understand the options. AOPA's ADS-B selection tool will help you determine the best solutions to consider for your aircraft and where you fly. Learn more.

FAA's "request" for medical records is more like a demand

Aviation eBrief | Aug 30, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration has broad authority when it comes to medical certification matters. They have the authority to request medical records and information to aid them in determining a person's eligibility for medical certification under 14 CFR Part 67. Read more.

Join the AOPA team

Aviation eBrief | Aug 29, 2016

Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is always looking for energetic, qualified individuals to be part of our team vision. Learn more about AOPA career opportunities here.

Party with Red Bull, AOPA at Indy

Aviation eBrief | Aug 26, 2016

The high-speed, low-altitude thrill of the Red Bull Air Races is coming to Indianapolis Oct. 1 and 2, and spectators have the chance to expand the full-throttle experience during the AOPA Brickyard Bash at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Yard of Bricks. Alternative rock band Edisun will perform live while attendees enjoy food and drinks. General admission to the AOPA Brickyard Bash is $30, but AOPA members can get a $10 discount by purchasing tickets using a special promo code. Learn more.

Mich. aviation mecca

Aviation eBrief | Aug 25, 2016

With historic Waco biplanes and high-end business jets, a nearby aviation museum that rivals the Udvar-Hazy Center, and an innovative aviation college, W.K. Kellogg Airport in Battle Creek, Michigan, is an aviator’s dream. Join us for AOPA's third 2016 fly-in Sept. 16 and 17. AOPA Online.

Renter's insurance brings new pilot peace of mind

Aviation eBrief | Aug 24, 2016

AOPA member Greg Smith turned to AOPA Insurance Services for renter's insurance after witnessing an incident at his home airport and realizing he needed more insurance than his flight school carried. Read more.

Medications and new regulations: What it means for you

Aviation eBrief | Aug 23, 2016

When the new third class medical reform regulations take effect in 2017, pilots who will be allowed to fly without the need for a current medical certificate will need to be well-versed on their responsibilities under the regulations, particularly 14 CFR 61.53 and 91.17, that address the use of medications while flying.

Precious Resources

Aviation eBrief | Aug 22, 2016

Where is a prospective member of your startup flying club likely to go first to learn whether the organization is a good fit?

AOPA fly-in

Aviation eBrief | Aug 19, 2016

A forecast full of sunshine and the breathtaking scenery around Puget Sound make the VFR route from Seattle to Bremerton, Washington, for the AOPA Fly-In Aug. 19 and 20 a bit of a treat -- even before you get to the great food, the seminars, the crowd of fellow pilots, and all the rest that AOPA has lined up. A few visual landmarks make it easy to steer clear of restricted airspace. AOPA Online.

Download the Bremerton Fly-In Pilot Information Packet or the notam.

AOPA member finances "Texas-built and proven" Mooney

Aviation eBrief | Aug 18, 2016

Many pilots have a first flight that serves as an inspiration to fly, and so does Danny Schnautz. His first flight was on a Christmas Day in a cousin’s 1940 J4A when he was 18 years old. With a partial scholarship, Schnautz earned an associate's degree in aeronautical technology and his private pilot certificate. Now he is a commercial pilot with 850 hours and owns a Mooney Ovation 2. When it came time to finance his Mooney he chose AOPA Finance because "AOPA was always leading the way and I wasn't ever stuck out there on my own." Read more.

AOPA Flying Clubs are precious resources

Aviation eBrief | Aug 17, 2016

Where is a prospective member of your startup flying club likely to go first to learn whether the organization is a good fit? As soon as that pilot has heard the buzz about your club from a friend or an airport acquaintance, he or she will go online to check out your club’s website, its Facebook page, or other presence on social media. Read more.

Third class medical certificate: Don't fly without it, for now

Aviation eBrief | Aug 16, 2016

While the clock is already running on the FAA's deadline to implement third class medical reform, you can't take advantage of the new law to fly without a third class medical certificate just yet. AOPA Online.

Floatplane flying fun

Aviation eBrief | Aug 15, 2016

Perched on Puget Sound and nearly surrounded by water, it's no wonder Seattle-Bremerton has an abundance of floatplane pilots. Born of necessity and fostered by an active aviation community, at least three flight schools offer seaplane ratings that open up new horizons for pilots. For those interested in broadening their aviation experience while attending the AOPA Fly-In to Bremerton, Washington, Kenmore Air Harbor, Rainier Flight Service, and Seattle Seaplanes can help pilots add a seaplane in as little as two days. Read more.

Tips for structuring a startup flying club

Aviation eBrief | Aug 12, 2016

When a flying club or other group with a formal structure encounters a question about such matters as the duties of its officers or how it should schedule membership meetings, the answers are usually found in the organization’s bylaws. Find out about the AOPA Flying Club 150 Giveaway and additional tips to get your new flying club started on the right track. Read more.

Flight Training Poll to close Aug. 22

Aviation eBrief | Aug 11, 2016

Flight school students and pilots have a few more days to help shape the future of flight training by voting in the 2016 AOPA Flight Training Poll before it closes Aug. 22. The poll's feedback is valuable because it gives a voice to students and allows flight schools to focus on improving their teaching techniques. Participants are entered into a prize giveaway sponsored by Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, Jeppesen, PilotWorkshops, and Sporty's Pilot Shop. Take the poll.

Medical reform shouldn't affect your airplane's insurance

Aviation eBrief | Aug 10, 2016

AOPA Insurance Services surveyed insurance carriers to learn whether third class medical reform would affect aircraft insurance. Nearly across the board, medical reform should have no negative impacts on insurance coverage. Most of AOPA Insurance’s carriers said that if a pilot is in compliance with the FAA regulations (including medical reform when finalized), then that pilot is in compliance with the company’s insurance requirements as well. Read more.

Practice maneuvers...with restraint

Aviation eBrief | Aug 09, 2016

Pilots should always practice emergency maneuvers safely while complying with the federal aviation regulations. Mike Yodice, director of Legal Services Plans at Yodice Associates, provides an example from his own simulated engine-out practice. Read more.

Questions for your flying club

Aviation eBrief | Aug 08, 2016

Of the 14 questions that a startup flying club must answer when filling out the online application for AOPA's Flying Club 150 Giveaway, several are intended to help you think through the details of your club's organization and purpose, as well as ensure your club's eligibility to win a Reimagined Cessna 150. AOPA Online.

Get ready, have fun at Bremerton

Aviation eBrief | Aug 05, 2016

The AOPA Fly-In at Bremerton, Washington, Aug. 19 and 20, is just around the corner! Get an eagle's-eye view of what to expect when flying to Bremerton National Airport, whether arriving from the south, southwest, north, or east. Watch the fly-in procedures video and download the pilot information packet for in-depth details.

Appraisals: What's in it for me?

Aviation eBrief | Aug 04, 2016

Ready to buy a used turbine-powered airplane? Well, both you and lenders will need an appraisal. There are three main paths the appraisal process can take. Learn more.

Get into flying through a flying club

Aviation eBrief | Aug 03, 2016

Flying clubs are one of the very best ways to save money while you fly more, enjoy great access to aircraft, and spend time with friends and family. Whether you’re brand new to flying or you’ve been a pilot for years, flying clubs have something for you. Check out AOPA’s flying clubs resources.

Third class medical reform: A vision realized

Aviation eBrief | Aug 02, 2016

As the FAA begins its work to craft medical reform language into regulation, "it will become even more important for all pilots to be conscientious about the responsibilities these new privileges will require," counsels Gary Crump, director of the AOPA Pilot Information Center Medical Certification Section. Read more.

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