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1. NASA data show Calif. reservoirs contain only a year's worth of water

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 25, 2015

Drought has left California with decreasing levels of groundwater and snowpack as NASA data show the amount of water in California's reservoirs has dwindled to about a one-year supply, writes Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Famiglietti recommends that the state should require water rationing in all sectors, implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 more quickly and form a task force on long-term water needs. Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (03/12)

2. Global construction market update now available

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 11, 2015

Aon's global Construction & Infrastructure Group's latest market report shows softening rates in many areas of the world. The report covers pricing, limits, deductibles and retentions, loss trends, and other metrics for the fourth quarter of 2014, and it offers a forecast for construction risks in 2015. Download a copy.

3. Businesses call for action to end water crisis in Calif.

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 11, 2015

A group of businesses including General Mills, Gap, Symantec, Coca-Cola and Driscoll's is pushing California policymakers to tackle the state's water crisis. Water shortages could have a major impact on businesses with supply chains that reach into California, executives say. "We came to the conclusion we are part of the problem. So we better be part of the solution," said Kelley Bell, Driscoll's vice president of social and environmental impact. (03/06) San Jose Mercury News (Calif.) (free registration) (03/06)

4. Power-plant turbines could begin using supercritical carbon dioxide instead of steam

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 11, 2015 (03/03)

5. Former execs must pay $1.8M over asbestos infractions at Air Force base

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 11, 2015

A federal judge has ordered three former executives of a construction-training firm to pay $1.8 million to people affected by asbestos being removed from an Air Force base in California. The nonprofit sought the services of students who handled the asbestos without wearing adequate protective gear and taking other safety precautions, prosecutors said. The three men have received prison sentences of at least two years each. Courthouse News Service (02/24)

6. 2015 Political Risk Map tracks 163 countries and territories

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 11, 2015

Aon's 2015 Political Risk Map rates political risk in 163 countries and territories. This online interactive map -- a 2014 Business Insurance Innovation Award winner -- includes data going back more than 18 years and enables organizations to track their specific political risk exposures in emerging markets, both on a current and historical basis. The data is updated quarterly and is available on mobile devices. Learn more.

7. Court orders Calif. city to pay $2.5M over underground storage tanks

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 25, 2015

Long Beach, Calif., must pay a $2.5 million penalty related to underground-storage-tank maintenance violations cited by the California Water Resources Control Board, the Los Angeles County Superior Court has ruled. The city is contesting the allegations and weighing an appeal. The city faced tank inspections as a result of a $6.2 million penalty from 2010, which the board says was its first such enforcement action against a public agency. Press-Telegram (Long Beach, Calif.) (03/19)

8. NYC cooperative housing development faces lawsuit over legionella

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 25, 2015

A lawsuit alleges that a cooperative housing development in the Bronx was aware of the presence of legionella before at least eight people were sickened late last year. The plaintiff contends that the cooperative "did not take proper actions to inspect the premise and protect other residents" from bacteria in a cooling tower. The company that owns the property said it knows of no information linking the plaintiff's illness to the cooling tower. Daily News (New York) (03/11)

9. Commentary: Europe should be proud of its environmental regulations

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 11, 2015

Europe's environmental regulations should be a source of pride for the region, cementing the continent's global leadership and conferring a clear economic and competitive edge to the region's businesses, writes Hans Bruyninckx, executive director of the European Environment Agency. "Nowhere else on the planet have 28 countries agreed to such ambitious binding legislation, in areas ranging from hazardous chemicals to water quality, from greenhouse gases to waste management," he writes. Guardian (London), The (03/03)

10. Startup lets people claim a piece of a solar farm

Aon Environmental Risk Advisor | Mar 11, 2015

Boston startup CloudSolar wants to crowdfund a solar farm, with individual backers buying single photovoltaic panels, or even just parts of panels. People who chip in to fund the farm will get their money paid back, with a return on their investment, over the next quarter-century. GigaOm (03/04)

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