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1. Refiners adjust to lower prices, greater uncertainty

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 06, 2015

Publicly traded U.S. refiners have seen their stock dip as oil prices have declined, but companies such as Valero plan to continue expanding in 2015. "We're very cautious about spending money, and we wouldn't be building multimillion-dollar projects if we didn't think they'd provide a solid return," Valero spokesman Bill Day said. Dallas Morning News (free content), The (12/31)

2. Rising ethanol costs slowing down decline in gasoline prices, observers say

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 13, 2015

Higher ethanol costs are slowing down the slump in gasoline prices, industry observers said. Faced with rising ethanol costs, some refiners are turning to Renewable Identification Numbers to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard, pushing up the value of RINs to their highest levels since August 2013. Bloomberg Businessweek (01/07)

3. Oil prices to recover later this year, analysts say

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 13, 2015

Platts (01/08)

4. 10 tips for elevating your career this year

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 06, 2015

Move up the career ladder by trying new things and seeking responsibilities outside your current role. "If all you do is what is listed in your job description, it's impossible to get ahead," points out career author Dan Schawbel. Fast Company online (01/01)

5. Solvay acquires unit of Chevron Phillips Chemical

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 13, 2015 (U.K.) (01/06)

6. Gates-backed treatment design turns sewage into safe drinking water

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 13, 2015

The OmniProcessor is a $1.5 million waste-treatment design that turns human waste into safe drinking water by using squandered energy instead of grid energy. The prototype could have special significance in the developing world because it produces excess electricity and residues that can be used for fertilizer. (01/06) Gates Notes, The (01/05)

7. Analysts: Oil companies to reduce investments amid price decline

AIChE SmartBrief | Dec 30, 2014

Energy companies are expected to cut spending on new exploration and production initiatives by at least 25% next year in the face of falling global oil prices, analysts said. Bernstein Research said an $80-per-barrel price would translate to companies reducing their spending by 20% to $640 billion. Wood Mackenzie also said that if prices dropped to $60 per barrel, the top 40 oil companies would be forced to cut spending by 37% altogether to maintain a flat net debt. Reuters (12/23)

8. Enbridge, Enterprise to deliver Canadian oil to Gulf Coast

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 20, 2015

Enbridge and Enterprise Products Partners last week touted the first high-volume shipments of Canadian oil sands to be delivered to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries through their pipelines connecting in Cushing, Okla. Enbridge's Flanagan South pipeline can carry up to 600,000 barrels of oil per day, while Enterprise's Seaway Twin pipeline can deliver up to 450,000 barrels per day. "This is the linchpin of our market access strategy. We will compete against waterborne imports," said Enbridge President and CEO Al Monaco. Reuters (01/16) American City Business Journals (01/16)

9. Observers see OPEC production cuts this year, poll finds

AIChE SmartBrief | Jan 27, 2015

Most global analysts, traders and investors believe U.S. shale drillers will not immediately cut production in order for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to maintain its production target this year, a quarterly Bloomberg poll found. OPEC will be forced to cut production, according to 49% of the poll participants, of whom 58% said output cuts will most likely happen in the second half of the year. Meanwhile, 34% of respondents said domestic drillers will eventually scale back production. Bloomberg (01/21)

10. Why your resume needs a personal branding statement

AIChE SmartBrief | Dec 30, 2014

Job seekers should include a personal branding statement on their resume that outlines their values and unique skills, writes career expert Elna Cain in this blog. "The personal branding statement is short and attention-grabbing, and highlights your values, uniqueness and expertise level," Cain concludes. Brazen Careerist (12/26)

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