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1. F-35B completes ski jump launch in preparation for carrier deployment

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 24, 2015

Lockheed Martin's F-35B fighter jet has completed its first takeoff from a ski jump, according to a recent announcement by the Defense Department. "This test is one of the milestones along the way for integrating the F-35B aboard UK and Italian aircraft carriers," said DOD spokesman Joe DellaVedova. Defense Tech (06/23)

2. First Ford-class carrier to join USN fleet within a year

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 23, 2015

The $13 billion USS Gerald Ford is less than a year from joining the Navy fleet as the lead ship for the new Ford class of aircraft carriers. The carrier will be the largest in history and includes significant advancements to the Nimitz class. Business Insider (06/22)

3. Explosion of Falcon 9 highlights difficult challenge of space travel

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 29, 2015

The explosion of an unmanned Falcon 9 rocket shortly after liftoff on Sunday underscores the challenges of space flight. SpaceX founder Elon Musk said via Twitter that crash data "suggests counterintuitive cause." Forbes (06/28)

4. Russia at work on nuclear-armed vehicle capable of Mach 10

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 29, 2015

Russia is building a new glide vehicle reportedly capable of going Mach 10 and carrying nuclear warheads. The Defense Department declined to comment on Russia's Yu-71 hypersonic glide vehicle program, which reportedly is being designed to thwart U.S. defense systems. The Washington Times (06/26)

5. ISS astronaut offers spectacular view of aurora

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 25, 2015

Astronaut Scott Kelly captured images of an aurora above Earth's atmosphere from the International Space Station recently, tweeting: "I don't think I will ever see another (aurora) quite like you again." Orlando Sentinel (Fla.) (tiered subscription model) (06/24)

6. Boeing's Muilenburg brings "a deep understanding of military markets" to CEO post

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 25, 2015

New Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg "is the most dynamic executive Boeing has produced in this generation," writes Loren Thompson. "What Muilenburg brings to the table most immediately is a deep understanding of military markets at a time when that part of the enterprise is contributing the lowest share of revenues since the new century began," he writes. Forbes (06/23)

7. Video: Hybrid airship offers new capabilities for air transport

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 23, 2015

Lockheed Martin is ready to take orders for its hybrid airship, which recalls the era of dirigibles. However, the new ships depend on lighter-than-air gas for 80% of the required lift, with the remainder provided by the airfoil shape of the ship and its engines. The ships can carry 21 tons of cargo, take off vertically and don't require a landing strip. The Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model) (06/21)

8. China is closing the gap on U.S. air, space superiority

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 24, 2015

China is rapidly closing the technology and capabilities gap with the U.S. when it comes to air and space defense superiority, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work. The Defense Department, he said, "cannot overlook the competitive aspects of our relationship, especially in the realm of military capabilities, an area in which China continues to improve at a very impressive rate." Reuters (06/23)

9. U.S. lags Russia when it comes to defense spending as percentage of GDP

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 26, 2015

As a measure of GDP, the U.S. is behind Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia when it comes to expenditures for national defense. The U.S. continues to lead the world in total spending, with $571 billion last year, followed by China with $129 billion. Forbes (06/25)

10. U.S. military business attracts international corporations

AIA dailyLead® | Jun 29, 2015

Saab, Siemens, Thales and Safran are among the international conglomerates that have set up subsidiaries in the U.S. in a move to win defense dollars. "We partner with U.S. interests to win programs in the U.S. and internationally," said Saab's Michael Andersson, citing a current partnership with Boeing in pursuit of the T-X aircraft trainer contract. Defense News (06/27)

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