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1. Lockheed's Sikorsky buy could touch off a wave of M&A, observers say

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 27, 2015

Lockheed Martin's $9 billion acquisition of Sikorsky Aircraft could be the first in a wave of major M&A transactions to hit the defense sector, industry observers say. "The potentially precedential character of this merger for corporate strategy is it may signal other companies that the marketplace for large systems integration is gone; if you want to be a major prime contractor in the U.S. defense market going forward, you're going to have to bring a platform," said consultant Steve Grundman. Defense News (07/25)

2. USAF tests Gatling gun being aboard F-35

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 24, 2015

United Press International (07/23)

3. Vertical Lift Consortium pushes DOD toward single cockpit design for helos

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 23, 2015

The Vertical Lift Consortium is urging the Defense Department to move toward a single cockpit design for its Future Vertical Lift initiative, which will replace helicopters for the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines. "Is there a reason why every flying machine has to have a cockpit design team?" said Sikorsky's Nick Lappos, who chairs the consortium. Breaking Defense (07/22)

4. KC-46 program will make money in the long-term, Boeing CEO says

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 24, 2015

Boeing is confident in the outlook for the C-46A tanker program despite overruns of $835 million, according to CEO Dennis Muilenburg. "We do have a lot more work to do as we progress through the remaining ground and flight test phases, but we are on the right path," he said. "We also remain confident in the long-term financial value of the tanker program for our company." Defense News (07/23)

5. Boeing seeks patent on laser-powered jet engine

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 23, 2015

Boeing has filed a patent application in the U.S. for a laser-powered propulsion system that uses vaporized radioactive material to generate hydrogen. In theory, such a design could be self-sustaining. Forbes (07/22)

6. Boeing grapples with overruns in KC-46 program

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 23, 2015

The KC-46 tanker's integrated fuel system is contributing to $835 million in overruns for the program. "We're adding resources [engineers and support staff] needed to support the engineering redesign, manufacturing retrofit and qualification and certification of the fuel system changes and the conclusion of functional and flight testing," said a Boeing spokesperson. Aerospace Daily & Defense Report (07/22)

7. Sikorsky deal shows Lockheed's confidence in its CEO

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 22, 2015

Lockheed Martin's acquisition of Sikorsky Aircraft from United Technologies underscores confidence in CEO Marillyn Hewson, who took the helm in 2013. "She could not have done this acquisition on the first year of her job because Wall Street and the board of directors wanted her to prove herself, and she has," said the Lexington Institute's Loren Thompson. Bloomberg (07/21)

8. Supersonic aircraft seeks niche among business flyers

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 27, 2015

Aerion is now accepting orders for its AS2 super-sonic business jet, a 12-passenger aircraft capable of reaching Mach 1.5. The $120 million aircraft is being developed in partnership with Airbus and should begin test flights in 2019. The Independent (London) (tiered subscription model) (07/25)

9. Long Range Strike-Bomber contract award planned for Sept.

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 23, 2015 (07/22)

10. F-18 production at Boeing to continue amid positive signs from U.S., international buyers

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 23, 2015

Boeing is planning to keep F-18 aircraft in production amid signs from Congress and international buyers that demand will continue. "Based on positive marks from all four defense committees and continued discussions on near-term‎ international sales, we're moving forward with decisions to keep the line open and preserve future options," said a statement from the company. USNI News (07/22)

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