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1. Lockheed's Sikorsky buy could touch off a wave of M&A, observers say

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 27, 2015

Lockheed Martin's $9 billion acquisition of Sikorsky Aircraft could be the first in a wave of major M&A transactions to hit the defense sector, industry observers say. "The potentially precedential character of this merger for corporate strategy is it may signal other companies that the marketplace for large systems integration is gone; if you want to be a major prime contractor in the U.S. defense market going forward, you're going to have to bring a platform," said consultant Steve Grundman. Defense News (07/25)

2. Boeing MOM aircraft could send engine makers back to the drawing board

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 29, 2015

Boeing's potential development of a next-generation "middle of the market" aircraft could prompt a new engine from suppliers, requiring a clean-sheet design. GE Aviation says such an engine could require $1 billion to develop. (U.K.) (07/28)

3. Once-rejected electromagnetic propulsion is now a promising space drive

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 29, 2015

A technology dismissed years ago as impossible has been proved both possible and practical and could be the key to interplanetary space travel. British inventor Roger Shawyer's electromagnetic propulsion drive works by using solar power to "generate multiple microwaves that move back and forth in an enclosed chamber," producing inexhaustible power that could take astronauts to the moon in four hours. The Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model) (07/28)

4. Kendall: China is preparing to keep the U.S. out of the Pacific

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 29, 2015

China is garnering capabilities "that are designed to keep us out of their part of the world," said Frank Kendall, undersecretary of defense for acquisitions. "That suite of capabilities includes capabilities to control space and deny us our space-based communications and sensing capabilities ... it includes the capabilities to attack us with cyber weapons in various ways, it includes long range cruise and ballistic missiles ... designed to attack our high value assets, particularly carriers and air fields," he said. Military Times (07/28)

5. Supersonic aircraft seeks niche among business flyers

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 27, 2015

Aerion is now accepting orders for its AS2 super-sonic business jet, a 12-passenger aircraft capable of reaching Mach 1.5. The $120 million aircraft is being developed in partnership with Airbus and should begin test flights in 2019. The Independent (London) (tiered subscription model) (07/25)

6. Race is on to create hypersonic weapon

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 28, 2015

The U.S., Russia, China and even India are at work on being the first to create a viable hypersonic weapon that could approach targets going Mach 10, speeds that would bring a serious strategic advantage. (08/01)

7. Boeing, Saab on track to fly T-X trainer this year

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 31, 2015

Boeing and Saab are on track to demonstrate their T-X trainer by year's end. "We will fly this year or we will fly the year after," said Boeing's Debbie Rub. "We want to win. We have a partnership with a great company, Saab, [and] we will do what it takes to win." Aviation Week & Space Technology (07/30)

8. Super Hornet, Growler production should continue past 2017, Boeing exec says

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 31, 2015

Boeing is confident that production of Super Hornet and Growler aircraft will continue past 2017 given demand by the U.S. Navy and strong international interest. "We're seeing enough demand signals from the market to make a decision to continue moving forward with production," said Boeing's Daniel Gillian. (07/30)

9. Marine Corps is poised to put F-35 in service

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 28, 2015

The Marine Corps is close to announcing certification for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to begin flying missions, according to Lt. Gen. Jon Davis. "The exchange rates and the kill rates that we had against the adversary aircraft in a multi-mission profile was very, very impressive," he said. "They did very, very well -- great accuracy with the hits." (07/27) Reuters (07/28) Defense News (07/27)

10. Dempsey: World is undergoing a significant shift in security environment

AIA dailyLead® | Jul 30, 2015

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey says "the world is at genuine risk of becoming immune to suffering, and if that happens I don't know where it stops." His comments came at an event in New York. "In my 41 years of military service, I've never witnessed such significant shifts in the international security environment as we are seeing all around us today," he said. (07/29)

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