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1. Calif. Dem plans to divert $589M in F-35 funding to the National Guard

AIA dailyLead® | Apr 29, 2015

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., is planning to divert a proposed $589 million for the F-35 program to fund equipment for the National Guard and Reserve. Speier is targeting funds that would help pay for six additional F-35 fighter jets. Hill, The (04/28)

2. Bell Helicopter announces layoffs for 13% of global workforce

AIA dailyLead® | Apr 29, 2015

Reuters (04/27)

3. Shape-shifting wing promises fuel savings

AIA dailyLead® | Apr 30, 2015

What amounts to an improved wing flap allows pilots to effectively change the shape of a plane's wing in flight to improve performance and save fuel. NASA has just completed tests of the wing and proved its safety and efficiency. United Press International (04/29)

4. Schumer threatens to block appropriations bills

AIA dailyLead® | Apr 30, 2015

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., warned Republican lawmakers that Democrats will block appropriations bills if sequestration is not addressed. "One dollar for defense, one dollar for the middle class," he said. Republicans need six votes from Democrats to pass spending bills. National Journal (04/28)

5. House committee's defense authorization bill "a win for industry"

AIA dailyLead® | May 04, 2015

The House Armed Services Committee is proposing more funding for Navy and Marine Corps fighter jets and helicopters for the National Guard in its latest budget proposal. "As far as authorization bills go, it's a win for industry," said Gordon Adams, a former Clinton administration official. "Industry likes to add up authorization chips so they can say to the appropriators, 'Look what they promised us.' " Hill, The (05/02) Defense News (05/03)

6. American Airlines' new Boeing 787 Dreamliner offers savings on fuel, maintenance

AIA dailyLead® | May 04, 2015

Dallas Morning News (free content), The (05/02)

7. Democrats push for end to sequestration, try to stall defense budget

AIA dailyLead® | May 05, 2015

Democrats in the House and Senate are putting pressure on Republicans to lift sequestration for defense and non-defense spending next year, even as military budget proposals move through the chambers with spending caps intact. "Ultimately the president will not allow Republican leadership to get away with these games," said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md. "I'm confident the president will insist on an economy that works for all Americans." Defense One (05/04)

8. Lockheed delivers 1K Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods

AIA dailyLead® | May 04, 2015

American City Business Journals (05/01)

9. Nonnuclear submarines are in high demand worldwide

AIA dailyLead® | May 05, 2015

ThyssenKrupp is facing a wave of competition in the nonnuclear submarine market from Sweden's Saab and active producers in South Korea, Japan, Russia and France. The worldwide diesel-powered submarine fleet is rising for the first time since the Cold War. Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The (05/01)

10. Top defense suppliers are watching U.S. Navy's "next-generation strike capability"

AIA dailyLead® | Apr 30, 2015 (04/29)

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