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1. CBO evaluated ACA based on tax credits for all, former director says

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 20, 2015

Congressional Budget Office analysts always assumed the Affordable Care Act would extend tax credits to anyone below a certain income level who bought health insurance from a publicly run exchange, regardless of whether the exchange was set up by a state or the federal government, former CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf said. The Hill (05/19)

2. HSAs provide compelling financial benefits

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

Many investors are familiar with tax benefits of common retirement and savings vehicles, such as 529 plans for college funding, 401(k)s and individual retirement accounts. They tend to be less familiar with health-savings accounts, which offer three tax advantages. U.S. News & World Report (05/18)

3. Networking tips for people who hate networking

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 15, 2015

Networking doesn't have to be stressful, says Brandon Stanton, founder of the photo documentary project Humans of New York. Instead of worrying about meeting the right people, follow your passions and do the work you care about, and the people you need to meet will gravitate to you, Stanton argues. "Too many people wait for the right idea to be heard by the right person. But if you just get started, all of that will take care of itself," he says. Forbes (05/13)

4. Tools for digitizing, organizing your receipts

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 20, 2015

Small-business owners have to hold on to receipts, but that can mean collecting a massive amount of paper. This article lists a number of tools for keeping track of expenses and scanning and digitizing receipts. (05/09)

5. How to overcome misconceptions about disability-income insurance

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

Misinformation about disability-income insurance includes the idea that young people don't need it, that group coverage is sufficient and that Social Security provides adequate disability benefits, writes Laura Hahn of The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America. National Underwriter Life & Health (05/20)

6. A guide to the emerging field of social selling

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

Social selling is not a mainstream practice, but sales organizations should prepare for the day when it will be. This guide offers tips to get sales up to speed on this concept and how to implement a social sales strategy. (05/18)

7. Big changes are coming to workplace 401(k) plans

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

When it comes to 401(k) plans, sponsors are planning some changes. Emily Brandon takes a look at what's in store over the next year, including fewer investment product options for savers, more index mutual funds, higher fees, more automatic options, a new Roth option and enhanced communication with employees. U.S. News & World Report (05/18)

8. More employers eye individual market for retiree health care

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 20, 2015

Two-thirds of large employers responding to an Aon Hewitt survey said they might change their retiree health insurance programs, and 35% of those who are considering changes said they might go with a defined-contribution plan through public exchanges. Forbes (05/20)

9. Survey: 22% of employees lack FSA knowledge

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

Many workers still do not take advantage of flexible spending accounts to pay out-of-pocket health costs, a survey found. Some employees worry about FSAs' use-it-or-lose-it rules, but those rules have become more flexible, allowing grace periods and carryovers. (05/19)

10. 7 insurers apply to sell health plans on Iowa's exchange

AHIP Agents and Brokers SmartBrief | May 18, 2015

Seven health insurers have submitted applications to sell individual or small-group plans for 2016 through Iowa's Affordable Care Act marketplace, according to the insurance commissioner's office. The Gazette (Cedar Rapids-Marion, Iowa) (05/15)

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