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Tax time casts spotlight on health insurance mandate

Advanced Tissue SmartBrief | Apr 19, 2017

Although the federal government was expected to step up enforcement of the individual mandate for the 2016 plan year, President Donald Trump's administration will not kick tax forms back to Americans who fail to check a box on Form 1040 indicating they carried insurance for the whole year. The 2016 tax year penalty is $695 per adult or 2.5% percent of household income, whichever is greater.

CMS temporarily stops preclaim reviews for home health

Advanced Tissue SmartBrief | Apr 12, 2017

Patients should control end-of-life care, Sebelius says

Advanced Tissue SmartBrief | Apr 12, 2017

Patients should be directing end-of-life care, not the government or physicians, said former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who as part of the Aspen Institute's Health Strategy Group spent 2016 studying end-of-life care. Sebelius said that Medicare and Medicaid payments for end-of-life care should not favor any particular setting and that while the government can help increase awareness of palliative care options, it should not be involved in decision-making.

Primary care doctors ready to offer palliative care

Advanced Tissue SmartBrief | Apr 12, 2017

There is a shortage of palliative care specialists, meaning palliative services may only be available to patients in a hospital or hospice setting, writes Dr. Glen Stream, president and board chair of Family Medicine for America's Health. Primary care physicians, who have long-term relationships with patients, are in a good position to provide basic palliative care, Stream writes.

CMS sets deadline for MIPS registration for group reporting this year

Advanced Tissue SmartBrief | Apr 12, 2017

Groups of eligible clinicians who plan to use the CMS' Group Web Interface or administer the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems to report performance data for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System this year are required to register by June 30. "Eligible clinicians who participate as a group will be assessed at a group level across all four MIPS performance categories," and one payment adjustment will be received for the group's performance, according to the CMS.

Bill aimed at improving Medicare LCD process introduced in Senate

Advanced Tissue SmartBrief | Apr 05, 2017

A bipartisan bill was introduced in the Senate that would improve the transparency of the local coverage determination process by requiring Medicare Administrative Contractors to hold public meetings and disclose their reasoning behind an LCD, among other provisions.

Genentech's autoimmune disorder drug wins FDA breakthrough status

Advanced Tissue SmartBrief | Mar 29, 2017

Genentech's Rituxan, or rituximab, received a breakthrough therapy designation from the FDA for the treatment of the rare and life-threatening autoimmune disorder pemphigus vulgaris. An ongoing late-stage study is evaluating Rituxan's efficacy and safety compared with mycophenolate mofetil in patients who have moderate to severe active forms of the disorder and who require up to 120 mg of oral prednisone or its equivalent daily.

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