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Start saving with the AdvaMed Purchasing Group

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 28, 2017

The AdvaMed Purchasing Group is a new member-only benefit that helps companies purchase the very best goods and services from nationally recognized suppliers at the very best cost, using a trusted and proven vetting system and the collective purchasing power of our membership. Participation is free for AdvaMed members, and there are no minimum commitments. Get started today.

2017 Women's Executive Network Conference

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 28, 2017

June 20 | Cambridge, Mass.
Across this unique one-day event, we'll feature a range of executives from across the medical device and corporate world discussing various issues pertaining to gender diversity in the leadership and executive ranks across our industry. We welcome men and women from across medtech to participate in this highly interactive and discussion-based event. Learn more.

AdvaMed 2017 Payment Policy Conference

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 27, 2017

May 16-17 | Baltimore, Md.
As the reimbursement and coverage landscapes for the medical technology industry are continuously changing, AdvaMed's 3rd Annual Payment Policy Conference will convene device manufacturers, hospitals, insurers, the CMS and Capitol Hill for in-depth discussion and analysis of these key issues. The need for a medical device to demonstrate how it improves efficiency and quality of care is only increasing as the industry moves toward alternative payment models in this changing payer world. Join us for a day and a half of learning, insights and networking.

Executive Communications Workshop

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 26, 2017

May 11 | Washington, D.C.
During this one-day intensive and interactive workshop, attendees will learn and get advice directly from top female leaders from across medtech. Across the day, attendees will analyze their image and voice projection when talking to C-suite executives, learn techniques for communicating with the FDA and senior executives to get submissions and decisions cleared faster, and discover ways to protect their personal brand and company. Learn more.

Integrating Human Factors Into Medical Device Design Control And Beyond Workshop

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 25, 2017

June 6-7 | Golden Valley, Minn.
Maintaining effective design control procedures is a key element of the quality system regulation. This interactive workshop takes attendees step by step through all aspects of design control, emphasizing how it interacts with other quality system elements and other company functions. Learn more.

10th Annual FDA/AdvaMed Medical Devices and Diagnostics Statistical Issues Conference

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2017

April 26-27 | Washington, D.C.
Join us to celebrate our 10th year of the Annual FDA-AdvaMed Medical Devices and Diagnostics Statistics Conference. This annual conference brings together leading authorities from the FDA, industry and academia to address statistical topics through two tracks -- therapeutic device and diagnostics. Learn more.

Medical Device Complaints, MDRs & Reports Workshop

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 21, 2017

May 23-24 | Washington, D.C.
How do you implement and measure the effectiveness of a complaint-handling system covering a diverse set of possible products and problems? How are complaint files managed across multiple domestic and international facilities? When do complaints rise to the level of MDRs, and how do you handle recalls? What are the current FDA enforcement trends in these areas? Industry experts and FDA staff will explore these issues during this two-day workshop. Learn more.

Reimbursement 201: A Deeper Dive into the Reimbursement Landscape

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 14, 2017

June 28-29 | Washington, D.C.
This next-level reimbursement workshop was created with the more advanced professional in mind. You'll walk away from this workshop with more insight into the complex and critical nature of coverage issues and policy. Learn more.

FDA Submissions Strategy Workshop

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 11, 2017

April 18-19 | Washington, D.C.
Effective navigation of the FDA application process requires an approach that is both thoughtful and strategic. This workshop is designed to prepare you for the development and execution of effective submission strategies for your Investigation Device Exemptions (IDEs), Premarket Approvals (PMAs), Humanitarian Device Exemptions (HDEs) and Premarket Notifications (510(k)s). Learn more.

Reimbursement 101: A Primer on Medical Device Reimbursement

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 10, 2017

June 27-28 | Washington, D.C.
During this workshop, you will be provided with the roadmap and practical applications to successfully navigate the many potential reimbursement pitfalls. After an overview of current reimbursement issues, you'll hear from industry veterans and reimbursement professionals who will discuss case studies and real-life scenarios. Learn more.

MedTech Innovation Summit: Diving Into the Ever-Changing Health Care Landscape and the New Digital Frontier

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 07, 2017

April 11-12 | Washington, D.C.
Whether you're a large device company or an emerging medtech organization, one thing is true: The industry is changing and evolving, creating an ever-changing landscape, bringing with it new challenges. The AdvaMed MedTech Innovation Summit will bring together professionals from across the industry to provide key perspectives to advance industry discussion through detailed panel sessions, executive interviews and more.

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