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Women's Leadership Development Conference

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 24, 2016

June 15 | Washington, D.C.
Join us on June 15 in Washington. D.C., for our inaugural Women's Leadership Development Conference. In this unique one-day event, we'll feature a range of executives from across the medical device and corporate world to discuss various issues pertaining to gender diversity in the leadership and executive ranks of our industry. We welcome men and women of all levels to participate in this highly interactive and discussion-based event. Learn more.

Integrating Human Factors into Medical Device Design Control and Beyond Workshop

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 24, 2016

June 7-8 | Golden Valley, Minn.
Maintaining effective design control procedures is a key element of the quality system regulation. This interactive workshop takes attendees step by step through all aspects of design control, emphasizing how it interacts with other quality system elements and other company functions. Understanding the user, the environment and the desired outcomes will, at the earliest phases of development, allow the process to integrate critical findings and expedite a safe end product to market that precisely meets user needs. This workshop will demonstrate how and when to build human factors into a development program with examples and group exercises. Learn more.

MedTech Compliance 201: A Deeper Dive into the Compliance Landscape

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 23, 2016

Sept. 21 | AdvaMed office, Washington, D.C.
Those who manage health care compliance in medical device companies know that their work involves many complexities and that absolute issue resolutions can be elusive. This advanced one-day program will tackle some of the thornier pressing problems confronting compliance departments across the industry. During each in-depth interactive session, a single topic will receive a thorough analysis of the associated problems and approaches to manage the predictable risks and unintended consequences. Learn more.

MedTech Compliance 101: Boot Camp

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 23, 2016

Sept. 19-20 | AdvaMed office, Washington, D.C.
Whether you have recently taken on compliance responsibilities, are about to set up a new compliance structure or revamp your existing program, or simply need a refresh, this course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the compliance framework and practical approaches for addressing challenges and effectively managing compliance in a medical device company. This 1.5-day program offers individuals from start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies an intense review of the fundamentals of compliance for medical device companies. Learn more.

Reimbursement 201: A Deeper Dive into the Reimbursement Landscape

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 20, 2016

June 29-30 | San Francisco, Calif.
This next-level reimbursement workshop was created with the more advanced professional in mind. You'll walk away from this workshop with more insight into the complex and critical nature of coverage issues and policy. Learn more.

Reimbursement 101: A Primer on Medical Device Reimbursement

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 20, 2016

June 28-29 | San Francisco, Calif.
During this workshop, you will be provided with the road map and practical applications to successfully navigate the many potential reimbursement pitfalls. After an overview of current reimbursement issues, you'll hear from industry veterans and reimbursement professionals who will discuss case studies and real-life scenarios. Learn more.

Compliance Executive Speaker Series

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 17, 2016

May 18 | Sunnyvale, Calif.
Participants will have the opportunity to dissect some of the most pressing legal and compliance challenges facing their collective organizations stemming from emerging regulatory requirements, increasing concerns surrounding legal and commercial vulnerabilities due to cybersecurity concerns, an evolving risk paradigm concerning arrangements with third parties in the US and abroad, and considerations to factor into trade secret protection in light of increasing employment mobility. Learn more.

Executive Communications Skill Building Workshop

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 13, 2016

May 16 | Minneapolis, Minn.
In this one-day workshop, participants will prepare and practice so they can be themselves, but their best selves, when communicating. The workshop will include a didactic/interactive session, a networking lunch, small-group executive speaker roundtables and opportunities for each individual participant to perform on camera and receive in-the-moment feedback and critique. Learn more.

Avoiding and Managing FDA Compliance Problems webinar

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 06, 2016

May 9 | 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. ET
During this one-hour webinar, you will learn from a former FDA consumer safety officer of 20 years what it takes to proactively improve your systems to avoid problems and proficiently manage issues if they happen to occur. First-hand experiences and best-practice strategic and tactical solutions will be given for possible compliance problems. You'll also learn to investigate emerging oversight trends, common problems, classic times in the business cycle when compliance issues arise and other specific challenges. Learn more.

9th Annual FDA/AdvaMed Medical Devices and Diagnostics Statistical Issues Conference

AdvaMed SmartBrief | May 02, 2016

May 3-4 | Arlington, Va.
This annual workshop brings together leading authorities from the FDA, industry and academia to address statistical topics through two tracks: therapeutic device and diagnostics. Robert M. Califf, deputy commissioner for medical products and tobacco for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, will be the keynote speaker. Learn more.

Statistical Methods in Economic Evaluations Workshop

AdvaMed SmartBrief | Apr 29, 2016

May 2 | Arlington, Va.
Economic evaluations play an integral role in informing health care policy decisions. These studies often rely on data from clinical trials, prospective registries and secondary data. The availability of patient-level data allows analysts to apply conventional and innovative statistical methods to patient-level data. Using examples, the faculty will examine statistical approaches that address common features of resource use and cost data, including distributional characteristics, censoring, hierarchical data structures and potential confounding. Additional statistical issues that arise when combining patient-level estimates of costs and effectiveness will also be discussed. Learn more.

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