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Plastics makers welcome New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize

ACC SmartBrief | May 19, 2017

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and The Prince of Wales's International Sustainability Unit on Thursday jointly announced the $2 million "New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize," funded by US philanthropist Wendy Schmidt. Recognizing that plastics demand is expected to double in the next 20 years, this initiative aims to advance the design and recycling of plastics -- particularly packaging -- to keep valuable material out of the ocean. The American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division, which represents leading resin producers, welcomed the initiative and issued the following statement, which may be attributed to Steve Russell, vice president of plastics:

"America's plastics makers welcome efforts to promote innovation and advance the sustainability and recycling of plastics. We applaud those who are working to keep plastics out of our oceans and waterways. The New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize is a welcome step toward treating used plastics as valuable resources for creating new, useful products." Read more

New report shows potential for major Appalachian petrochemical industry

ACC SmartBrief | May 18, 2017

An economic report released today by the American Chemistry Council shows that the Appalachian region could become a second center of US petrochemical and plastic resin manufacturing, similar to the Gulf Coast. ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley presented the findings at a Capitol Hill press event with lawmakers including Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va.

"The Appalachian region has distinct benefits that could make it a major petrochemical and plastic resin-producing zone," Dooley began. "Proximity to a world-class supply of raw materials from the Marcellus/Utica and Rogersville shale formations and to the manufacturing markets of the Midwest and East Coast has already led several companies to announce investment projects, and there is potential for a great deal more." Read more.

ACC continues strong opposition to DTSC's proposed priority products designation for spray polyurethane foam insulation at public hearing

ACC SmartBrief | May 17, 2017

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control recently hosted a public hearing for comments on its proposal to list spray polyurethane foam insulation materials containing unreacted methylene diphenyl diisocyanates, a key component in SPF, as a priority product under the state's Safer Consumer Products Program. "We continue to firmly oppose DTSC's decision to propose SPF systems containing unreacted MDI as a Priority Product based on the proffered justification for the listing." Read more.

US specialty chemicals markets rise for third consecutive month, start second quarter on strong note

ACC SmartBrief | May 17, 2017

The American Chemistry Council reported that US specialty chemicals market volumes started the second quarter on a strong note, rising 0.6% in April and following similar gains in March and February. Volumes have generally been moving up since last May. Read more.

US government laboratory determines plastics-to-fuel technology helps reduce GHG emissions, save water and conserve traditional fuels

ACC SmartBrief | May 16, 2017

Argonne National Laboratory, part of the US Department of Energy, has determined that using pyrolysis to convert non-recycled plastics into ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel results in significant energy and environmental benefits. These include reductions of up to 14% in greenhouse gas emissions, up to 58% in water consumption and up to 96% in traditional energy use when compared to ULSD from conventional crude oil. Read more.

ACC applauds confirmation of USTR Lighthizer

ACC SmartBrief | May 12, 2017

ACC and our members applaud the US Trade Representative confirmation of Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, who has a long history of advocating in support of industries that create jobs and drive economic growth. Ambassador Lighthizer's confirmation could not have come at a more exciting time for the US business of chemistry. US chemical production is expected to increase dramatically as more than 280 natural-gas related projects come online in the next few years. Read more.

ACC disappointed in Senate vote on methane rule, looks forward to action by administration

ACC SmartBrief | May 11, 2017

The American Chemistry Council issued the following statement in response to Wednesday's Senate vote regarding a Bureau of Land Management rule to regulate methane venting and flaring from oil and gas operations on public lands. "We are disappointed that the Senate fell short of the votes needed to repeal BLM's methane rule. We commend Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) for his leadership on a resolution that could have helped ensure abundant and affordable energy for households and businesses." Read more.

Plastics makers welcome Fla. bill that will help increase recovery of post-use nonrecycled plastics

ACC SmartBrief | May 08, 2017

The Florida House and Senate last week passed Resource Recovery and Management (HB 335). The American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division welcomed the legislation. Read ACC's statement.

ACC honors BASF with award for outstanding employee-safety initiative

ACC SmartBrief | May 04, 2017

The American Chemistry Council honored BASF Corporation with its 2017 Responsible Care Initiative of the Year Award, in recognition of the company's customized environmental, health and safety culture change program, the Exposure Reduction Process. "BASF's commitment to employee health, safety and security is clearly an integral part of how it does business and it is evident in the company's performance over the past four years," said ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley. "We are pleased to recognize BASF as a leader in behavior-based safety and driving a culture of continuous improvement in the safe management of its products and operations through Responsible Care." ERP drives culture change through leadership development and employee engagement, enabling BASF facilities to shift its focus "upstream," before an incident or injury occurs, to influence at-risk behaviors or unsafe conditions. Read more.

CHEMTREC featured at COSTHA 2017 Annual Forum & Expo

ACC SmartBrief | May 02, 2017

CHEMTREC, the definitive information resource and solutions provider for hazardous materials and dangerous goods response, will be featured at this year's Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles conference and expo, April 30 to May 3 at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Paradise Valley in Scottsdale, Ariz. At Booth 101 in the exhibition hall, CHEMTREC staff will be on hand to provide information and answer questions about the services provided by this round-the-clock resource linked to the largest network of chemical and hazardous material experts in the world. You can also find more information online. GlobalChem is the chemical industry's premier policy and regulatory conference.

US specialty chemicals markets finish first quarter on strong note

ACC SmartBrief | Apr 26, 2017

The American Chemistry Council reported that US specialty chemicals market volumes ended the first quarter on a strong note, rising 0.6% in March. This follows a similar 0.6% gain in February. Volumes have generally been moving up since May. All changes in the data are reported on a three-month moving-average basis. Of the 28 specialty chemical segments we monitor, 20 expanded in March, five markets experienced decline and three were flat. During March, large gains (1% and over) occurred in mining chemicals and oilfield chemicals. The overall specialty chemicals volume index was up 1.9% on a year-over-year 3MMA basis. The index stood at 106.1% of its average 2012 levels. This is equivalent to 7.34 billion pounds (3.33 million metric tons). Read more.

ACC's Responsible Care and AWO's Responsible Carrier program extend environmental, health, safety and security cooperation

ACC SmartBrief | Apr 25, 2017

The American Waterways Operators and The American Chemistry Council have renewed for three years a memorandum of agreement to promote environmental, health, safety and security performance through ACC's Responsible Care and AWO's Responsible Carrier Program. This agreement was originally executed in 2006 and subsequently renewed in 2010 and 2013. The MOA extends cooperation and collaboration between chemical shippers and carriers and provides ACC's Responsible Care Partner companies in the marine sector the option of using AWO's Responsible Carrier Program audit system to meet ACC's Responsible Care certification requirements. Chemicals account for roughly 10% of total barge traffic, with 70 million tons moved by barge in 2014. Learn more.

Economic indicator marks strong opening to 2nd quarter, up more than 5% over last year

ACC SmartBrief | Apr 25, 2017

The Chemical Activity Barometer, a leading economic indicator created by the American Chemistry Council, marked the second quarter by posting a robust 5.6% year-over-year gain, suggesting continued growth through year-end 2017. The barometer posted a 0.4% gain in April, following three successive months of upward revisions to the monthly data. All data is measured on a three-month moving average. On an unadjusted basis, the CAB climbed 0.2% in April. Learn more.

Chemical industry leaders honored for exceptional environmental, health, safety initiatives

ACC SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2017

At the 2017 Responsible Care Conference & Expo, the American Chemistry Council recognized chemical industry leaders for exceptional performance in chemical management, including environmental, health, safety and security initiatives. "Responsible Care is our industry's commitment to develop products that benefit society, in facilities that operate in a safe, secure, environmentally sound manner," said Michael Graff, chair of ACC's Board Committee on Responsible Care and chairman and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings, based in Houston. "The companies and individuals honored today are leaders in driving continuous improvement in the safety and sustainability of our industry's products and operations through Responsible Care." See this year's winners.

US chemical production downshifts in March

ACC SmartBrief | Apr 24, 2017

According to the American Chemistry Council, the US Chemical Production Regional Index slipped by 0.2% in March, following a downwardly revised 0.3% decline in February and a 0.2% gain in January, as measured on a three-month moving-average basis. During March, growth in the Gulf Coast and Ohio Valley regions partially offset production declines in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Northeast and West Coast regions. Read more.

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