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1. Experts: Urine, not chlorine, responsible for red, stinging eyes at pool

ACC SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other groups are urging people to stop urinating in pools as it depletes the chlorine and produces an irritant that can sting people's eyes. Meanwhile, the smell commonly thought to come from chlorine is actually from "chemicals that form when chlorine mixes with pee, sweat and dirt from swimmers' bodies," said Chris Wiant, Chair of the Water Quality and Health Council. Therefore, pool users should shower before getting in and refrain from urinating in the pool, experts advise.

2. ACC: U.S. plastics industry to add 462,000 jobs

ACC SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

The rise of the U.S. plastics industry and increase in chemical manufacturing will add 462,000 jobs across the nation in the next 10 years, according to data from the American Chemistry Council. More than $130 billion chemical-related investments have been proposed in the U.S. since 2010. "Companies are reshoring jobs to the United States as new manufacturing is increasingly being located here at home," said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for ACC. Natural Gas Intelligence (05/18)

3. S.C. brewery uses chemicals to age Kentucky bourbon in hours, not years

ACC SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

National Public Radio (05/17)

4. Senate GOP: Too much politics, not enough science in EPA rulemaking

ACC SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

Politics play too big a role in the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed regulations, say a group of Senate Republicans. But the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act would "assist [the agency] in crafting and issuing appropriate environmental regulations," said Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., chairman of an Environment and Public Works Committee subpanel, during a hearing on the bill. The White House has issued a veto threat for the bill, which would overhaul the EPA's scientific advisers. The Hill (05/20)

5. PTT Global seeks third partner for $5B Ohio ethane cracker

ACC SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

PTT Global Chemical and Marubeni plan to choose a third partner for a proposed $5 billion ethane cracker project in Ohio. The project, planned for Belmont County, could bring hundreds of long-term jobs to the area. American City Business Journals (05/18)

6. 8 things leaders must learn to let go of

ACC SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

Being attached to perceptions and reputation weakens you and limits your leadership potential, writes Scott Mabry. Figure out what you're clinging to -- such as control, fear, ego or a particular outcome -- and learn to approach people and situations without preconceptions or filters, Mabry writes. "Accountability, vision, values, influence, etc., still apply. Only now, they can be expressed free of a personal agenda grounded in fear and scarcity," Mabry argues. Soul To Work blog (05/18)

7. Cleaning firms develop innovative chemicals for safer products

ACC SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

A number of companies are developing new chemical substances to meet the growing consumer demand for safer products. For example, AkzoNobel has begun marketing a phosphate-free chelate used in dishwashing detergent and Seventh Generation has used a chemical to replace the surfactant sodium lauryl ether sulfate. Environmental Defense Fund (05/14)

8. Borealis forms JV to build ammonia plant on Gulf Coast

ACC SmartBrief | May 21, 2015

Borealis and Agrifos Partners are in the early stages of forming a joint venture to build a world-scale ammonia production facility on the Texas Gulf Coast. Borealis would have rights to 40% of the ammonia from the site to help expand its global nitrogen business. Chemical Week (05/21)

9. Video: Netherlands researcher is developing living concrete

ACC SmartBrief | May 19, 2015

Microbiologist Henk Jonkers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has developed a concrete that repairs itself, thanks to capsules of bacillus bacteria and calcium lactate embedded in the material. If water enters the concrete and cracks develop, the capsules create limestone to repair the cracks. A small lifeguard station recently built on a beach is claimed to be the world's first building to use self-healing concrete. CNN (05/14)

10. How CEOs can learn to ask the right questions

ACC SmartBrief | May 20, 2015

Leadership isn't about having all the answers -- it's about asking all the right questions, writes Himanshu Saxena. To do so, CEOs need to be able to listen effectively, to sense unseen challenges and cultural trends, and to keep their eyes peeled. "CEOs must always be on the lookout for what is portrayed in rosy pictures painted by employees as well as what is deliberately being hidden in the shadow of growth and success," Saxena explains. Ivey Business Journal (May/June 2015)

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