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AHCA won't help patients who need it most

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 24, 2017

We asked our new physician bloggers -- who work in vastly different types of practices in locations across the country -- how the American Health Care Act would affect their patients. Most said the legislation would hurt the poor, the elderly and the disabled. Read what they had to say in the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post.

AAFP Family Medicine Certification CME

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 23, 2017

Developed specifically for family physicians, AAFP CME prides itself on providing relevant, high-quality, evidence-based education in formats that work best for your individual learning style. Key learnings are easily applied directly into your practice -- improving both your patient care and patient outcomes. Choose your topic, credits and format with AAFP CME.

It's a good time to get help ordering vaccine for next flu season

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 22, 2017

As influenza season winds down, it's not too early to begin planning for the next one. Many flu vaccine makers are able to help by providing planning tools and discounts for physicians who place their orders early. See Family Practice Management's Getting Paid blog for additional details.

Family Medicine Advocacy Summit | Early bird deadline approaching

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 22, 2017

Speak up for family medicine, your patients and your practice in Washington, D.C., May 22-23. Attend the Family Medicine Advocacy Summit (formerly known as the Family Medicine Congressional Conference) to better understand federal advocacy; learn about current priorities for family medicine; and gain practical, hands-on experience in the legislative process -- all in two days. Register by April 7 and save.

AAFP Emergency and Urgent Care course | Save $100

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 21, 2017

Attend the AAFP's Emergency and Urgent Care course in Tampa, Fla., April 26-29. Learn best practices on relevant clinical topics, including acute respiratory infections, opioid management and more. Earn up to 25.75 AAFP Prescribed credits. Save $100 when you register by March 29.

Mastering the art of communication takes compassion

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 20, 2017

Whether delivering a difficult diagnosis or bridging actual language barriers, Kurt Bravata, M.D., writes in the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post that clear communication between physicians and patients and their families is critical.

Take a deep breath, relax and trust the magic of the Match

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 17, 2017

Match Day is finally upon us, and the trepidation among students at medical schools across the country has been palpable. In the latest Leader Voices Blog post, Stewart Decker, M.D., offers four thoughts for students to ponder as they receive their results.

Call for abstracts | FM Global Health Workshop

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 16, 2017

Submit your abstracts for the 2017 AAFP Family Medicine Global Health Workshop in Houston, Oct. 5-7. Take advantage of this great opportunity to network with seasoned global health professionals and peers with similar interests. Submit your abstract by May 15.

Registration open for the 2017 AAFP FMX

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 15, 2017

Hear integrative medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra, M.D., speak on the Future of Well-being -- a critical topic in family medicine -- at the 2017 AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX), Sept. 12-16 in San Antonio. Save big if you register by June 30. Learn more.

Help students cut through the bull: FPs are in demand

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 14, 2017

Subspecialists in academia have tried to steer students away from primary care for decades. John Cullen, M.D., writes in the latest Leader Voices Blog post that physician educators need new material because the demand for family medicine isn't going away.

Register for the Annual Wellness Visit webinar

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 13, 2017

Stop leaving money on the table. Discover the benefits of Medicare annual wellness visits, and improve your practice's financial health. Register now.

Receive special pricing on payment processing services

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 10, 2017

Through the AAFP Member Advantage program, Bank of America Merchant Services offers customized debit and credit card processing rates. To learn more, email Bank of America or call 1-888-317-5402.

Primary care needs a raise -- all of us

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 09, 2017

Family physicians and the rest of the primary care team deserve better compensation. Natasha Bhuyan, M.D., writes in the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post that investing more money in primary care would benefit not only physicians, but also their patients, staff and communities.

Physicians must refute 'alternative facts' about vaccines

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 08, 2017

Mott Blair, M.D., recalls an era when people literally lined up for a life-saving vaccine. Now, he says in the latest Leader Voices Blog post, too many people are denying the science behind immunizations.

AAFP Family Medicine Update | Washington, D.C.

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 07, 2017

Learn from expert faculty presenting the latest clinical information on a number of emerging topics, including smoking cessation, obesity, medical marijuana and ADHD. Attend the Family Medicine Update course in Washington, D.C. (Reston, Va.), June 20-24. Earn up to 30.5 AAFP Prescribed credits (includes optional session participation). Register early to save.

Taking a sexual history in primary care settings: Where to start?

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 06, 2017

As a physician, you know what questions to ask when taking a sexual history, but are you comfortable asking them? In this guest editorial, Donna Sweet, M.D., outlines how to acquire the information needed to ensure you can provide appropriate care for your patients.

CMS to provide QPP training for small practices

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 03, 2017

CMS recently announced the first $20 million in grants to provide hands-on training to solo and small-group practices on how to comply with the Quality Payment Program established pursuant to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act. Eleven organizations have been tapped to provide this education across the country. See Family Practice Management's Getting Paid blog for more.

AAFP Emergency and Urgent Care course | Tampa, Fla.

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2017

Emergency and Urgent Care is a hands-on course that allows you to improve patient satisfaction while learning the latest required updates. Learn best practices on relevant clinical topics, including acute respiratory infections, opioid management and more. Attend the AAFP's Emergency and Urgent Care course in Tampa, Fla., April 26-29. Earn up to 25.75 AAFP Prescribed credits. Register early to save.

ACOG confirms what FPs know: Most births need little intervention

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Mar 01, 2017

Robert Raspa, M.D., welcomed new maternity care guidance from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that says "many common obstetric practices are of limited or uncertain benefit for low-risk women in spontaneous labor." Find out more in the latest Leader Voices Blog post.

Where does your practice stand in 2017? Find out

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Feb 28, 2017

Watch a free AAFP webcast, The New Administration, Congress and Family Medicine, to quickly and easily get a breakdown of how the incoming administration will affect your career -- your practice and your patients. Gain a full oversight of the 115th Congress, legislators' intentions, and how their potential actions will directly influence the family physician's daily practice. View now.

I'm standing up for direct primary care

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2017

Ryan Neuhofel, D.O., M.P.H., knows legislators won't significantly improve our health care system on their own. In the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post, he writes that success requires persistent grassroots advocacy, and family physicians need to be a part of that.

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