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ICD-10 webinar | Get specific. Get paid.

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Dec 05, 2016

Register now for ICD-10: Increased specificity paves the way for increased reimbursement and learn how accurate, specific diagnosis coding positively affects reimbursement. Scheduled for Dec. 7 from noon to 1 p.m. CT, this AAFP webinar will explain how adding simple keywords to existing documentation supports better, more specific coding. The more specifically you document your work, the more you'll get paid. Register today.

AAFP CareerLink is giving away a free iPad

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Dec 02, 2016

What's better than building the perfect resumé? Standing out from the crowd. Ensure job seekers find your resume on AAFP CareerLink -- the AAFP's powerful interactive job search engine. Upload your resume today and be automatically entered to win a free iPad.

FPs can shape social determinants of health outside the clinic

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Dec 01, 2016

Social factors can influence health more than medical advances, and family physicians have the perspective and influence needed to address social determinants of health beyond the exam room. In the latest Leader Voices Blog post, Stewart Decker, M.D., details ways FPs can wield their power to make a difference when treating patients and through community leadership and advocacy.

New tool helps patients discuss end-of-life care

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 30, 2016

Help your patients ensure their end-of-life wishes are fulfilled with the Conversation Starter Kit. Download it today to help them with these conversations.

Doing my part to help physician workforce reflect diverse population

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 28, 2016

When minority physicians treat patients of the same minority group, patient satisfaction often improves and care is more culturally proficient. Unfortunately, writes Joyce Robert, M.D., C.L.C., in the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post, there is a dearth of minority doctors.

Bare necessity: Communication is critical in a crisis

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 23, 2016

Wildlife lessons learned since a move to the small frontier community of Valdez, Alaska, have taught John Cullen, M.D., that communication is the key to survival. Brown bears and grizzlies have plenty to say about techniques for getting through life's difficulties to those who know how to listen. Read more in the latest Leader Voices Blog post.

Refinance your student loans with SoFi

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 22, 2016

Still paying student loans? Let SoFi, in partnership with the AAFP, help you consolidate and refinance your loans into manageable payments. Learn more about how SoFi can help.

Overactive bladder learning activity | Start today

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 22, 2016

Participate in the AAFP learning activity Overactive Bladder: Patient-Centric Management to better assess and care for your patients who struggle with OAB. Earn 1.5 AAFP Prescribed credits, as well as up to 2 additional AAFP Prescribed credits when you complete the Translation to Practice process.
This CME activity is supported by an educational grant to the AAFP from Astellas.

Experience Live CME with the AAFP

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 21, 2016

AAFP Live CME features up-to-date, evidence-based sessions created specifically for family physicians. Attend optional clinical procedural workshops to hone learning and gain hands-on experience. Earn CME, network with colleagues, and gain practical know-how you can apply directly to your practice -- all in just a few days. Upcoming courses include Adult Medicine, Musculoskeletal and Sports Care, and Emergency and Urgent Care. Register now.

Community finds right prescription to fight hunger

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 18, 2016

More than 15 percent of Oregonians live below the federal poverty level -- more than the national average. And a recent poll found that 28 percent of those who visit food pantries worry about where their next meal will come from. Melissa Hemphill, M.D., writes in the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post that a simple screening tool, a healthy teaching kitchen and a "food pharmacy" are giving physicians the ability to address their patients' food insecurity.

Ready to consolidate your student loans?

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 17, 2016

Save thousands by refinancing your student loans with SoFi, an AAFP-approved partner. AAFP members receive an additional 0.125% discount with SoFi. Learn more about how SoFi can help you refinance your student loans.

Lead by example: Train students to report medical errors

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 16, 2016

Ninety percent of medical students reported observing adverse events in a recent study, but only 51 percent reported them. This conundrum is not new; more than a decade ago, a case study concluded that medical students' value in ensuring patient safety is often overlooked. Gary LeRoy, M.D., explores this topic in the latest Leader Voices Blog post.

Boards this April? The AAFP can help.

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 15, 2016

Acquire effective test-taking strategies. Compare your responses with those of your peers, assess your knowledge base, and identify knowledge gaps. Attend an AAFP Board Review Express course. New in 2017! Keep on learning long after your course is over. Start receiving complimentary online access to the Board Review Self-Study Package ($795 value for AAFP members) on the first day of your course. Register today.

AAFP focused on reducing administrative burden under MACRA

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 14, 2016

AAFP President John Meigs, M.D., shares a response he made recently to a member with concerns about how the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act and its emphasis on value-based payment will affect family physicians already experiencing symptoms of burnout. Specifically, Meigs offers reassurances regarding MACRA's likely effects on direct patient care and the primary care shortage. Read more of what he has to say.

Don't let implicit bias shape physician workforce -- or patient care

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 11, 2016

A study at Ohio State University College of Medicine revealed implicit white preference by the admissions committee. AAFP student Board member Lauren Abdul-Majeed writes in the latest Leader Voices Blog post that after the results were known, the next class was the school's most diverse ever.

Increase clinical knowledge with UpToDate

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 10, 2016

Register today for UpToDate, a physician-authored clinical resource for point-of-care decisions. Earn CME credit and improve patient care.

Gout management webcast | Watch today

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 09, 2016

Watch the AAFP webcast Gout and Your Patients: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management to better assess and care for your patients who have gout. Earn 1 AAFP Prescribed credit and up to 2 additional AAFP Prescribed credits when you complete the Translation to Practice process. This CME activity is funded by an educational grant to the AAFP from AstraZeneca.

Girl power: Moving toward balance in physician workforce

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 09, 2016

Roughly one-third of U.S. physicians are women, but medical school and residency statistics are beginning to reflect a shift toward greater gender balance in the physician workforce. Venis Wilder, M.D., examines this trend in the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post.

Explore the AAFP's MACRA Ready resources

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 08, 2016

CMS recently released the final rule to implement the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act. The AAFP is currently reviewing the rule during the comment period. Explore the AAFP's MACRA Ready resources to better understand how MACRA affects you.

Chronic care management resources from the AAFP

Family Medicine SmartBrief | Nov 07, 2016

The AAFP is offering resources to help members better understand and implement chronic care management efforts, including a webcast featuring a physician who is successfully navigating CCM, the AAFP's CCM toolkit and the MediCCM tracking tool. Get correctly reimbursed for providing comprehensive care. Learn more today.

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