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1. Overqualified? Here's how to get the job anyway

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jul 01, 2015

Be honest about your motivations when seeking a job you're overqualified for, and make a personalized pitch in your interview, writes Sarah White. Scaling down your resume and leaving out some accomplishments may also help. (06/30)

2. Stand firm against those who question your authority

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jun 29, 2015

Sit down with a supervisor to discuss your prerogatives before meeting with someone who might question your authority, Sara McCord writes. Your supervisor expects you to push back against unreasonable demands, but don't become overly contentious, she writes. (06/28)

3. Watch for these tricky interview questions

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jun 30, 2015

When recruiters ask how a position compares to others you've applied for, they're probably trying to assess how far along you are in your job hunt, career coach Tina Nicolai says. Other questions you should tread carefully around include "Why do you want to leave your current job?" and "Have you ever considered being an entrepreneur?" Business Insider (06/29)

4. A butler's advice on professional networking

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jul 02, 2015

When you meet people, repeat their names several times throughout the conversation, suggests professional butler Charles MacPherson. Offer your business card with both hands, and let the other person initiate a handshake if he or she is further along than you in his or her career, he says. Bustle (07/01)

5. Tips for filling out the skills section of your resume

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jun 29, 2015

List general skills such as "project management" and "marketing" in your resume so that they will appear when recruiters conduct general keyword searches, advises author J.T. O'Donnell. Check LinkedIn pages of people you admire for ideas about other skills to include. Business Insider (06/26)

6. Clearing up confusion over the salary question

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jul 02, 2015

Answering the interview question "What do you make now?" is like a poker game you could lose by betting too low or too high, says Donna Rosato. To win, arm yourself with information on the going rate for the position you're seeking, deflect with questions of your own about the job and include the value of benefits when you answer, she says. Money magazine (06/29)

7. Eliminate your worst productivity killers

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jul 01, 2015

If you're not sure how you're spending your time, keep a journal for a few days, writes Stephanie Vozza. Blocking notifications from your phone and letting others know when you're unavailable can also be steps toward enhanced productivity. Fast Company online (06/30)

8. How being likable can hurt your career

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jul 01, 2015

If you have trouble telling others no, your desire to be liked may be getting in the way of your career development, writes Katie Jansen. Stay focused on what matters and make unpopular decisions when necessary, she writes. Entrepreneur online (06/30)

9. Obama announces overtime-pay rules

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jul 01, 2015

President Barack Obama has unveiled rules to increase the salary threshold for workers to be automatically eligible for overtime pay. The rules, which could take effect in 2016, do not need congressional approval, although they will likely face pushback from Republicans and business groups. The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (06/29) The Hill (06/29) The Huffington Post (06/30)

10. Keep your current job while starting a new business

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jun 29, 2015

Holding on to your day job for a while as you launch a new business can be a wise move, writes Elaine Pofeldt. This will allow you to support yourself while you begin to find customers and get your operation off the ground. In addition, it may be useful to assemble a trusted team of advisers who can provide guidance. Money magazine (06/25)

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