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1. 5 rules for the modern workplace

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 18, 2015

Work is evolving, and many of the old rules no longer apply, writes Ross Perlin. The steady, 9-to-5 job is a thing of the past, with people increasingly telecommuting, staying on call around the clock and flitting from project to project. That's providing plenty of new challenges for workers and employers alike, especially when it comes to managing issues such as employee motivation and work-life balance, Perlin writes. Fast Company online (05/18)

2. How to assert yourself to get ahead

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 20, 2015

Stop being self-conscious about stating what you're capable of and how much you're worth, writes Jennifer Winter. Also, start overdelivering on promises. "The single biggest factor in accelerating my career was my ability to impress my clients, colleagues, managers, and executives," she writes. (05/19)

3. Are you earning a competitive wage?

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 21, 2015

Websites such as, JobStar and WageWeb can help you determine how your salary compares to the rest of the market, writes author and speaker Bernard Marr. Professional organizations can provide general salary ranges, and government salaries are public record, he writes. LinkedIn (05/19)

4. Tips for fully utilizing LinkedIn's features

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 15, 2015

Job seekers should have a professional profile picture, a detailed summary of themselves and a list of their nonwork achievements on LinkedIn. "[T]his added information can help fill in professional gaps -- and demonstrate that you have abilities beyond your niche," Stephanie Taylor Christensen writes. LearnVest (05/13)

5. Successful people keep their personal finances in order

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 18, 2015

It's hard to focus on your career development when you're worried about finances, which is why you should have a long-term financial plan, writes TIAA-CREF CEO Roger Ferguson Jr. "Financial well-being is not about the size of your paycheck; it’s about having a clear vision for the future and confidence in your ability to get there," he writes. LinkedIn (05/14)

6. The power of a 5-item to-do list

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 21, 2015

Serial entrepreneur Max Levchin co-founded PayPal and a number of other startups and sits on the boards of several high-profile tech companies. He starts his day by making a five-item to-do list and getting some exercise on his bike. He positions himself in the cafeteria area of the office so employees can talk to him, and he encourages his employees to write short e-mails. Inc. magazine (05/2015)

7. 8 things leaders must learn to let go of

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 20, 2015

Being attached to perceptions and reputation weakens you and limits your leadership potential, writes Scott Mabry. Figure out what you're clinging to -- such as control, fear, ego or a particular outcome -- and learn to approach people and situations without preconceptions or filters, Mabry writes. "Accountability, vision, values, influence, etc., still apply. Only now, they can be expressed free of a personal agenda grounded in fear and scarcity," Mabry argues. Soul To Work blog (05/18)

8. How to write a great cover letter when you're out of practice

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 18, 2015

If you haven't written a cover letter in years, don't start by trying to revise your old cover letter, Sara McCord writes. Start by researching best practices for writing a cover letter and putting together a rough draft, she suggests. (05/17)

9. How Elon Musk kept his dream alive

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 19, 2015

Long before Tesla Motors and SpaceX, founder Elon Musk had to take big risks and deal with skeptics, starting with deciding to build his own rocket. Today, SpaceX undercuts U.S. rivals and foreign countries on per-launch cost. But the journey almost didn't happen: In 2008, Musk came within hours of bankruptcy as he strung together multiple financing deals to keep Tesla afloat before winning a NASA contract for SpaceX. Bloomberg (05/14)

10. Change your outlook to help your career

SmartBrief on Your Career | May 15, 2015

Revisit your goals, reach out to a mentor or pursue something you are passionate about to change your outlook on life, Ted Karczewski writes. "[I]t’s important to learn how to listen to your heart: It makes you smarter," he writes. Fast Company online (05/14)

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