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1. What to say to close the deal

SmartBrief on Sales | Jun 30, 2015

There are many paths to getting a signed contract, writes Emma Snider, who offers 11 phrases that can seal the deal. (06/29)

2. A stage-by-stage guide to the sales funnel

SmartBrief on Sales | Jun 29, 2015

This article examines how leads should be nurtured at each stage of the funnel. "Implement your best content pieces at each stage of the funnel and help lead them down by teaching and informing, not selling," Kevin McFadyen writes. Foxtail Marketing (06/26)

3. Know how much you need to sell to be profitable

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 01, 2015

The break-even point of a sales representative must include the sales profit-and-loss statement as well as support and other costs, Aaron Bartels writes. "[O]nce you have this number you have a metric that supports planning and forecasting. You'll know exactly what it costs to sell that product," he writes. Sales Benchmark Index (06/30)

4. Leaders should spend more time on the road

SmartBrief on Sales | Jun 30, 2015

Travel is still necessary for engaged leaders, says John Baldoni in this blog post and video. "Hitting the road to discover what's going on is time-consuming and wearying, but it is necessary for any executive who expects to lead with a clear head," he says. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (06/26)

5. There is no choosing between leaders and managers

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 01, 2015

The distinction between strategic and operational leadership -- or what's conventionally called "leadership" and "management" -- is less sharp than many people believe, writes Ken Blanchard. The best bosses combine both elements as needed to set the tone of the organization as well as its day-to-day environment, Blanchard argues. Chief Learning Officer online (06/29)

6. Key attributes of a successful sales-training program

SmartBrief on Sales | Jun 30, 2015

Effective sales training requires continuing education and ready access for salespeople, writes Grant Cardone. Tracking is also important. "All effective sales training is measurable with reporting. When you don't get measurements you don't get results," Cardone argues. Entrepreneur online (06/29)

7. Perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis before hiring

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 02, 2015

Not every situation requires greater sales headcount, and performing a quantitative and qualitative analysis of performance, time management and the break-even point can help you reach the right decision, Aaron Bartels writes. Sales Benchmark Index (07/01)

8. 3 keys to getting the most from millennials

SmartBrief on Sales | Jun 29, 2015

Organizations should focus on providing a flexible, meaningful and creative work environment for millennials to thrive, Dustin Grosse writes. Millennials "fundamentally have the same long-term objectives as Baby Boomers and GenX-ers -- they are seeking continuous feedback and progress," he writes. Sales & Marketing Management (06/29)

9. How to build a flexible sales-training program

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 01, 2015

Sales training, especially for a growing company, requires continual adjustment to ensure it provides what the team needs, writes Jeetu Mahtani. He offers four tips to find the right balance: keeping goals transparent; encouraging ownership; providing the right data; and check-ins after the training period. (06/30)

10. Channel your best bosses to become a better leader

SmartBrief on Sales | Jun 29, 2015

Improve your leadership by thinking about what your own most inspirational bosses would say about your performance, suggests S. Chris Edmonds. "We know what works best. We just need a little push from our best bosses to put those liberating rules into practice in our teams and organizations," he writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (06/23)

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