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1. How to say that you don't agree

SmartBrief on Sales | Mar 04, 2015

There's nothing wrong with disagreement, but only when there is understanding of the other person's viewpoint and good-faith efforts made to resolve the issue, writes Tim Lambert. "In our rush to destroy the other person's argument, we often fail to take time to understand their position or explain ours," he warns. Management-Issues (U.K.) (03/02)

2. Help your sales reps get past cold-call anxiety

SmartBrief on Sales | Feb 27, 2015

There are steps a sales rep can take to reduce his or her fear of cold calling. Action and image are important, and this article focuses on five key factors. Consultative Sales Academy (02/26)

3. 3 keys to a great workplace: "trust, respect, and dignity"

SmartBrief on Sales | Feb 26, 2015

Most companies don't have any idea how happy employees are, which means forgoing the full potential of the business as well as the people, writes S. Chris Edmonds. "[W]hen work environments demonstrate trust, respect, and dignity to every player in every interaction, engagement goes up, customer service goes up, and results and profits go up," he writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (02/24)

4. Why bosses need ways to blow off steam

SmartBrief on Sales | Mar 02, 2015

Managers' personal lives can affect how they lead, with many bringing the ups and downs of their family lives into the workplace, according to research. Managers should recognize the importance of a good home life, Matt Palmquist argues, and so should companies. "At the very least, leaders must be reminded that, because they are highly visible and respected members of the organization, their attitudes can be contagious," Palmquist writes. Strategy+Business online (free registration) (02/25)

5. What to say -- and not to say -- in a sales pitch

SmartBrief on Sales | Feb 26, 2015

Certain words and topics are guaranteed to help close a sales deal if used appropriately. The other person's name is important; frequent use of the word "you" shows that the salesperson is focused on the customer. Other subjects that should be emphasized are value creation instead of costs, and benefits instead of specifications. (02/24)

6. How to be polite, but firm, with "practice proposals"

SmartBrief on Sales | Mar 03, 2015

A company can waste a lot of time and energy on "practice proposals," that is requests for a proposal from a company that probably will not become a customer, especially if the company is shopping around for the lowest price, writes Colleen Stanley, president of SalesLeadership Inc. Sales reps need to be assertive in such scenarios, telling prospects they probably are not a good match even though they would love the business. Eyes On Sales (03/02)

7. 3 offbeat questions to ask a sales rep in an interview

SmartBrief on Sales | Mar 03, 2015

While conventional questions are important during the interview process for a sales position, the results can be telling when "ridiculous" questions are added to the mix. Some examples: "What is your superpower?", "what's your kryptonite", and "if you were a plant, what would be your care instructions." Salesforce Blog (02/27)

8. To help people grow, let them solve their problems

SmartBrief on Sales | Mar 03, 2015

People learn only if you give them the chance to solve their problems, writes Scott Eblin. "If you're a leader who cares about growing and developing your people, you have to coach them, not their problems," Eblin writes. Level Blog (02/27)

9. Are your meetings an inspiration or an obligation?

SmartBrief on Sales | Feb 27, 2015

Every moment you spend in a meeting is time you could be spending doing something else, so make sure you're mindful about what you agree to, writes Paul Axtell in this book excerpt. "If you want to meet on a regular basis, fine. Just make sure you are thoughtful about the agenda for each and every meeting," he writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (02/25)

10. A step-by-step guide for growing sales

SmartBrief on Sales | Feb 26, 2015

Growing sales for any organization can be a daunting task no matter how big or small its size. Mark Roberge, senior vice president of sales and services of HubSpot, offers several suggestions on sales leadership, compensation, training, skills and processes in his new book. (02/24)

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