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1. Are you too helpful to be a great leader?

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 23, 2015

Being overly helpful can keep good bosses from becoming great bosses, writes Mary Jo Asmus. Over-explaining can confuse people, while trusting those who aren't up to the task can lead to disaster. "[Y]ou could be even more effective if you are aware of the unintended consequences of your good intentions and adjust your behavior," Asmus writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (01/21)

2. Why sales organizations are falling short

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 27, 2015

Problems such as poor forecasting and trouble communicating value to customers are holding back the performance of sales organizations, according to a report from Qvidian. It's important for businesses to commit to aligning themselves with their customers, writes Christine Crandell, by giving reps the training and resources they need and providing them with the data it takes to be successful. Forbes (01/26)

3. Why leadership and management are not the same thing

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 28, 2015

Sales leaders are skilled at getting people to believe in a vision, whereas sales managers tend to be more focused on execution, writes LaVon Koerner of Revenue Storm. "Hunter" sales reps who go after challenging opportunities should be paired with leaders, but "farmer" reps who focus on relationship building should be paired with managers, he writes. Selling Power (free registration) (01/27)

4. Smart leaders make themselves disposable

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 28, 2015

If your company couldn't cope without you, then you're doing something wrong, writes Dan Rockwell. The best bosses lead like they'll be gone in a year, and prepare their workers to operate and make decisions for themselves. "The more essential you are, the more you're in the way," Rockwell writes. Leadership Freak blog (01/25)

5. What's good for the customer is good for your company

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 29, 2015

Many salespeople are desperate to avoid being seen as pushy, says Container Store CEO Kip Tindell. But the truth is that sales, when done right, is about helping customers to meet their needs. It's possible for salespeople to find solutions that are mutually beneficial for customers and the companies they work for, Tindell says. (01/28)

6. How to lead when you don't have all the answers

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 26, 2015

Leading a team through uncertain times can be testing for all concerned, writes Karin Hurt. The key is to be honest about what you do and don't know, and to project confidence even if you can't immediately offer a plan of action. "If you must freak out, do it in private," Hurt advises. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (01/22)

7. Why assertiveness is key for sales reps

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 29, 2015

Sales leaders need to put more of an emphasis on emotional intelligence when interviewing job candidates, writes Colleen Stanley, president of SalesLeadership. During the interview process, ask candidates questions to determine whether they have the assertiveness necessary to interact with clients, she writes. Eyes On Sales (01/28)

8. Can this sales candidate be coached?

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 23, 2015

Asking the right questions during the interview process can help you figure out whether a job candidate will be receptive to coaching, writes Kevin Davis, president of TopLine Leadership. Before hiring new sales reps, ask them to talk about their personal goals, challenges they have faced and feedback they have been given, he writes. TopLine Leadership Blog (01/22)

9. How to keep stars from jumping ship

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 29, 2015

Turnover is expensive, particularly when star employees depart, writes Dan McCarthy. Keeping them starts with compensating them well and continues with relationship-building, development opportunities and having a strong company. "No one likes playing on a losing team or going down with a sinking ship," McCarthy writes. (01/24)

10. How sales managers can produce results based on company strategy

SmartBrief on Sales | Jan 26, 2015

Your sales organization may be in trouble if sales managers don't follow your organization's strategy, writes Scott Gruher. Ensure that your sales managers are being as effective as possible by providing regular coaching, developing a cadence that prioritizes key activities and making sure reps' goals are aligned with those of your managers, he writes. Sales Benchmark Index (01/25)

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