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1. 5 apps that should be on the phone of every salesperson

SmartBrief on Sales | May 18, 2015

With countless apps on the market for every possible business and productivity need, it is easy to lose sight of the important ones. This post identifies five apps that are essential to sales success. American City Business Journals (05/14)

2. Whale hunting vs. micro strategies

SmartBrief on Sales | May 19, 2015

Companies that hope to make inroads in the B2B sales space should realize they won't land a big client right away, writes Ryan Vaughn. Create a sales strategy that can be tested on a micro level, and scale up from there. Forbes (05/18)

3. Bad leadership can torpedo a team

SmartBrief on Sales | May 22, 2015

Teams that look great on paper can struggle because of a leader's missteps, warns the Switch & Shift team. Failing to provide clear goals, meaningful incentives and space for collaborative work is a quick way to weaken a team's performance. Switch & Shift blog (05/15)

4. Why you need to invest in continuous training to improve sales skills

SmartBrief on Sales | May 20, 2015

Ongoing training is essential to sales success. Statistics show that companies with continuous training generate 50% higher net sales per employee. Unfortunately, other statistics show that only 7% of the $20 billion companies invest in sales training per year goes directly to improving skills. (05/19)

5. How can we replace the yearly performance review?

SmartBrief on Sales | May 18, 2015

Performance reviews are not ideal or well-liked, but they will live on until someone designs a better system that serves the organization, manager and employee, Julie Winkle Giulioni writes. She offers four steps leaders can take to have better, more frequent conversations with their employees. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (05/14)

6. Sales needs marketing, tech support to pursue B2B buyers

SmartBrief on Sales | May 18, 2015

B2B purchasing has changed dramatically, with the buyers well into the decision-making process before they reach out to sales. Bain & Co. research has determined that not only do sales operations have to adapt to this changing dynamic, but related operations including marketing and technical support do as well. (05/15)

7. Maximize sales voice mails with these tips

SmartBrief on Sales | May 21, 2015

A company can throw away all of its lead-generation efforts with one awful phone message left on a prospect's voice mail. Phone messages should be customized to the prospect, should add new information with each subsequent message and should, in the final message, "go negative" to spur a call back. (05/20)

8. Great leaders make themselves easy to follow

SmartBrief on Sales | May 19, 2015

Good leaders attract followers easily because they are pleasant, have a sense of humor and perspective, and recognize and empower employees, writes Randy Conley. "Show a little compassion and understanding with your team members and you'll earn their loyalty, trust, and commitment," Conley writes. Leading With Trust blog (05/17)

9. 3 trends that can affect sales and how to address them

SmartBrief on Sales | May 21, 2015

Sales teams have to keep up with tech and market trends that affect their operations. Three such trends are product commoditization, which leads to greater price competition, evolving product lines and the digital channels through which customers want to communicate. Sales reps have to believe their product truly adds value as they navigate these trends. The Brooks Group (05/20)

10. Celebrate failure in order to succeed more often

SmartBrief on Sales | May 21, 2015

Companies must learn to accept that workers make mistakes and that failures can be opportunities for learning and growth, writes Joel Garfinkle. "By providing the kind of leadership that celebrates mistakes in addition to the successes, you can generate the energy that will foster new ideas and keep employees engaged in delivering great results," he writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (05/18)

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