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1. Stop telling employees that they're like family

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 27, 2015

Companies shouldn't tell employees that workplace relationships are like family, says LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman in his book "The Alliance." Sometimes bosses believe that sentiment, and sometimes they don't, but either way, workplace relationships are different in terms of tenure and temperament. "You don't fire your kid because of bad grades," he says. Vox (07/23)

2. The most telling metrics a sales rep should watch

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 31, 2015

A recent poll of CallidusCloud's audience found that sales reps' most important metric was how much was being crammed into the sales pipeline. Better metrics to follow, Christopher Bucholtz writes, include quote-to-close ratio, conversion rates and average transaction value. CRM Buyer (07/30)

3. How to choose between an inside and an outside sales model

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 30, 2015

There are two basic sales models: outside sales, in which sales reps are on the road a lot meeting clients face to face, and inside sales, where the reps come into an office every day. There are pros and cons to each, and the ultimate decision about which approach, or both, to pursue, depends on the company's business type and customer base. B2C Marketing Insider (07/29)

4. Real leadership is a state of mind

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 30, 2015

Leadership development isn't just about learning new skills -- it's about developing new mindsets and ways of thinking, writes Eric McNulty. Leaders need to understand the ways that individual organizational components work together as complex systems and to master the art of making decisions in dynamic environments, McNulty explains. Strategy+Business online (free registration) (07/28)

5. How to counter a buyer's entrenched "psychology of doing nothing"

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 27, 2015

Studies show that the human instinct is to do nothing, or stay the course, with the current situation even if it is a bad one. Called "the psychology of doing nothing," this can be detrimental to sales. This post discusses how to defuse this instinct. Sales & Marketing Management (07/27)

6. How LinkedIn can grow your B2B business

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 29, 2015

Two-thirds of marketers intend to increase their activity on LinkedIn within the next year, according to a Social Media Examiner report. To make the most of the platform, optimize your profile to promote what you can offer, employ Sales Navigator to cut down the legwork, send individual messages instead of default ones, target leads through Sponsored Updates and establish yourself as a thought leader on the site's Pulse platform. Entrepreneur online (07/28)

7. What drives you to be a leader?

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 29, 2015

Leaders affect individuals and the culture they operate in, and so knowing oneself -- your purpose, passions and boundaries -- is essential to success, Alaina Love writes. "Beyond the question 'Is what we're planning to do legal?' a strong value system will cause you to ask, 'Is this the right thing to do for our business and the promise of our brand?' " she notes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (07/27)

8. Why good leaders make certain promises to employees

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 28, 2015

Good leaders should make a "leadership promise" to themselves and their team that explicitly states core values, writes Randy Conley. Pick the values that matter most to you, such as honesty, openness and accessibility. "[O]nce you know what it is, there is only one thing that remains -- deliver on it," Conley writes. Leading With Trust blog (07/26)

9. Need to build a stellar sales team? Look to baseball for a guide

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 27, 2015

Baseball is an excellent metaphor for a number of things, including how to build a sales team. This post compares two different approaches and describes the members who should be on the team. (07/24)

10. How to keep unqualified buyers from wasting your time

SmartBrief on Sales | Jul 28, 2015

Qualifying opportunities is a key skill for sales as it helps avoid wasting time with prospective buyers who can't or won't make a decision. This post looks at ways to determine whether an opportunity is a viable one -- that is, likely to close. (07/27)

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