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Amazon takes a lead role in leggings sales SmartBrief | Oct 20, 2016

Amazon has emerged as a significant apparel retailer with private-label lines, popular brands such as Kate Spade and a nightly digital fashion show. The company led in retail sales of leggings in a recent 12-month period with 11.6% of the market, and it was third in jeans sales behind Nordstrom and Old Navy, according to Slice Intelligence. The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (10/19)

REI's 360-degree videos were a Facebook hit SmartBrief | Oct 18, 2016

Amazon handles as much as 30% of US online sales SmartBrief | Oct 21, 2016

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Apple chief envisions AI future for iPhone SmartBrief | Oct 18, 2016

Google plans to create separate mobile index SmartBrief | Oct 17, 2016

MeUndies adds new subscription options SmartBrief | Oct 18, 2016

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