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1. Wyo. governor signs bill including ethanol in state fuels tax

RFA SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

A bill extending the state fuels tax to include pure ethanol, E85 and biodiesel was signed into law Wednesday by Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead. The law, which sets a gallon-of-gas or gallon-of-diesel equivalent for every alternative fuel based on energy content, takes effect in July. Star-Tribune (Casper, Wyo.) (tiered subscription model) (02/27)

2. Edeniq develops technology to help ethanol industry

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 03, 2015

Edeniq received $16 million in funding to further develop its ethanol production technology. Two of its pilot plants are testing the production of cellulosic ethanol, while the Generation 1.5 process, which converts the corn kernel's inedible parts into ethanol and cellulosic ethanol, is being tested at the third plant. "Ethanol remains the lowest-cost octane and oxygenate additive for our country's fuel stream," said Brian Thome, Edeniq's president and CEO. Business Journal (Fresno, Calif.), The (03/02)

3. Small ethanol plants adopt new technologies to stay competitive

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2015

Some of the smallest ethanol plants across the U.S. are using new technologies and products to keep up with competitors. "There is a lot of competition out there. If you stop trying to grow or innovate, you are really dying," said Randy Doyal, CEO of Al-Corn Clean Fuel and chairman of the Renewable Fuels Association. The Buffalo Lake Advanced Biofuels ethanol plant in Minnesota began fermenting ethanol from sugar instead of corn and will be the first plant to apply Yield and Capacity Group's Low Energy Separation System technology when it resumes production of corn-based ethanol this year. Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) (02/28)

4. Ore. House passes clean fuels bill

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 05, 2015

Oregon's clean fuels bill was approved by the state House in a 31-29 vote Wednesday. The bill will now be sent to Gov. Kate Brown for her consideration. The bill would lift the expiration of the state Low Carbon Fuel Standard and encourage the production of fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel in Oregon. State Rep. Paul Holvey, a Democrat, said it would create in-state jobs. Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.), The (03/05) American City Business Journals (03/04)

5. RFS reform bill receives criticism from ethanol industry

RFA SmartBrief | Feb 27, 2015

Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen criticized a bill introduced by Sens. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., which seeks to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard. "If passed, the sector most likely to be harmed would be the advanced and cellulosic technologies that are just now realizing commercial success. This bill would desolate investment in that nascent sector by crushing the foundation upon which those new technologies hope to build," he said. Brooke Coleman, the Advanced Ethanol Council's executive director, cited policy risk as the biggest risk faced by investors in the advanced-biofuels sector. (02/26) (02/26)

6. Novozymes exec talks about issues regarding cellulosic ethanol industry

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2015

Sebastian Soderberg, Novozymes' vice president for biomass conversion, explains the evolution of cellulosic ethanol production. The industry could learn about optimization from the solar and shale gas industries, he said. Soderberg advises the industry to adjust expectations and to learn from the first plants that run in a commercial scale. According to Soderberg, Novozymes continues to invest in the industry because various estimates have shown cellulosic ethanol's growth potential across the world. (03/01)

7. NEC highlights importance of rail transportation to ethanol industry

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2015

Railroad transportation plays an important role in the success of the ethanol industry because it provides a safe way to ship ethanol, said Kelly Davis, the Renewable Fuels Association's director of regulatory affairs, at the National Ethanol Conference. Dana Lewis, Redfield Energy's chief administrative officer, talked about how unreliability on the rails affects individual ethanol plants. Argus Media editor Todd Tranausky cited the treatment of ethanol as a second-class citizen behind oil and other commodities. (02/27)

8. Farmer encourages E30 use

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 03, 2015

Orrie Swayze, a farmer from Wilmot, S.D., and former president of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association, is advocating for the use of E30 in vehicles. "E30 is the first real step to an open fuel standard. You've got to have a big vision, where ethanol can compete without any roadblocks," he said. According to Swayze, E30 provides an additional 3% octane and reduces gasoline's volatility back to its base level. Agweek (03/02)

9. Delay on RFS decision negatively affects agriculture, Iowa governor says

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 03, 2015

Delaying a decision on the amount of ethanol to be used in gasoline has a negative impact on agriculture, according to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. "We expressed concerns about the lack of action on the Renewable Fuel Standard, and now the [Agriculture Department] is estimating that farm income -- which was down in 2014 -- will drop 33% in 2015. And this is something that is of grave concern to us," he said. (03/02)

10. U.S. is now a leader in global biofuels industry

RFA SmartBrief | Mar 02, 2015

The U.S. is now a "biofuels superpower, having overtaken Brazil in 2007 as the top producer in the world," according to Dan Morgan. He notes that daily consumption of ethanol in the U.S. is now "roughly equivalent to the gasoline from 1.2 million barrels of crude oil." He cites several studies that showed ethanol's contribution to the oil industry and the fuel's octane benefits. "In an 'all of the above' energy strategy, it seems only fair to give the 'corn patch' a place alongside the 'oil patch,'" Morgan argues. Des Moines Register (Iowa) (tiered subscription model), The (02/28)

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